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Emulsions for the face: how to use, reviews

Emulsions for the face are intended, mainly for very dry and irritated skin, but not only. Thanks to a large amount of water and small fat particles can quickly absorb and influence the skin in the right direction. Emulsions prevent dryness, keratinization and peeling, make the skin soft, supple, fresh. It is important to find "your" remedy, ideally suited for the type of skin.

Indications of the emulsions for face

Emulsion for the face looks like a liquid cream; in fact, it is fat, dissolved in water. For their production, take lanolin, spermaceti, vegetable oils, natural wax, vitamins, extracts of medicinal plants. The advantages of emulsions are that they are easily absorbed and do not leave a shine on the skin. After a week of constant use, the result is visible: the skin acquires a healthy and well-groomed appearance, becomes velvety and tender.

Emulsion cream has various characteristics. The main indication for use is the dryness of the skin, which moisturizes, nourishes, soothes, soothes, for example, after solar procedures. Preparations are offered for cleansing from dirt, as well as for care associated with the use of decorative cosmetics. The product protects against over-drying, peeling, excessive keratinization, preserves the softness and elasticity of the skin.

Emulsion for sensitive skin contains eucalyptus, azulene oils, which are anti-allergens. Emulsions are suitable for normal skin. In their formulation should be present lanolin, menthol, vitamins D and A.

Release form

Emulsions for the face of various composition are produced by many well-known companies. A short list of names:

  • light keratoregulating Uryazh;
  • Moisturizing Clinics;
  • Cleansing with marigold extract Anna Lotan Israel;
  • for problematic skin Bioderma;
  • clarifying Janssen Cosmetics Germany;
  • Liposomal with collagen Clarena;
  • correcting daytime smoothing wrinkles Holy Land Cosmetics;
  • "Botolift-Visage" Les Complexes France;
  • nutritious "Sea energy +" Les Complexes;
  • protective La Prairie Switzerland;
  • moisturizing lifting-emulsion Janssen Cosmetics;
  • ultra-light warning aging Jean dArcel Germany;
  • emulsion-concentrate "Revitalizing effect" Belarus;
  • "Botanist oval" Les Complexes;
  • exfoliating Les Complexes;
  • matirating moisturizing Qiriness;
  • matting Sothys France;
  • moisturizing matting "Provencal eucalyptus" Academia France;
  • emulsion for face Paese Poland
  • "Botanist fermete" Les Complexes;
  • therapeutic Beyond;
  • active cell with vitamin A for men Transvital;
  • Atopra is hypoallergenic.

Cream emulsion for face

With the help of an emulsion cream for the face, the problem of removing waterproof make-up is solved easily and simply. In this sense, attracts attention professional emulsion for the face of the Polish manufacturer Paese. It provides delicate make-up, cleansing and moisturizing thanks to a special innovative formula, which includes oil. Such a composition allows to gently remove all layers of decorative cosmetics, without violating the hydrolipid equilibrium of the skin.

Means from Paese perfectly cleanses the face of the leftovers of cosmetics, skin fat, peeling. The skin becomes tender and velvety, acquires a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.

The product is suitable for all skin types, the application time is universal. Cream emulsion applied first to the hands, and then on a dry face. After waiting for a while, so that the make-up dissolves in the emulsion, the face is washed with warm water. At the same time, it is recommended that you massage the palms with a light massage.

But the beauticians of the Swiss company Transvital have taken care of men, whose skin also needs care and individual approach. Male cell emulsion for the face of this brand eliminates inflammation, irritation and minor defects that occur after shaving, refreshes and tones the skin.

The main ingredient of the recipe is a powerful antioxidant vitamin A (retinol), which also eliminates couperose, reduces wrinkles and pigmentation. The product is suitable for any skin of adult men, it is easily applied to the face and does not require flushing.

Cleansing Face Emulsion

Cleansing facial emulsions are designed to eliminate various kinds of contaminants, remove makeup, preserve hydrolysed film on the skin. As a result, the skin becomes velvety, becomes moist and soft. Emulsions for the face with different properties are produced for all skin types.

  1. The Transvital Maximum Comfort emulsion of Swiss manufacture possesses such properties. It is applied to the face, neck, decollete area with light movements, and remove with a soft sponge impregnated with water.
  2. Emulsion LCS (Japan) not only cleans and moisturizes, but also restores the skin, protects from early aging. The product contains natural extracts of ivy, burdock, nettle, rosemary, arnica, chamomile, garlic, etc. According to the producers, this emulsion embodies refinement, purity, even eastern philosophy. Cleansing should begin with the zone of the lips and eyes, then go on to the rest of the face.
  3. Exfoliating emulsion of Les Complexes clears the skin of dead cells, and pores - from dirty contents. Active ingredients penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis and normalize intracellular metabolism. White clay forms a hardening film, under which the extracts of calendula and lime grow actively.
  4. The purpose of the emulsion with the extract of marigold is to cleanse, soften, soothe the skin. This is an Israeli preparation of professional class. It is easily applied and eliminated from the face without leaving an unpleasant feeling of fatness. Remains cleanness and gentle hydration. Fruit acids remove the dead epidermis, vitamin E heals the cells, calendula and oils make the skin soft and smooth.

Sunscreen emulsion for face

Sunscreens have special filters. They are usually labeled on the label with numbers from 15 to 50+. How are these figures calculated and reflected? The calculation is as follows.

  • If the unprotected skin turns red after a 20-minute exposure to the sun, the sunscreen emulsion for the face of Spf 15 increases this time by 15 times. That is, there is enough protection for 5 hours.

The principle of action of sunscreen emulsions for the face is absorption, reflection, dispersion or blocking of sun rays. It is believed that spf 15 blocks 93% of ultraviolet, and spf 50 - 99%. Not a single cosmetic product provides 100% protection. When choosing creams with spf, give preference to those that protect against both types of UV rays (short and long).

A full range of sunscreen emulsions for the face and body is offered by the Avene brand, which uses the same thermal water in the recipe. In the assortment - emulsion for the face spf 20, 50, which provide a high degree of protection from the sun for different skin types, including combined and sensitive.

A separate super-compact emulsion with the highest level of protection is designed for children's skin. Product advantages - quality, light texture, minimum chemical additives, pleasant application.

Emulsion for oily skin

It is difficult to find a suitable emulsion for oily skin. Therefore, an emulsion for the oily skin of the face of the French firm Bioderma with the active complex "Fluuidactiv" became a real gift for women with problem skin. It provides a long-term sebocorrecting effect.

Emulsion for the face neutralizes the foci of infection, formed on inflamed skin of fatty or combined type. Soothing components irretrievably eliminate the reddened and irritated areas. It is recommended to apply twice a day on cleansed skin. Suitable as a make-up base.

  • Emulsion for a face of Ukrainian production Biokon is called: against greasy shine. It is distinguished by a democratic price. Among other ingredients, contains silver ions, which have antiseptic effects. Normalizes the condition of the sebaceous glands, effectively protects the skin from inflammation, acne and acne. Emulsion from Biocon is applied once a day, in the morning or in the evening, with a thin layer on specially cleansed skin. It is also used for make-up.

Emulsion ultra-matting moisturizing Thalgo is very light, gentle, pleasant to use. Slightly mats, does not weight the skin, does not roll down. The skin becomes smooth and even, makeup is good for it.

Emulsion for the face "Black pearl"

Day-time emulsion for the face "Black Pearl" is created by an innovative formula that provides a complex effect on the skin. A special feature of the drug is a special approach to everyday face care. In addition to the main function - moisturizing, the emulsion for the face black pearl protects the skin from the aggressive influence of ultraviolet and other external factors.

Active components of the emulsion are microspheres, artemia and pearl extracts, camellia oil. Microspheres are a key ingredient, microgranules with a reflective effect. They hide unevenness, level the tone, mask the signs of fatigue and lack of sleep. "Black pearls" are applied to clean skin, including as a foundation for make-up.

Pearls, from which the name of this cosmetic line has gone, perfectly preserves the moisture inside the skin cells, so that it does not suffer from dryness. With regular application, the skin looks fresh and radiant, smooth and smooth. The remedy eliminates redness, serves to prevent irritation and pigmentation caused by sunlight.

Emulsion for the face "Perfectal"

Line Perfectal belongs to hypoallergenic agents, it is created for very dry, sensitive skin. The composition includes microparticles of silver. It does not contain synthetic materials and animal substances. Perfectal is produced in Germany in two forms: emulsion for the face and spray-emulsion for the body.

Silver - a known antiseptic, provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Other components (glycerin, lactic acid, ceramide 3) nourish, moisturize, soften the face, strengthen the protective functions of the skin, protect dryness, irritation, inflammation. The dead epidermis exfoliates, improving the purity and freshness of the face. There is an update of the cells, increasing the elasticity and smoothing the tone.

The cream should be applied daily, several times, with the fingers tapping on the massage lines. Do not apply to the peri-eye zone, protect from contact with eyes.

In addition to basic care, Perfectal is used in the complex treatment of dermatoses complicated by secondary infection.

Firming emulsion for face "Tiande"

The tightening emulsion for the face of Tiande performs several functions:

  • slows wilting, smoothing small wrinkles;
  • moisturizes, increases elasticity;
  • stimulates regeneration.

Active components - hyaluronic acid, collagen, aloe vera extract. They stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers, thanks to which the skin is pulled up, smoothed out, looks younger.

The composition of the emulsion for the face is enriched with olive and grape seed oil, extracts of leaves of olive, chamomile, green tea, peony roots and other plants, essential oils of rose, rosemary, geranium, ylang-ylang. It is quickly absorbed, does not leave a feeling of the film.

It is recommended for a person with signs of fatigue after 35 years, for all skin types. It is applied on a clean face and neck as an independent tool or in combination with a basic cream, in particular, the Collagen Active series. According to feedback, after 10 days, the desired result is felt: the skin becomes more elastic, the contour is clearer. Pleases users and the price of the drug.

Emulsion for the face "SHisejdo"

Emulsion for the face of shiseido is designed for delicate cleansing of eyelids and facial skin from make-up. This is an innovative emulsion for the face, created by Japanese technologists of this popular brand. The liquid cream enriches with vitamins, useful fats, minerals, moisturizes and protects the skin, makes it especially gentle and silky. Belongs to expensive cosmetics.

Emulsion Shiseido gently eliminates make-up residues and biological dirt from the skin surface, saturates dry areas, reduces irritation in sensitive areas. Provides prevention of peeling, relieves the feeling of tightness, so that the face becomes younger and fresher.

  • Deep moisturizing is achieved due to the active effect of the biogialuron complex.
  • A gentle consistency does not allow the formation of film and comedones.
  • Nutrient components protect against aggressive factors, soften and enhance the elasticity of the skin.

The packaging is equipped with a dispenser, which ensures the economical use of the emulsion. To apply, just press two or three times and gently rub the paste with your fingertips, before mixing with the make-up remnants.

Remove from the face of the resulting "mask" can be a napkin or a wet warm sponge. For a complete cleaning, several sponges are required; the latter must remain pure.

Emulsion for face skin

Formulas of Korean cosmetics, in particular, emulsions for the face of its skin, contain a maximum of natural ingredients and do not include artificial fragrances, dyes, alcohol.

Korean cosmetologists also pay much attention to the appearance of their products. Many products were awarded with premiums for design solutions and packaging aesthetics. And the symbol of the brand is a beautiful infinitely rotating ball of red and white color, which means continuous movement and development.

Іts skin produces several widows of emulsions for the face:

  • with hyaluronic acid: contains extracts of blueberries and acerols, actively moisturizes and nourishes the skin;
  • with collagen: enriches with amino acids, moisturizes and gives elasticity, smoothes wrinkles and protects from the appearance of new ones;
  • moisturizing GREEN TEA;
  • with aloe;
  • with shea butter.

The products of the Korean brand its skin are of high quality and uniqueness. Developments are based on scientific research conducted at its own dermatological university located in Seoul. All products undergo dermatological testing.

Moisturizing face emulsion clean clear

Moisturizing cosmetics do not enrich the skin with moisture, but retains the available. Prevents the evaporation of moisture film, formed after applying the emulsion to the skin.

  • Moisturizing emulsion for the face clean clear (France) has a double effect. In addition to maintaining the water balance, the emulsion for the face of this brand performs the task of deep cleansing of pores and elimination of corn stalks. For efficiency, it is much better to apply it little by little, but regularly, than a lot, but rarely.

To ensure that the cleaning components do not overdry the face, a softening ingredient, glycerine, is added to the recipe. Such a composition is suitable for all skin types, including particularly sensitive, as well as for delicate zones - the neck and décolleté. Products clean clear is different in that the products created by cosmetologists firm cope with any problem: from excessive dryness of the face - to comedones and acne on the skin.

An emulsion of clear clear is applied to the damp skin daily, immediately after the hygiene procedures. An exception is the zones around the eyes. If necessary, distribute the substance on the neck and easily massage with your fingers. Thanks to a gentle consistency and such movements, the emulsion absorbs into the skin, saturating it with a whole bunch of useful components.

Emulsion for the face fresh line Hermes

The Greek brand of organic cosmetics fresh line conceptually uses the national heritage of plant and aromatic therapy; The products are created according to old recipes from grandmother to granddaughter. This fresh line cosmetics differs from traditional technologies.

In the brand's asset - the creation of unique products, a combination of originality and efficiency, the use of exceptionally fresh, clean, quality raw materials that grows on Greek soil.

  • Emulsion for the face fresh line Hermes is designed to care for problem skin. Humidifies, narrows the pores, normalizes the production of sebum, eliminates acne. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

In the formulation of the emulsion for the face - natural ingredients: oils of thyme, eucalyptus, tea tree, flax seed extract and echinacea. Immediately absorbed, recommended for daily, morning and evening use.

Emulsion for the face dries pimples and prevents the formation of new, softens and aromatizes the skin. Has a light consistency, unobtrusively smells of the aroma of the tea tree. It is sold in dark glass jars with a dispenser, for treatment of the face it is enough two pressing.

Emulsion for face rose ausganica

The brand ausganica is known as a manufacturer of premium cosmetics. It is bought by women who care not only about beauty, but also about the health of skin and hair. The company operates on a full cycle basis, growing future components on its own organic farm in Australia. Production is certified according to strict environmental standards.

In production only plant components are used. In some recipes the concentration of essences and extracts reaches 90%. Gentle technology allows you to preserve the most useful properties of ingredients. Such products, in particular, an emulsion for the face, are ideal for those who do not tolerate synthetics and chemistry.

A gentle emulsion for the face of rose ausganica has a revitalizing and protective effect. Contains stretch gum and olive leaves.

  • The resin restores elasticity and elasticity, resistance to external factors.
  • Olive leaves are an antioxidant and a protector. Protects against pigmentation and aggressive influence of ultraviolet.

Another active component of the facial emulsion is dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen, slows the wilting process, deeply moisturizes the skin, restores the oval face.

Hyaluronic acid, obtained from wheat and beets, also performs its functions. This is the most effective and pure form of this substance. Provides long-term moisturizing, supports the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Regular emulsion application is recommended for 28 days. During this time, wrinkling decreases noticeably, the skin becomes fresh and younger.

Matting emulsion for face spf 50

Matting emulsion for the face of the spf 50 driver provides optimal protection against the negative effects of a solar overdose. Protection is provided by three components:

  • filtration system;
  • a special complex;
  • mineral substances.

Emulsion for the face is ideal for a moist climate, well absorbed, without gloss and a sense of film. This is an indispensable cosmetics for beach lovers. It is applied to the sun. After water procedures, intensive sweating and wiping, the emulsion for the face should be applied repeatedly and in sufficient quantities.

Vichy produces a professional tool - matting emulsion for the face spf 50 Drai Touch Capital Soli. Like the rest of the product, the emulsion contains thermal water, as well as filters and minerals. The cream serves to prevent pigmentation, burns and aging, promotes a beautiful and even tan. It is applied similarly to the previous emulsion.


Pharmacodynamics of emulsions for the face is not described.


Pharmacokinetics of emulsions for the face is not described.

Use of the emulsions for face during pregnancy

The use of emulsion for the face during pregnancy is not described.


Contraindications to the use of emulsions for the face - a mismatch with the type of skin. Do not use the drug after the expiration date.

Side effects of the emulsions for face

Side effects of emulsions for the face:

  • Eye contact may cause burning;
  • on the skin itching or intense redness is possible.

Dosing and administration

Choose a suitable product suitable for the type of skin, otherwise there may be irritation, red spots, itching. In order not to provoke comedones, the emulsion must be applied with a thin layer.

The method of applying emulsions to the face differs somewhat from creams of usual consistency. Firstly, before applying to clean skin, they must be shaken. Secondly, the agent is better absorbed after the "heating" in the hands. Thirdly, emulsions do not spread, but as though pressed in the palms, then rub palms and apply hot to the face. The warmth of the hands will further enhance the absorption of useful components. Make-up can be done a few minutes after applying a moisturizing emulsion.

Emulsions for the face allow less exposure to the face mechanically, that is, less damage to the skin by contacts and rubbing.

In case of an overdose of sea and sun baths, the whole body should be wiped with emulsion. For the prevention of knee and elbow stiffness, the procedure is performed twice a day. The same applies to the feet. They are also rubbed with palms or a cosmetic sponge.


An overdose of emulsion to the face can cause side effects: allergies, rashes, itching.

Interactions with other drugs

Interactions with other emulsion preparations for the face are not described.

Storage conditions

Conditions for storing emulsions on behalf of:

  • temperature from 5 to 15 degrees, but not lower than +3 (Black pearl - from 0 to +25);
  • protected from sunlight, out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

Shelf life is indicated on tubes and bottles. A small stratification does not indicate a poor quality: light shaking restores the uniformity of the emulsion to the face.


Choose an emulsion for the face, focusing on reviews - it's a thankless task. To determine, it is better to use, for example, a probe. Because in the cosmetic sea these preparations are many, and it is desirable to choose them individually. After all, for the same cream, the same skin in different people can react in different ways.

Emulsions for the face are popular due to the light texture, fast absorption, efficiency. When choosing a cream, be guided by its formula, recommendations and personal feelings. Qualitative emulsions can be purchased at a budget price.

It is important to know!

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