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Treatment should be carried out on an individual basis, according to the type and structure of your hair. It is important to choose a comprehensive care that will restore the natural shine, give the hair vitality and energy.

Causes of hair diseases

From ancient times, hair was considered a source of beauty, self-knowledge, independence, they were attributed magical properties. Problems with the hair indicate internal diseases. In addition to serious illnesses, frequent stresses, prolonged use of medicines, the beauty of the hair is affected by alcohol, smoking, abuse of tea and coffee. Smog industrial cities with active ultraviolet added additional trouble.

Poor ecology, poor-quality food, frequent stress, fatigue, sedentary lifestyle, deficiency of vitamins in the body can lead to hair diseases. Hair treatment should be carried out not only with the help of external means, but also take medications inward - such a complex therapy will allow the body to recover faster, and hair - to shine with health.

The most common hair diseases are:

  • alopecia - hair loss, which threatens baldness. Causes - hormonal disorders, heredity, adrenal disorders, thyroid dysfunction, gastrointestinal diseases, dysbacteriosis, long-term stress;
  • early graying - due to severe shock, diseases of internal organs, lack of important trace elements (calcium, sulfur);
  • knot tricloclasia - the formation of nodules on the hair, at this point the hair breaks. There may be an increase in hair loss;
  • dandruff, seborrhea - occurs when the fungus is actively multiplying. Due to a change in the composition of the sebaceous secretion, there is a strong itching, flaking and redness of the skin;
  • eczema - develops against the background of seborrhea, is characterized by itching, scaling, spots on the skin, increased dryness of the scalp. The disease can occur with allergic reactions, as a result of internal diseases;
  • psoriasis - the symptoms are the same as with eczema, rashes get pink or red shades, exfoliated epidermis of white color.

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Means for the treatment of hair

Finding effective means for treating hair yourself is not easy. To get lost among the many modern methods, new-fangled technologies is not surprising. Even with the choice of professional cosmetics it is not clear which brand to give preference and most importantly do not make a mistake in your choice. To the aid comes science - trichology. Hair treatment, as trichologist doctors say, should be accompanied by external means with the therapy of internal diseases of the body. Otherwise, you will only spend a lot of time, effort, money and will not achieve any radical changes. Of course, if you do not have a problem of global alopecia, then you can turn to alternative medicine and be completely happy, having received the expected result after a number of curative procedures.

Hair care products can be divided into two groups - surgical and conservative. Decorative hair cosmetics refers to a temporary, intermediate method. Modern means for treatment of hair are represented by creams, ointments, liquid substances, which are applied directly to the scalp. There are tools specifically designed for oral administration, there are solutions for local injection into the problem area. A wide application was received by massage and prescriptions of alternative medicine. All described means constitute a conservative technique.

Before the beginning of treatment by a certain method and method it is necessary:

  • consult with a trichologist about the advisability of using this or that method / method;
  • carefully study the ingredients of the hair treatment and its benefits;
  • familiarize with contraindications, side effects, the possibility of combining with other medicines;
  • note for whom the remedy is intended for men or for women (this is an important point);
  • that it will be necessary to change in hair care in the treatment of hair by this means.

How is the treatment of problem hair treated?

A science that deals with the treatment of scalp and hair, many methods are known how to save a person from problems with hair. The most common methods are:

  • Hair treatment at home.
  • Professional hair treatment
  • Treatment of hair by alternative means

Each method represents individual hair treatment, depending on the specific problem and specific characteristics of the human body.

Preparations for the treatment of hair

Often, to restore the vital functions of the hair, doctors recommend dietary supplements (biologically active additives). Such hair treatment is explained by the close connection between healthy hair and the balance of minerals and vitamins present in the body. Diagnosis of a deficiency of a mineral or vitamin in the body is helped by spectral analysis of the hair. Preparations for the treatment of hair should be selected depending on the sex of the patient.

Treatment of hair in men is based on a decrease in the content of the hormone-androgen in the blood. Viagra is prescribed as an additional agent. This is how most drugs work.

The drug "Regein" (rogaine, regaine) with the active substance minoxidil (amineksilom) - the most common throughout the world, excluding China. When used gives good results, but has many side effects, after the end of the application, the hairline returns to its original level. Means "Vishy", "Decros" and others are basically minoxidil, as a result, a noticeable effect only with constant use.

Created only for men, the drug "Propecia" (proscar, finasteride) is designed for a six-month course on the frontal part of the head. Efficiency is observed in 70% of cases. May cause problems with potency. In women, it leads to fetal malformations, therefore it is forbidden for admission.

Restoration of hair growth is possible by means of "Cromacalin" (cromacalin), originally developed as a cure for hypertension. Hair treatment products in China are represented by the "101" series. It is based only on natural ingredients that renew hair growth and prevent their loss. Unambiguously positive, persistent effects after discontinuation of the series were not identified.

Treatment of hair in women is based on the admission of "Cyproterone acetate" with the further use of "Ethinyl estradiol" in combination with the hormonal contraceptive "Diane-35". However, after the termination of the course of treatment (with the withdrawal of drugs), the situation returns to its previous level or becomes even worse.

Often used drugs based on palm fruits - "Saw palmetto", "Serenoa repens". The tool "Prostaplant" consists of palm fruits Sabal, "Utrica dioica" - extract from the rhizome of nettle, dioecious, also common for the treatment of hair.

Russian-Israeli experts have developed a plant preparation called "Satura rosta" with nitrogen-containing seaweed. Thanks to the innovative method of processing biological raw materials, the product is rich in living bacteria - nitrogen fixers, which makes the drug as efficient as possible and increases its cost.

Vitamins for the treatment of hair

A simple, relatively inexpensive and effective method of treating hair is the use of vitamins. Three Steps to Hair Health:

  • balance of nutrition;
  • consumption of vitamins;
  • application of vitaminized masks.

Vitamins for hair treatment are divided into groups, among which it is necessary to isolate folic acid (B9). Use shampoos, conditioners, masks with this active substance. Peas, beans, fruits and herbs contain a large amount of folic acid.

Vitamin A, like B9, prevents hair loss. Beta-carotene, part of group A, protects cells from free radicals. It is found in dairy products, butter, sea buckthorn, fish oil, etc.

Nicotinic acid (B3) affects hair growth. Is in legumes, nuts, eggs, bran.

Vitamins for hair are needed in the same way as minerals with trace elements - magnesium, zinc, iodine, sulfur, phosphorus.

Treatment with dimexid

Medical substance - dimexid accelerates the growth of hair, prevents their loss. In the composition of masks increases the efficiency of other components. Shows positive results in the treatment of alopecia, seborrhea. However, if the dosages and recommendations are not followed, it can lead to a reverse reaction - baldness. Treatment with dimexidum should be carried out cautiously, with all the prescriptions, always in a diluted form.

Dimexide can be used in the basis of masks:

  • Take a teaspoon of each remedy - a slightly heated burdock and castor oil, dimexid, oil solutions of vitamins A, E. Enter a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Mask for half an hour, pre-wrapped, then wash your hair with shampoo. The recipe is good for the problem of hair loss;
  • for a fatty hair type - a teaspoon of oil solutions A and E, lemon juice (you can have vodka, cognac) and dimexide.

Dimexide is combined with beer yeast, henna, herbs, etc.

Hair treatment with nicotinic acid

Nicotinic acid, more commonly known as vitamin B3 / PP, promotes wall expansion, vascular strengthening (blood and oxygen saturation). It is this property that has made hair treatment with nicotinic acid popular. The course of treatment reaches a month. For one procedure, ampules of acid are sufficient. On the head, make the partings and rub the nicotinic acid into your skin with small droplets. The hair must be washed and dried in advance. Vitamin, when in contact with air, evaporates. Therefore, use the contents of the ampoule immediately after opening.

Treating hair with nicotinic acid can cause allergic reactions, so a day apply no more than one ampoule. You can dilute the vitamin in half with water.

Treatment of hair with plasma

Hair treatment with blood plasma is safe and effective. Platelets contain a growth factor that triggers the recovery processes in the hair follicles. The procedure does not cause allergic reactions, damage by viruses or bacteria.

Treatment of hair with plasma is prescribed with alopecia, a noticeable thinning, thinning, a section of hair. The method is contraindicated in case of blood disease, inflammatory or chronic skin diseases, oncology, immunosuppressive conditions, pregnancy, lactation, and mental illness.

A few days before therapy, the use of anticoagulants and alcohol is prohibited.

Cosmetics for hair treatment

External treatment of hair is based on the use of balms, masks, ointments, shampoos, serums, rinsers, growth stimulants, etc. These funds are selected individually by a trichologist, who is familiar with a specific hair problem. Independently bought drug can do a disservice, because only the doctor knows what kind of remedy is able to eliminate this or that reason of the hair disease. Incorrectly selected means sometimes not only does not eliminate existing problems, but adds new ones.

Cosmetics for hair treatment is divided into groups:

  • mass-market - is represented in the cosmetic department of any store;
  • therapeutic - sold in pharmacies;
  • professional - is distributed through beauty salons;
  • home - own manufacture on the basis of prescriptions of alternative medicine.

It should be noted that each of the four groups is divided according to the purpose: strengthening, from dandruff, nourishing, giving shine, from split ends, increased fatness of the scalp, etc. There are also therapeutic and prophylactic means.

That's why you first need to properly establish a diagnosis, which is easier done by contacting a specialist. And then go to the choice of effective cosmetics for hair treatment. It is very difficult to independently determine whether you have seborrhea, eczema of the scalp, water allergies or detergents because of the similarity of symptoms. Sometimes suitable cosmetics for hair treatment are selected not the first time, by trial and error.

Cosmetics for hair treatment are available in the form of shampoos, balms, conditioners, rinsers, indelible agents, masks, special ampoules, etc.

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Lebel Hair Treatment

Japanese cosmetics "Lebel" is considered the leader among manufacturers of professional luxury products. The Japanese see into the root, claiming that healthy hair is possible only with healthy scalp.

Lebel hair treatment is a combination of the latest technology with the traditions of Japanese quality. Among the company's products: means for lamination, restoration, care for colored hair. Nanotechnology has become a reality, a magic tool, enclosed in a bottle, which has no analogues among competitors.

Grateful hair sparkles in the sun, feeds from the inside, strengthens. And the name of the series is "happy hair", "new life", etc. Speak for themselves.

Lebel treatment supersedes European manufacturers and is not accidental: the composition of Japanese cosmetics includes unique therapeutic extracts of plant origin. In combination with the centuries-old knowledge of medicine of the East, the most effective means appear, the only drawback of which is their high cost.

Mask for the treatment of hair

The mask for hair treatment can be purchased at a professional cosmetics store, made independently at home. All masks, as a rule, are applied to the roots of the hair, then distributed along the length of the curls. The time of active mask action can vary from 20 minutes to 5 hours, sometimes the mask is applied overnight. The composition is covered with a film and warmed with a towel. Wash the mask often with warm or cold water without the use of detergents.

The mask is selected individually - according to the type of hair and according to the problem. Made masks at home supplement with their favorite essential oils, especially it is important for masking the unpleasant smell of onions, garlic, castor oil.

Shampoo for hair treatment

Shampoo for hair treatment is chosen based on the existing problem and the type of hair. Be sure to read the instructions before use, as some types of shampoos to achieve the result should be held on the hair for a while. Therapeutic shampoo is applied by courses, like any other medicine. The uniformity of color and consistency speaks for the quality of the shampoo.

Alerana funds are used as prevention, treatment, and daily care. They are treated with alopecia. If the scalp is prone to allergic reactions, pay attention to the Swiss manufacturer. Hypoallergenic shampoos "Freederm" are produced with tar, zinc and ph-balance, which is used between treatment cycles. "Nano Pharm" contains active ingredients to protect the bulb and hair shaft, increase immunity, improve blood circulation, normalize the secretion of sebaceous glands. Ampoule lotion cosmetic series "Simone G" is used for seborrhea, various dermatitis, the formation of dandruff, excessive dryness or peeling, as well as hair loss. Progressive baldness is treatable by the British cosmetics "Nanogen" in the form of serum for the growth of the vascular endothelium. The Italians released the line "Biomed Hairtherapy" of everyday, preventive-heal and therapeutic action. Lotion of the Italian manufacturer "Revivexil" regulates metabolism, slows down the aging process, activates hair growth, strengthens hair bulbs, thereby reducing hair loss. The American brand "Nioxin" has divided the assortment of products into eight directions, which allows to provide an individual approach with a specific problem for a particular type of hair. Node hair treatment shampoo from the French Bioderma laboratory allows you to solve most of the scalp problems, eliminating itching, flaking and other irritations. Indian means, incorporating the centuries-old experience of Ayurveda, as well as Chinese and Japanese cosmetics, are gaining popularity.

As you can see, the list of brands and means is very wide. But remember that high-quality cosmetics for hair is not cheap. Shampoo for hair treatment will not be an exception.

Hardware Hair Treatment

Hair treatment with ozone therapy, laser therapy and electrostimulation refers to the hardware methods of treatment. Each method is assigned individually, depending on the presence of specific hair problems. Each hardware method of treatment is inherent, both its advantages and its shortcomings with other methods.

Ozone therapy has a powerful stimulation of deeply located layers of the epidermis, intense nutrition of hair follicles and bulbs with vitamins and trace elements, stops hair loss, saves from dandruff, effectively fights seborrheic dermatitis.

Laser therapy involves the treatment of hair by several types of lasers that have a low radiation intensity. With the help of laser therapy, there is an acceleration of intracellular biochemical processes, restoration of cell membranes, activation of growth and division of cells, supply of tissues with oxygen, resulting in hair growing rapidly, stopping to break and thin, become shiny and strong.

Electrostimulation of the hair is an effect on the scalp of the scalp with the help of impulse currents produced by special devices. Currents have a beneficial effect on the vascular walls of the scalp, activate skin metabolism, unclog reserve capillaries, and also have a positive effect on nerve receptors. Thanks to electrostimulation, hair loss stops, vascular and muscle tone increases, lymph drainage function normalizes and local metabolism. Often, electrostimulation is used as a preventive agent.


Mesotherapy is called one of the most modern, innovative ways to treat hairy areas of the head. Mesotherapy contributes to the intensification of microcirculation and improvement of metabolic currents of the scalp. The method of treatment is as follows: vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, various metabolites and trace elements that have a positive effect on the very base of the hair (follicles and bulb) are injected into the scalp through microinjection. In the presence of androgenic or other forms of baldness in the therapeutic "cocktail" include medicines. Such treatment of hair allows to accelerate their growth, and hair itself to make shining, strong and beautiful. By the way, mesotherapy is often applied to patients who underwent chemotherapy - this once again proves its high effectiveness in hair restoration.

Manual therapy

Under manual therapy is understood the massage of the scalp, which has a positive effect on the blood circulation of the skin, hair growth points, which increases the sensitivity of the skin and enhances the nutrition of the hair follicles.


Physiotherapy effectively fights with hair loss, improves the tone of the scalp, speeds up the metabolic processes of the skin, increases microcirculation of blood and lymph.

Hair treatment after a chemical wave

Chic curls, obtained by waving, require additional care. The treatment of hair after a chemical wave is reduced to restoring the structure of the damaged hair. This is achieved through the use of masks for moisturizing, special means, shampoos with zinc, copper, iron, returning radiance, elasticity. To return hair to health help also massage, ozono-and mesotherapy. After a chemical wave it is necessary to apply a cream from split ends.

Hair treatment after a chemical wave is carried out with chamomile, nettle broth or bread infusion. The formulation of masks is simple and does not require special skills:

  • fat cream (1 tablespoon) mixed with 2 tablespoons. Castor oil, one yolk, add yeast in an amount of 5 g. The composition is heated on a steam bath. Massaging movements are rubbed into the roots of the hair. Soak for half an hour and rinse with shampoo, then rinse with a decoction of herbs;
  • take 1 tablespoon. Liquid soap and castor oil, inject aloe juice 1 tsp. Heat the solution to steam. Having cooled a little, the roots nourish the hair. Hold for about 30 minutes, rinse with shampoo and rinse with water with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice (1 tablespoon vinegar per liter).

Treatment of colored hair

Treatment of dyed hair should be started immediately after painting, which is associated with indelible alkaline residues that can destroy hair from the inside. For this purpose, you can use purchased products or self-prepared healing masks, shampoos, rinses, etc.

Hair treatment is carried out by mud, which after washing your head rubbed into the skin, and after 15-20 minutes washed off with water. Good results are obtained both as an independent massage for 10 minutes, and with the use of nutrients. Specialists recommend the use of medicinal substances inside with the content of phytin, phosphorus, lipocerebrine and the like. The diet should have enough vitamin A.

Treatment of dyed hair is carried out with bread (preferably rye bread), filled with boiling water and infused until 6 o'clock. Dyed hair is well rinsed with water with vinegar or lemon. Strengthen the hair will help the egg mixture, which is washed head once a week: the contents of two chicken eggs pour warm water, constantly stir. On wet hair, apply the mixture, hold for several minutes, rubbing into the roots, then thoroughly wash the head. Karkade tonifies, removes inflammation, gives a unique shade to the chestnut-reddish hair color. Henna perfectly cleanses, heals, makes dyed hair thick and silky.

Treatment of dry hair

Dry hair can be caused by lack of fluid in the body. Hair looks dull, lose elasticity, scales appear. Drink a day at least 6 glasses of clean water. Make sure that your diet contains enough vitamin A, F, and N.

Treatment of dry hair is possible with masks, broths or infusions. Mask of yolk, 1 tbsp. Fat cream and 1 tsp. Ginseng in the form of tincture rubbed into the roots of the hair, hold up to 2 hours. Rinse without the use of shampoo. Excellent results give a mixture of egg yolk with a spoon of castor oil.

Treatment of dry hair involves the use of a shampoo appropriate to your type, as well as not abuse of hair dryer, ironing, lightening and chemical wave.

Treatment of oily hair

The treatment of oily hair is often reduced to solving the problem of excessive formation of sebum. Experts recommend using only suitable shampoos for your problem. Before washing the head, it is useful to rub aloe or carrot juice into the skin (not applicable to blondes), curdled milk. Rinse greasy hair well with broths of herbs - chamomile with lemon for light tones or a solution of water with vinegar for dark hair.

The treatment of fatty hair with a mask of one orange and a glass of kefir is an excellent remedy. Treatment of oily hair is good to conduct mustard, diluted in a small amount of water. Kashitsu rubbed into the scalp, soaked until the burning is tolerated and washed off with cool water.

Treatment of hair from dandruff

Treatment of hair from dandruff can be carried out both by professional means, and methods of alternative medicine. One effective method is not, often you have to achieve the expected effect by trial and error. Those who do not want to experiment, go to a specialist and undergo hardware treatment.

Treatment of hair from dandruff should be performed subject to the correction of food - refuse fried, spicy, spicy, sweet and fatty dishes. Include the use of fiber, vitamins A and B. We should pay attention to the restoration of water balance in the body.

Treatment of hair from dandruff includes the application of cryotherapy techniques, darsonvalization.

Hair treatment is a simple task, but it requires patience and investment of considerable funds at times. However, a healthy and flexible lifestyle, rational diet and rest regimens will help the body cope with most problems of scalp and hair.

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