Face cream with anti-aging effect: ranking of the best brands

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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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The term "anti-aging cream" speaks for itself. For such cosmetics who apply when. Some immediately upon detection of the warning signs of aging, others after the inevitable becomes well marked. Anti-aging face cream is selected depending on the intensity of the changes, which, by the way, do not always directly depend on age.

Indications Anti-aging face cream

Indications for use and composition of the cream are tied to the skin of the female face. And not only female, because modern men watching themselves also do not ignore cosmetic offers.

It is desirable to be interested in the methods of rejuvenation before the age defects become noticeable: reduction of turgor, mimic folds, dark spots and circles near the eyes, deterioration of color, fatigue.

  • Before you buy anti-aging face cream, you should familiarize yourself with the composition in order to clearly understand: what exactly are you going to treat your skin with every day? Are there potential allergens or harmful chemicals?

Criteria for choosing a suitable anti-aging face cream - composition, purpose, match the type and age of the skin, fame and credibility of the brand, the cost of the product.

A quality cream should contain, in various combinations, the following compounds: retinol, ascorbic acid, polyphenes, isoflavones, proxylane, hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, peptides, essential and fatty vegetable oils. These components are able to resist the aging process: to prevent wrinkles or even out the relief if present, soften and moisturize the epidermis, replenish the water balance and eliminate the excess pigment.

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Release form

All the leading cosmetic companies produce anti-aging face creams. Forms of release - classic cream, serum, lotion for external use. Packaging - tubes of various sizes, bottles, glass and plastic jars.

Names of anti-aging face creams:

  • Liftactiv Night Care, Vichy;
  • Daytime, "Belita";
  • Taiga Formula, Green Mama;
  • Moisturizing Night for Mature Skin, Natura Bisse;
  • "Millennium", Vision;
  • Cream Mask, Skindulgence;
  • Exclusive, C-Ultra;
  • Nourishing with whitening effect;
  • Aromasıvorotka Faberlik;
  • Noxzema, Procter&Gamble;
  • Serum, Kosmovit;
  • Collagen, Liberoderm;
  • NaturalLift, Melvita;
  • "Perfect Care" SPF 20, Pearlixime;
  • Daily Prolagene lift, Decleor;
  • "Double hydration", BioAqua;
  • Snail, SNALL;
  • Firming with marine collagen, Mizon;
  • With pomegranate extract and hyaluronic acid, One;
  • Line Natura Siberika with caviar extract, active platinum and gold peptides;
  • "Black Pearl";
  • "Clean line";
  • Thai, with a placenta sheep;
  • Pharmacy lifting series “Before and after”;
  • Tsukerka, professional;
  • Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Series, Health & Beauty;
  • "Cucumber", Dr. Sea;
  • Regenerist, incident.

Anti-aging cosmetics for men produce SHiseydo, Kolistar, Premier, Apivita, "Yak", L'Oreal, Yves Rocher, Biotherm, Vichy, Declare, Oriflame, Planter`s, Guam, Phytomer.

Libriderm collagen anti-aging cream

The Liberderm collection of collagen anti-aging creams includes anti-aging products: day and night for the face, for the hands, for the eye contour, lifting serum, alginate mask, and hygienic lipstick.

Collagen anti-aging cream for the face, neck, decollete from Liberterm was created to improve the quality and appearance of the skin in all visible places that are exposed to premature aging. The active ingredients are the collagen-elastin complex and peptides.

  • The combination of collagen with elastin creates an air-permeable formation on the face that protects against moisture evaporation. Molecules of the active component retain on the surface vitamins and other compounds useful for the epidermis that enhance the action of the main component.
  • Active peptides, the so-called matricines, are complex biological fragments that control the formation of their own collagen and elastin. They are necessary for the restoration of skin cells, because they slow down aging, have a smoothing effect, and contribute to reducing the number and depth of skin folds.

The cream is applied to the face and all problem areas with light touches, then apply tapping movements with the tips of the fingers. So the tool is better absorbed. Used twice a day: after morning washing and a half hour before bed.


Patented Collamask is considered a unique anti-aging face cream, comparable to professional cosmetics. It consists of collagen, amino acids, blue clay, sodium alginate, betaine, vegetable oils, and palmarose essential oil. In fact, it is an effective mask with collagen, due to which the following processes occur in the skin:

  • strengthening and smoothing of a relief;
  • elimination of toxins;
  • active saturation with nutrients and moisturizing substances;
  • wrinkle prevention;
  • mitigation, elimination of roughness and unhealthy redness;
  • increased elasticity;
  • masking flaws;
  • rejuvenation of all layers.

The mask is applied on a clean face, after 25 minutes, wash with warm water. Then recommended the use of moisturizing or nourishing cream. When dry skin requires two treatments a week, for oily enough one. Course duration - 14 days. To prevent an allergic reaction, testing is performed on the temples.

Cream mask is used to prevent and combat anti-aging problems, is used at any age; It has a pleasant aroma, ease of use and high efficiency.

Ecolab Day Cream Serum

EcoLab brand offers “Anti-Aging” cream serum with anti-aging, moisturizing, firming properties. Oils and extracts derived from medicinal plant materials enrich the skin with moisture and nutrients, protecting it from premature aging and activating the renewal processes.

  • Ecolab Day Cream Serum with constant use makes the skin smooth and silky to the touch. Infusion of rosemary, peach-seed oil, jojoba, avocado, hyaluronic acid - all of these substances are of particular value for the skin. They nourish, tone up, restore elasticity.

In the depths of the layers, the active particles accelerate the production of collagen and elastin, which fill relief defects. Oils nourish, hyaluron retains moisture, caffeine tones and reduces the intensity of pigmentation. Vitamins refresh and tighten the face. The lack of synthetic flavors makes the product accessible to owners of skin prone to allergies.

  • Another anti-aging face cream from EcoLab is Deep Moisturizing Day Serum. Differs in composition, almost one hundred percent created from plant materials. Rosemary infusion, macadar and shea oils tone and nourish, saturate with life-giving moisture, stimulate regenerative processes.

In addition to serums, the brand produces other products of the same series: tonics for various skin types, a scrub for dry and sensitive faces, micellar makeup remover.

Astin face and neck cream

Astin Anti-Aging Facial Cream is produced by the Scientific Enterprise “Source of Longevity”, which developed bio-additives and cosmetics of the same name series, as well as “BioAstin”. They are based on algae containing a powerful antioxidant astaxanthin. It enriches the body and skin with components that preserve youth, beauty and health.

Astin face and neck cream provides care, nutrition, healing of the epidermis, while maintaining a young and well-groomed appearance:

  • prevents early wilting and a number of diseases;
  • normalizes metabolism;
  • renews and restores the structure of the skin;
  • intensively nourishes, refreshes, tones;
  • shows protective, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial actions;
  • easily distributed and absorbed, acceptable as a basis for applying makeup.

Efficacy provides a composition enriched with plant extracts: microalgae hematococcus, rosemary, hops, wheat sprouts, as well as fruit acids, nourishing oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamins. Pleasant aroma and pinkish tint is also natural, not synthetic. Cream should be rubbed into the skin before the final absorption.

Planet organics

Anti-aging face cream Planet Organic contains the most valuable components extracted from seaweed of the Norwegian Sea. Fucus, kelp, palmaria, porphyra - these plants have been very useful in cosmetology due to the abundance of proteins and microelements. They are able to not only slow down wilting, but also rejuvenate mature skin.

  • Red and brown aquatic plants are natural antioxidants; they activate the oxygenation of cells and the production of their own elastin and collagen. Namely, these substances strengthen the dermis from the inside, support the facial contour. Thanks to liquid collagen, moisture is retained in the tissues, preventing wrinkles.

Another important element for the skin is vitamin E, prolonging youth and enhancing the action of active ingredients. It is a mandatory component of cosmetic products intended for mature skin. The encapsulated product contained in the anti-aging face cream effectively smoothes wrinkles, improves elasticity, tightens the shape of the face.

Avon Face Cream

Avon produces anti-aging face creams for various purposes. The list of names alone takes a little more than half a page:

  • Night and day options Anew Ultimate 45+;
  • Firming with anti-aging complex;
  • With collagen and elastin “Youth active”;
  • "Rejuvenation. Superiority";
  • "Rejuvenation. Multi-care;
  • Daily "Power of Protein";
  • “Update. Infinite effect ";
  • "Flowering" SPF 20;
  • For face after 30;
  • Comprehensive care SPF 20;
  • "Echinacea and white tea."

We offer a brief overview of Avon budget products.

Day and night face creams Avon class mass market - this is Anew Ultimate 45+. The manufacturer promises the result after three days of application, and after two weeks - wrinkle smoothing.

"Youth active" deeply nourishes, moisturizes 24 hours. The updated recipe will keep twice the amount of elastin and collagen, so that the skin quickly becomes soft and toned.

The “power of proteins” intensively affects the face, slowing down unwanted processes with the help of two innovative ingredients - “youth proteins” and “modeling proteins”. With prolonged use, advertising promises rejuvenation for 5 years.

The composition of the cream "Echinacea and white tea" allows you to effectively improve and improve the structure of the skin. To achieve the desired cream is used daily, in combination with the same agent for the eye area.


The name Lucerin comes from the plant alfalfa. It is about the Altai alfalfa growing in the highlands of the Altai, in a limited place. To preserve the healing properties, the plant is collected exclusively by hand, during the maximum accumulation of useful components in it: natural vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids.

Anti-aging facial cream, in addition to alfalfa, contains stem cells, tocopherol, flavonoids, uronic acid. All of them carry out important functions, in a complex providing smoothing of mimic and then age wrinkles, elimination of dark circles and edemas, pulling up, alignment of color and relief, increase of elasticity and elasticity.

  • Method of use of Lucerin is different from the traditional. Alfalfa extract is contained separately, in capsules attached to a jar of cream. The contents of the capsules are added to the cream mass, following the dosage according to the instructions. The number of capsules varies depending on age: after 40, everything should be opened, at a younger age limited to 1 or 2 pieces. Details - in the instructions, which should be complete with a jar.

Day cream, with a pleasant smell, easily absorbed and does not roll when used under makeup. This is written by the enthusiastic owners of the product. According to their reviews, the effect is manifested in stages and gradually and, most importantly, persists for a long time.

At the same time, it is alarming a large number of posts from deceived women who have bought obvious fakes on the Internet. Often a label with the name "Lucerin" is pasted on the packaging of regular baby cream. They warn against fakes and doctors who call on women not to be too trusting and not to look for miraculous drugs in unverified sellers. To avoid disappointment, you should carefully examine all the information about each product and sites offering it.

Night rejuvenating face creams

Beauticians have long studied that during sleep the skin is more active than during the day, it perceives and absorbs various substances coming from outside. This fact makes it especially careful to select cosmetics for skin care. This is the basis of the effect of night rejuvenating face creams, created by global enterprises.

  • The Polish brand Lirene offers anti-aging face cream with retinol, penetrating deep into the epidermis, lightening the tone and saturating vitamin D. The BIO-elastin complex developed and patented by the brand accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, and resists the free radicals, resulting in increased skin elasticity. Due to the use of wrinkles is reduced, the contour is tightened, the characteristic age saginess disappears.

Anti-aging products for night use are also produced by other popular manufacturers, for example: Solange (Mango), Libriderm (Collagen), Black Pearl (Bio-program), FUTURE FORMULA (Snail Extract), Uroda (Melisa "), Skinniks (Whitening anti-aging with a reflective effect), Garnier (" Active lifting 45+ "), Vitex (" Youth vaccine for mature skin "), Biotrade (multifunctional).

Night cream serum

Serums differ from creams by several parameters: consistency, concentration of active ingredients, speed of action. Night rejuvenating cream-serum for the face have a light texture, high content of nutrients, are absorbed and act instantly in the deep layers of the skin.

If anti-aging face creams provide care and protection, then serums actively restore tissues. It is clear that both drugs are needed for aging skin, therefore modern cosmetologists advise using both cream and serum - preferably of the same brand. There are plenty of them on the market.

  • Serum Neuro Glicol + Vit.C Polish manufacturer Bielinda applied in the evening, the next morning promises shine and freshness of the skin. Compensates for loss of moisture, reduces the intensity of pigmentation. The patented unique neuropeptide prevents the appearance of mimic wrinkling. The tool also significantly improves penetration deep into the dermis of everyday cream.
  • “The power of gold” is the intriguing name of Avon Anew night serum. The manufacturer recommends using it for extra moisturizing and intensive regeneration, alternating with Cream of Protein Strength. After two weeks, the face should look younger by five years.
  • Double action (moisturizing + rejuvenation) is declared by the drug “BioAqua 24k gold” - with bee milk, “golden cocktail”, hyaluronic acid, minerals, proteins and other necessary skin ingredients. The serum is applied on wrinkles and slapped with light tapping. The effort can not be used: it will not do good, but it can stretch the skin. Application course - 3 months.

Home Rejuvenating Face Creams

In the manufacture of homemade anti-aging face creams, you must stock up with special substances that are added to the "henchmen" - as a rule, natural food products. In the formulation of anti-aging face creams use honey, castor oil, vitamin solutions, petroleum jelly, water, herbal extracts, wax, eggs, cosmetic oils, fruits, berries, cream.

Mandatory components of the cream - water and fatty parts, emulsifier, active ingredients, a preservative to prolong the freshness of the cream. Special tools are needed for work: containers, pipettes, stirring sticks, a whisk, sensitive scales. You can act according to this scheme:

  • base oil is heated in a water bath to about 60 degrees;
  • add emulsifier and wait for it to dissolve;
  • pour water or vegetable decoction;
  • bring to a creamy consistency;
  • remove and condemn;
  • keep in the fridge.

Recipes on the Internet are enough, but real lovers eventually come up with the original author, ideal for a particular skin. The advantages are that the composition and quality of the components is controlled personally. Cons - the work takes a long time, because the tool is short-lived, and you have to constantly prepare fresh portions.

Japanese anti-aging face creams

Among Japanese anti-aging face creams, the premium brand Otome offers its own line with the use of nanotechnology “Age Care”. The set includes a mask, cleansing foam, serum, emulsion for the face. The products contain peptides and functional vitamins that tighten, cleanse and heal the skin. In the same row - anti-aging face cream with the effect of ultra-lifting.

Innovative product is highly effective: prevents skin aging, blocking unwanted processes at the cellular level, smooths wrinkles. The skin tension disappears, the skin acquires a natural shade and freshness.

  • The general principles of Japanese cosmetics presented on the Ukrainian market are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, the absence of artificial ingredients, the use of exotic ingredients.

The cream of the anti-aging brand Agelles class Middle-Market is used to nourish the skin and against mimic wrinkles. The drug neutralizes wilt symptoms and stimulates epithelial regeneration. Vitamins, squalane, hyaluronic acid, yeast extracts and skullcap root nourish and soften the skin, including in coarse and dry areas. Suitable for sensitive and inflammatory skin.

The cosmetologists of the Japanese company DEMAX introduced biogold and hyaluronic acid in the anti-aging product formula. This is a professional tool for restoring hydrobalance and elasticity. Vitamins, vegetable extracts, hazelnut oil act in this direction.

The component of biogold that attracts attention is a mineral that promotes active penetration of active substances into the skin and prolongation of their action. Demax Bio-Gold restores the smoothness of the relief, supports elasticity, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. With constant use, the skin is transformed and noticeably renewed.


Pharmacodynamics of some substances often used in recipes for anti-aging face creams:

  • Hyaluronic acid - holds water molecules in tissues.
  • Vegetable oils - soften and nourish.
  • Peptides - promote protein synthesis.
  • Retinol, tocopherol - antioxidants.
  • Botox is a muscle relaxant.
  • Vitamins - healthier, refreshing skin.

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The active ingredients of anti-aging face creams act at the place of application. Most of them do not enter the systemic circulation. Detailed pharmacokinetics of all components has not yet been described.

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Dosing and administration

Methods of use and doses of anti-aging face creams are indicated in the instructions. Standard procedure: 1–2 peas are spread on the face and neck with the tips of the fingers or the palms, sometimes lightly patted until absorbed.

The bottles equipped with the batcher give a necessary dose by one pressing. About 1 cm is extruded from the tube.

For best results, it is recommended to use night, day, serum, elixirs, lotions and other available means of the same line in the complex.

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Use Anti-aging face cream during pregnancy

When choosing any cosmetic product, the expectant mother should be especially careful: examine the composition, information about the manufacturer, possible undesirable consequences. Anti-aging face creams may contain harmful ingredients that limit their use during pregnancy.

For skin care, it is desirable to use special products for pregnant women. In difficult cases, consult with experts. And without much need not to abuse neither decorative, nor care cosmetics.


Anti-aging products should not be used uncontrollably. Anti-aging face creams must meet the age, type, needs of the skin. Contraindications to the use are the presence of inflammation and skin diseases, the particular sensitivity of the surface of the dermis to the components of cosmetic products.

Special attention should be paid to the state of pregnancy, lactation, as well as such an unpleasant symptom as increased vegetation in certain areas of the face: some anti-aging drugs can stimulate hair growth.

Side effects Anti-aging face cream

Side effects - swelling, redness, dermatitis, comedo. Some anti-aging face creams applied after cleansing cause tingling. Such funds should not be applied immediately, but after 15 minutes after cleansing, and also to reduce the dose or apply them less often - until the skin completely adapts.


Overdose of anti-aging face creams is not fixed.

Interactions with other drugs

Best of all anti-aging face creams are combined with other cosmetics of the series. Interactions with other cosmetic preparations are not dangerous, and regarding combination with external pharmaceutical preparations, it is necessary to consult with your doctor separately.

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Storage conditions

Industrial anti-aging face cream loves neither cold nor heat, they are comfortable at room temperature - a maximum of 25 degrees. Homemade cosmetics require cooler storage conditions.

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Shelf life

The shelf life of anti-aging face creams range from 6 months. Up to 2 years. Indian "Kumkumada" Ayurveda is stored for 3 years.

With proper storage (cool shady place) and careful use of open cosmetics longer remain useful.

A change in texture, color, or smell indicates the unsuitability of cosmetics.


Judging by the reviews, some women do not believe in the anti-aging properties of cosmetics. Others trust only personally created, in particular, anti-aging face creams. Another group would like for the minimum price to get the maximum result. And this is not surprising, because the skin of different people perceives the same components differently.

On the Internet, you can find positive reviews about Belita-Vitex products (Antistress 24 bio-cream) and Belarusian cosmetics in general. High ranking places are assigned to an exotic Australian product with bee venom, collagen creams from Libriderm, Firming DMAE from Derma E, C retinol from Sesderma, daily with a lifting effect from Lumen.

Top best anti-aging face creams

Any rating of the best anti-aging face creams suffers from subjectivity, however, it can serve as a peculiar guide when choosing "your" means. According to the proposed list, compiled by cosmetologists and users, anti-aging facial creams of world manufacturers can be located in this order.

  • Nuxellence Youth от Nuxe;
  • Regenerist от Event;
  • Chanel Hydra Beauty;
  • Intensive Rebuilding Moisturiser от Prescriptives;
  • Renergie MultiLift from Lancome;
  • Healthy Skin AntiWrinkle от Neutrogena;
  • Night Idealia by Vichy;
  • Ullifting from Garnier;
  • Agualabel from SHiseydo;
  • Concentre MultiPerfection Capture Total from Dior.

Some women consider hand-made cosmetics the best choice. And there really is a “zest”. With some skills, homemade creams are easy to prepare, and fun can be obtained in abundance. The main thing is to choose the fresh ingredients that mature skin needs, and adhere to sanitary rules.

The cosmetic market is booming, and while we are writing and reading these deadlines, new anti-aging drugs are being born in the laboratories. Therefore, no one will dare to call a magic tool that solves the problems of mature skin quickly and permanently. There is no doubt that a good anti-aging face cream can improve the condition and appearance of the skin; and a well-groomed woman is always attractive and desirable.


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