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Home hair treatment is carried out if the hair loses a healthy appearance, changes its structure. Home treatment can be no less effective than in expensive salons. True, to cope with eczema of the scalp, seborrhea is not always possible, as the hair is an indicator of internal pathological processes. Outdoor disguise is not enough.

treatment at home is possible with the following problems:

  • hair loss;
  • split ends;
  • hair has faded;
  • greasiness.

Homemade hair treatment is provided both by specialized means and alternative medicine recipes.

Hair Recipes

Luxury hair - a myth or hard work? Of course, hair care, nutrition, moisturizing are very important. Only patience and regular procedures can achieve amazing results.

  • cut the hair only to the growing moon (this was known to our ancestors), then the hair grows faster;
  • wash the head in two stages - first, just spread the shampoo on the hair from top to bottom and hold it without manipulation, and make the second application with a light massage (the effect will not take long);
  • after washing, make it a habit to rinse your hair with decoction of herbs - chamomile, nettle, birch leaves;
  • vinegar, lemon juice or vodka are good as a conditioner (1 tbsp per liter of water);
  • rubbing iodized salt into the scalp with massage movements. The procedure is done on wet hair. The course of 10 sessions is able to return the life of hair in the most hopeless cases;
  • in a jar of your favorite shampoo, add a few drops of pharmaceutical vitamins P, B, E from the ampoule or the most suitable essential oil;
  • You can dissolve 2 tablets of aspirin in the shampoo, which will facilitate combing;
  • splurge on a professional massage brush that will not break and electrify your curls.

Recipes for hair treatment are so diverse that everyone can find for themselves the most effective, bringing pleasure in the process of application. Just do not have to wait for a miracle from the first application. You can cheer up stressed, damaged hair with at least 10 treatments.

Salt Hair Treatment

Salt is a wonderful peeling for the scalp that removes dead cells, normalizes blood circulation, and has a beneficial effect on the growth of hair. Salt hair treatment is indicated as a fat prone hair. Masks are used for cooking or sea salt, rich in iodine and minerals. Salt is dissolved in water, kefir, serum. To use dry salt, the head is first washed and dried. The hair is divided into partings and massaging movements of salt scrubs keratinized scales.

Treatment with salt, which is part of the masks:

  • hair growth is provided by means of a gruel of ripe banana mixed with 1 tbsp. Salt. Keep under a warming compress for half an hour, then washed with water;
  • thick, strong hair becomes after applying the composition - a teaspoon of salt, dissolved in 2 spoons of water, mixed with egg yolk, half a cup of kefir at room temperature. Stand for half an hour and wash off.


Honey hair treatment

Honey remains an indispensable physician for hair, is included in most masks, returns beauty and health to her curls. Honey hair treatment allows you to forget about dandruff, for this purpose, honey (a teaspoon) is introduced into a decoction of oak bark (1 cup). Means process skin on the head for an hour before washing.

Honey and onion juice (1: 4) promotes active hair growth. The mixture is rubbed into the roots, incubated for half an hour and rinsed with water. For very dry hair, add olive oil to the mask.

Honey treatment to restore the damaged structure is carried out as follows:

  • The yolk mixed with a spoon of mayonnaise is combined with honey and garlic clove juice (mayonnaise - 1 tablespoon, honey - 1 hl). Spread over the scalp, leave on all night. In the morning, washed with warm water, then rinsed with a decoction of nettle;
  • in 1 tbsp. Vegetable oil injected yolk, 1 tbsp. Honey, juice of a small onion. Also used for the night.

Gelatin hair treatment

Gelatin is used to provide thickness and volume of hair. The composition of gelatin includes protein, which improves the condition of the skin and hair. You can make a gelatin shampoo: water, two spoons, yolk, gelatin powder and shampoo - 1 tbsp. Spoons. Gelatin is dissolved in water before swelling. Make sure that there are no lumps. The composition is applied to wet hair, after 10 minutes, wash off with warm water.

Gelatin hair treatment at home:

  • In the gelatin mask, you can add everything that is on hand - the yolk, a spoonful of honey, parsley juice, any vegetable oils;
  • the mask is kept for a couple of minutes until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

Hair treatment with gelatin lamination method:

  • rinse hair well with shampoo;
  • dry to moderate humidity without a hair dryer;
  • distribute the gelatin mixture prepared in advance (3-4 tablespoons of water per 1 table spoon of dry gelatin, heated to a gel-like consistency and cooled) along the length of the hair;
  • Do not apply gelatin on the scalp in order to avoid tightening and feeling dry;
  • wrap in foil, cover with a towel;
  • for 15 minutes to warm the hair dryer through a towel;
  • let stand for another 30 minutes and rinse the head with warm water;
  • do not use a hair dryer to dry hair.


Hair Bread Treatment

Rye bread is especially useful for hair, as it contains vitamins B, E, manganese, zinc, iron, copper. Bread nourish, wash hair, based on it make healing masks. Hair treatment with bread can be combined with the addition of brandy, mayonnaise, yolk, henna, honey and other beneficial substances. For any mask, the bread is prepared as follows: a few bread slices are freed from the crust and crushed, filled with hot water, insisted (it can be half a day), the necessary components are added to the bread mass. This gruel wash their heads or used in the form of a mask. It is more efficient to make bread with a decoction of herbs, kefir, aloe juice.

Hair treatment with bread is not always acceptable for fair-haired people. Especially in combination with brandy black bread leaves a copper shade. This treatment may not be suitable for owners of greasy hair. It is also difficult to wash the bread crumbs from the hair.


Egg hair treatment

The most popular method is the treatment of hair with an egg, which has a positive effect on the hair and scalp. Egg yolk in the composition has fatty acids, many vitamins. The yolk is used as an independent means or in combination with fermented milk products, oils, honey, etc.

Hair conditioner prepared from beaten 1-2 yolks, mixed with a few spoons of olive oil. Add warm water to the mixture. Apply after washing the head, keeping for 5-15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

Eggs promote active growth and prevent hair loss. It is enough to mix two yolks with castor oil 1 tbsp. And rub into the scalp. Rinse with cool water.


Hair treatment with beer

Effective and affordable beer helps solve many hair problems. Hair treatment with beer is used to strengthen. Take 1 tbsp. L each raw material - burdock root, hop cones, calamus root. Pour half a glass of dark beer, insist up to 2 hours, filter and nourish the hair roots a few months three times a week.

You can wash your head to finish the massage with the use of beer, which is washed off with warm water. Good for preventive purposes against hair loss and enhancing growth.

Beer treatment is carried out with the addition of bread, kefir or yogurt, honey, yolk, oils and various herbs.

Hair treatment brandy

Hair treatment with brandy can lead to a light dyeing of the blond hair. Cognac is usually combined with the yolk to nourish hair (2 tablespoons of brandy, yolk, 1 tsp lemon juice). To give volume mix oak bark 1 tbsp. And cognac grams 50. Insist a few hours, filter and mix with 2 tbsp. Honey The healing mask is ready.

Cognac treatment is carried out in combination with oils, bread, honey, onion juice, herbs. Easy to make such a recipe: brandy (1 tbsp.), Honey (a teaspoon), egg yolk. Another remedy is two parts of olive and castor oils, a part of lemon juice, ½ parts of brandy and yolk. The composition is applied to the roots and tips of the hair.

Hair treatment by fire

It sounds unusual and even frightening, but the treatment of hair with fire is a procedure of recovery and recovery. The technique involves leveling the surface of the hair with soldering its tip. The unique technology is carried out by certified craftsmen and is divided into the following stages:

  • head wash;
  • put a nourishing mask, serum or special concentrate that is selected individually;
  • hair is treated with a cocktail of proteins, minerals, essential oils, extracts from wheat and other natural substances;
  • directly burning hair;
  • an opportunity to evaluate the result - smooth, silky, healthy, voluminous curls.

Hair treatment with fire with skillful hands is an amazing journey that can give a lot of pleasant sensations, covered with unique aromas.

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Clay hair treatment

Hair treatment with clay occupies a separate niche in cosmetology. How many varieties of clay, so many opportunities to solve different situations. Blue clay is recognized as the most effective in the treatment of hair. Eliminates dandruff, perfectly cleans, cares, nourishes, prevents loss and breakage.

Clay hair treatment is carried out only with a fresh solution obtained by diluting the powder with warm water to the state of sour cream. Evenly distribute the clay through the hair, cover with film and wrap. Wash off with warm water. Blue clay can make blonde hair darker, give a grayish-yellow shade. Owners of light curls should complete the procedure with a shampoo with a tinting agent.

In clay masks add yolk, lemon juice, honey, butter, vinegar, milk. Treatment of hair with clay for several months leads to excellent results.


Hair tar treatment

Someone at the mention of tar distorts because of the specific smell. However, natural tar can get rid of dandruff and itching. Treatment of hair with tar at home is very easy to carry out, just add a few drops in a mask, shampoo. You can dilute with water in a suitable concentration for you and rub into the scalp. There are medical shampoos ("Revivor", "Friderm") on the basis of tar. Short hair can be washed with tar soap, which is produced by Crimean manufacturers (“Crimean soap”).

Hair treatment with tar is indicated for serious diseases such as eczema, psoriasis. Tar is used as an independent means. The tar dissolved in alcohol or glycerin in equal shares is an excellent remedy for seborrhea, as well as focal hair loss. It does not even need to be washed off, only to remove residues.

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Pepper hair treatment

Tincture of chilli pepper on alcohol is easy to find at the pharmacy kiosk. It is rubbed into the roots before washing the hair. Improves blood circulation, activates hair growth.

Pepper hair treatment is also carried out using homemade tinctures on alcohol, vodka, and brandy (10 grams. Of a burning drug per 100 ml.). The composition is kept for seven days in a dark place.

It is easy to make a mask with pepper, shampoo and any vegetable oil: peppermint extract 1 tbsp. Mix with 2 tbsp. Your shampoo and enter 2 tbsp. Oils (castor, flax, olive).

Pepper hair treatment is carried out with the addition of honey, egg yolk, lemon juice. When making your own tools do not forget about safety - cover your hands with gloves, avoiding burns and eye contact.

Kerosene hair treatment

Treatment of hair with kerosene is possible with problems of hair loss. It is advisable to use purified kerosene. Olive oil is mixed with the same amount of kerosene. Apply a mass of hair roots once a week for several hours before washing your hair. To enhance efficiency, it is recommended to put burdock root (2 tablespoons of dry root into a cup of oil) in olive oil.

Hair treatment with kerosene is carried out with oily seborrhea. Make a mixture of part of the purified kerosene, two parts of castor oil, ten parts of ethyl alcohol. This mixture is distributed over the skin several hours before washing.

Propolis Hair Treatment

Total hair loss is treated with propolis infusion with alcohol (at least 30% propolis). Hair treatment with propolis helps to solve the problem of psoriasis. It is also necessary to take daily 2 g of propolis inside after eating. The course lasts up to three months. Apply lotions of propolis mixed with vegetable oil or lanolin to the head areas. Good results are obtained by drinking bee bread with honey at night.

Propolis helps to get rid of itching, flaking of the skin, dermatitis. In combination with a decoction of oak bark, propolis becomes an indispensable tool for fungal eczema.

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Hair treatment with mayonnaise

Hair treatment with mayonnaise is most suitable for dry, damaged and brittle curls. Wonderful mayonnaise recipe with olive or almond oil: 3 tbsp. Mayonnaise combine with a spoon of butter, add the yolk, 1 tbsp. Lemon juice (for fair-haired) or apple cider vinegar (for dark hair). Cover the mixture with wet hair, wrap and after half an hour, rinse with cool water.

Adding mayonnaise to avocados affects the deep structure of the hair. Half a pulp of ripe avocado is turned into a slurry and a glass of mayonnaise is introduced - the mask is ready. Distribute along the length of the hair, not forgetting about the tips. Stand for about half an hour and wash off with cool water.

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Mustard Hair Treatment

Mustard in alternative medicine is honored for stimulating growth and strengthening hair. Mustard hair treatment is carried out according to the same scheme - first, mustard powder is mixed with warm water to the consistency of sour cream, and then all sorts of ingredients are added. You can do by rubbing mustard gruel without impurities in the hair roots. Someone more like masks that can withstand up to half an hour and washed off with water.

Mustard treatment has a burning side effect. If the scalp bakes very much, do not overpower yourself - wash off immediately. Egg yolk, vegetable and essential oils give excellent results with mustard. And it may be about individual preferences.


Hair urine treatment

Hair treatment with urine has a wonderful effect on their condition. Urine is a safe and effective substance. Good results accelerate the growth of hair and the improvement of the scalp gives the use of urine held up to a week, which is rubbed with massage movements.

Urine treatment is carried out in the form of compresses of fresh or aged urine. Hair covered with plastic wrap and wrapped with a towel to hold for about an hour. The procedure is repeated up to 3 times per week for several months.

You can take the morning urine inside 250 gr. As experts say, then there is a better effect from urine treatment.

Hair treatment with urine leads to lasting results, and your hair becomes thick, silky and beautiful.

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