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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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The flabby skin on the face today is quite common, and it does not look attractive at all - usually it is saggy, has a pale shade, and wrinkles appear faster on it.

In this case, the pores are often enlarged, heavy fat is observed, and the color of such skin is gray or yellow.

Causes of the sagging facial skin

The main factor of flabbiness occurrence is aging. With age, the production of hyaluronic acid decreases, because of which the skin is moistened much worse, and therefore dehydration of its cells occurs. Elastin and collagen fibers also slow down their growth, so that the skin loses its elasticity.

There are other causes of flabbiness - such as express diets. Such extreme methods of nutrition dramatically and quickly reduce weight, and skin cells do not have time to adjust to this speed. Because of this, and there is flabbiness, which is most noticeable on the face, because it can not hide under the clothes. In addition, it is more often than other parts of the body that falls under the aggressive influence of external stimuli.

Laxity can also occur due to the use of inappropriate cosmetics or more serious causes - diseases. Among such may be a violation of the endocrine system, various chronic diseases, hormonal imbalance. And a similar problem can arise even at a fairly young age. Fingering skin on the face in 30 years is often the result of severe fatigue, any disease, a sharp loss of weight or smoking.

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What do need to examine?

How to examine?

Treatment of the sagging facial skin

What to do and how to get rid of sagging skin on the face? If your skin is flabby, you should improve the exchange processes in it. For this, it is necessary to establish the process of its nutrition and moisturizing (external as well as internal).

Remove the flabbiness on the face helps the following manipulations:

  • Face massage;
  • Performing gymnastics;
  • Carrying out water procedures;
  • Applying special masks to the face.

But you need to understand that only external procedures in this situation will not be enough. We need to balance and fully eat, to fully provide the skin with the necessary elements. It is also important to comply with the water regime, as to eliminate flabbiness, you need a good hydration of the skin.


It should also saturate the skin with vitamins. Vitamin complexes A and E help to look after the skin. At the same time, vitamins of group A maintain skin health, and the vitamins of group E prevent it from premature withering and aging. It should be noted that it is not necessary to buy such complexes in pharmacies, since the necessary vitamins are found in many fruits and vegetables of green color, as well as spinach (vitamin A), and in addition in nuts, vegetable oil and wheat grains (vitamin E).

Also, people with sagging skin are recommended to take a course of vitamin B1 vitamins - this increases their tone.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

Flabby skin quite effectively eliminates the treatment with the help of special devices. There are several different procedures.

Fractional mesotherapy. The procedure is as follows: inject shallow (less than 1.5 mm) mesopreparations into the skin of the face at short intervals, which help to restore cellular tissues and create new ones. The collagen layer is formed during 2-8 weeks.

Although this procedure is tolerated without problems, there are still some contraindications: mesotherapy is prohibited for epileptics, for women during pregnancy, and for those who suffer from a cold or have inflammatory skin diseases.

Procedure of fractional RF-lifting. This method quite effectively eliminates flabby skin on the face. The device, which helps to eliminate small defects, acts under the influence of RF energy. The applicator used during the procedure has a tip on which a plurality of electrodes are disposed. It is he who performs volumetric heating of the skin, penetrating into its deepest layers. This helps to restore elastin as well as collagen fibers and speeds up the process of fibroblast metabolism.

The method of fractional photothermolysis is a rather popular and effective way to eliminate flabbiness on the skin. This procedure is carried out in this way - the damaged areas of the skin are affected by laser beams. Their properties increase the rate of collagen production in the dermis of the skin, which has a beneficial effect on the skin condition. This method is considered fully controlled and therefore safe - the risk of complications after it is minimal. Experts also argue that the result of this procedure can be quite long.

Alternative treatment

There are many home masks that help to reduce the flabbiness of the facial skin. Below are the simplest and at the same time effective.

Very effective in most of them are masks, made on the basis of egg yolk - they are suitable for dry skin type. In this case, you need to grind the raw yolk, adding a little crushed fruit crust (lemon or orange), then insist for half an hour. In the tincture add lemon juice (2-3 drops.), As well as any vegetable oil (can be olive) - 1 tbsp. The resulting mask should be applied to a clean face, hold for 15-20 minutes, then rinse using warm water.

Inflamed lean skin of dry type is perfectly helped by a mask of fresh fruit juice along with cottage cheese - it will give the skin softness and elasticity. It is necessary to take 2 ch.lozh. Fat cottage cheese and grind it with some selected juice (it should be freshly squeezed), then add half the egg yolk in raw form together with 1 tsp. Camphor oil. The resultant substance is mixed and applied to the skin - hold for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water and rinse your face with tincture of chamomile or green tea, then apply moisturizer.

Restoring the skin is promoted by nourishing masks, in which lemon juice is added. You need to take 6-7 g of fat cream and add to it 0.5 tsp. Sour cream and 1 tsp. Juice. Then mix the ingredients and apply the mixture on the skin. Keep the mask for 20 minutes, and remove using a spatula. After that, you need to rub your face with toning lotion.

Fatty type of skin is best suited mask based on mustard. Mix with 1 tsp. Boiled water as much mustard, then add to the mixture 2 ts.lozh. Sunflower oil. The resulting substance should be applied to the damaged areas and held for 5 minutes. Remove the mask should be warm at first, and then with cold water, and then anoint the skin with any nourishing cream.

It is best to eliminate the flabbiness of the skin suitable cucumber masks. They are most appropriate in the summer. It should grind 2 small cucumbers (always fresh), apply the resulting mush on the skin and leave for 15 minutes. Next, the mask should be removed using a moist tampon, and then anoint the face with any selected nutritious cream.

Masks for sagging skin

Lifting masks can be bought in special stores (tightening creams or preparations), or manufactured independently. The periodic application of these masks reduces the stiffness, and also prevents the early withering of the skin.

Mask of white clay with the addition of pepper and ginger - it effectively removes swelling. Since the components of the mask have an irritating effect, this helps to normalize blood circulation. At the same time, clay removes excess water from the skin. The advantage of this method is the speed and effectiveness of the impact. Among the shortcomings - the risk of allergy to pepper or ginger.

Hydrogel masks are disposable disposable plates. They are soaked with moisturizing and thermal elements, thus creating a sauna effect - this allows you to eliminate excess fluid and remove fine wrinkles. The advantage is that the mask does not cause allergies, because it is based on aloe juice. The disadvantage is that the body quickly becomes accustomed to forced removal of the liquid - therefore, the procedure for imposing such a mask is allowed only 1 rub./month., In some cases the amount can be increased to two.

Facial massage of sagging skin

Facial massage with flabby skin helps to effectively affect the muscles and skin, thereby eliminating flabbiness and slackness. At the same time, the procedure does not need to be performed by a specialist - you can also do the massage yourself. It must be done on clean skin.

The procedure promotes the improvement of the lymphatic system, as well as circulation, and also removes the negative effect resulting from stagnant processes.

Most often, the massage consists of 10-15 sessions. Noticeable improvements often appear after only 5-6 procedures. The skin acquires elasticity, the pallor disappears. Thanks to an increase in muscle tone, the skin becomes denser and smoother. Since the skin is a participant in all metabolic processes of the body, the patient's well-being after the procedures also improves.

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Cream for sagging facial skin

A fairly effective, as well as easy-to-manufacture cream for sagging skin helps maintain the tone of fading tissues. Prepare it as follows: olive or almond oil and special cosmetic Vaseline with chamomile broth (2 tsp), honey (0.5 tsp), sea salt (1 tsp.), And fresh yolk (half). All these components need to be mixed and put them to freeze in the refrigerator. After that, stir again to get a homogeneous substance. Apply this cream before bedtime.

Operative treatment

If the flabbiness of the skin is expressed particularly strongly, you should consult a plastic surgeon and use the procedure of surgical plasty. In these cases, the method is selected based on the state of the skin, and also on the basis of the result the patient needs. Sometimes, to eliminate flabbiness, it is enough to perform only a tightening of the chin and eyelids, and also to remove wrinkles from the forehead. But there are also cases when it is necessary to carry out a circular facelift. The duration of the procedure in this case depends on the amount of work. On this depends and how long the recovery period will last.

To accelerate the rehabilitation period, increase the effectiveness of the procedure itself, as well as reduce the negative manifestations (bruising and swelling, etc.) before the operation, it is recommended to undergo a preliminary course of injections and hardware procedures.


To maintain a skin turgor in a tone, you should constantly take care of the skin - both on the face, and on the rest of the body. In addition, make sure that there are not sudden jumps in weight. As a preventive measure, regular physical exercises, good rest and sleep, as well as water procedures (it should be noted that it is not necessary to use too hot water for washing, it reduces the elasticity of the skin). It is also necessary to walk often in the open air and adhere to the correct diet.



Flabby skin on your face does not appear long enough if you observe the correct nutritional regime, lead a healthy lifestyle, do special gymnastics and consume vitamins.

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