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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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Regular skin care is an important moment in the life of every woman who seeks to look good, both now and in a few years. To do this, developed a lot of cosmetics intended for all categories of ages. For example, face creams after 30 years are available and varied: they will help prevent early age changes in the skin - including wrinkles, lethargy, reduced turgor, ptosis, and other troubles. The main thing is to use such creams regularly and correctly.

To date, there is no scientific evidence that the use of face cream can stop skin aging. Exposure to the sun is the main factor responsible for aging skin and the development of wrinkles, so reducing its effects during daily wearing of sunscreen slows down the effects of aging on your skin.[1]

Indications Face cream after 30 years

The age of 30 years is a kind of a milestone for a woman who still feels young and energetic, but the first signs of skin wilting are already being felt. Not all the representatives of the fair sex such signs are pronounced. Someone carries more, and their skin remains fresh and elastic longer. And someone wrinkles appear even before the 30-year mark. However, those and other girls need to properly care for their skin, so that later, by the age of forty, do not look at 50.

Regular use of face creams after 30 years is important for all self-respecting women, because age leaves its mark on the condition of the skin:

  • The production of collagen and elastin in cellular structures is slowed down, which directly affects the elasticity and the ability of tissues to recover.
  • Liquid filling of tissues is deteriorating: there is a gradual, but permanent loss of moisture and drying of the epidermis.
  • Restoration of damaged structures is no longer so fast: covers that did not have time to recover, gradually lose their tone and change shade.
  • Changes in the contour of the face become noticeable: it becomes somewhat vague, without the same clarity.
  • Mimic wrinkles are formed: the first thing they "settle" on the nasolabial folds, near the lips and eyes.
  • In the morning there may be bags, circles under the eyes, which were not there before.
  • The skin tone on the face changes: it becomes grayish, uneven. Such changes are especially noticeable in women who smoke.
  • Resistant pigment spots appear on the skin.

All of these signs can not just spoil the mood: they suggest that it is necessary to change their usual cosmetics to others, according to their age. Here you will come to the rescue creams after 30 years. As a rule, such a label “after 30 years” is indicated on each product in this series of cosmetics.

Release form

Classic face creams after 30 years perform a number of specific functions:

  • protects the skin from the irritating effects of the external environment and from internal factors of aging;
  • prevent pigmentation disorders;
  • refresh, moisturize, nourish with vitamins and minerals;
  • promote regenerative processes.

So that the cream could perform all the functions assigned to it, the quality of the container in which it will be is very important. So, for the preservation of the properties of the external means such categories of cosmetic packaging are perfect:

  • a box with an airtight plastic lid;
  • plastic tube with a screw cap;
  • aluminum tuba with screw cap;
  • the glass, hermetically closed jar;
  • glass or plastic bottle with dosing device.

Any of these forms is suitable for storing the cream, because it is very important to preserve the original healing composition, so that the tool itself contains as little as possible preservative agents. The lid of a jar or tube should be sealed to protect the product from pathogenic microbes in the cream mass, because in the future these same bacteria can be on the face.

Face cream after 30 years, of course, is chosen not only for attractive and high-quality packaging. But this fact is also important: the better the form of the release of funds is, the longer it will retain its beneficial properties.

Face cream brands after 30 years

Shelves of cosmetic stores and pages of online stores of cosmetics are filled with dozens of offers of various face creams, including those marked “after 30 years”. However, we often “lead” on advertising, but in the end we get far from the means that we expected.

What to choose: cheap domestic remedy, or expensive, but publicized? Let's try to offer you a list of relatively inexpensive but high-quality manufacturers of face creams after 30 years.

  • Bioderma is a product of the French Lab Bioderma, founded 40 years ago. The laboratory initially specialized in the production of therapeutic drugs. Now the main focus of its activities is the production of dermatocosmetological agents, which are used for the treatment and prevention of skin pathologies. Creams Bioderma provide proper care for young and mature skin, and can be selected for any age.
  • Vichy (Vichy) is a French cosmetics company. Creams of this brand often contain collagen, and always - a unique thermal water from a source located in the same village of Vichy. Thermal water has a rich and useful composition: in particular, it includes 15 different mineral substances.
  • Yves Rocher is a French cosmetics brand that offers mid-priced products. One of the features of such products is their naturalness: the manufacturer carefully monitors compliance with all environmental and sanitary standards in the production of cosmetic products.
  • Evalar is a well-known Russian manufacturer of dietary supplements, which, in particular, produces modern peptide cosmetics. For example, Laura’s anti-aging cosmetics line is a range of products based on high-quality peptides from Switzerland. The manufacturer promises to reduce the formation of wrinkles by 30% in just 4 weeks of using the cream.
  • Garnier is a French cosmetics manufacturer with over 100 years of experience. Face creams of this brand are distinguished by an acceptable cost, soft effect, comfortable texture and neutral unobtrusive aroma. Garnier anti-aging remedies are represented by categories “25+”, “35+”, etc.
  • Dr. Bach Rescue Rescue Cream is not limited by the age of 30 years. At the request of the manufacturer, this cream is suitable for face care, regardless of age. The composition of the drug is vegetable: the cream soothes, protects, restores cell structures, maintains the water balance throughout the day from the moment of application. Cream base is Karite oil, which improves skin tone, protects against ultraviolet radiation and eliminates signs of inflammation of edema.

Additionally, I would like to focus on one more common remedy - Korean cream with Antiage effect. Such cosmetic products today are massively "promoted" on the Internet. But are they helpful?

Korean women - and all Asian type - have a muscular type of aging, in which the skin remains clean and smooth for a long time, and the contours of the face are even.

In women of the European type, aging occurs differently: small wrinkles appear relatively early, the facial contour blurs. Therefore, the creators of Korean cosmetics has several other goals: basically, this is the maximum "preservation" and skin whitening. Such creams contain many times more bleach, silicones, than in the usual means for us. It is known that due to the abundance of preservative agents, Korean creams are quite difficult to wash off completely. As a result, they gradually accumulate on the skin, and the positive effect is observed only at first: in the future, the situation changes for the worse.

Beauticians with experience advise: Korean products can only be suitable for girls with young and unchanged skin. At the first signs of aging, it is still better to give preference to domestic, European or American cosmetics. These creams are developed taking into account features of the European appearance and types of aging typical for us.

Night face creams after 30 years

Since the age of 30 years, the use of night cream, along with day should be mandatory. The fact is that the night option will help solve many skin problems that the daily remedy cannot cope with. It is best to select both creams from the same cosmetic line - only in this case they will optimally complement each other.

For example, you should pay attention to such top-rated funds:

  • Q10 Plus Nivea - this cosmetics rightfully occupies one of the first places in the annual rankings, since its effectiveness is beyond doubt;
  • Belita Vitex Whitening - budget, but high-quality cream is especially recommended for women with age-related skin hyperpigmentation;
  • Clinique Youth Surge SPF 15 is a series of creams, among which there is such an option that activates the processes of nightly renewal of tissues.

Night cream in a small amount is applied not immediately before bedtime, but about an hour before it. In this case, the next morning there will be massive edema under the eyes.

Moisturizing face cream after 30 years

Moisturizing is required for any type of skin, and even more so after 30 years. You can determine that a moisturizer is especially necessary by the following features:

  • often there is a feeling of discomfort, tightness, peeling;
  • skin becomes lethargic, loses its healthy appearance;
  • irritations appear. Redness

Moisturizing is necessary for any tissue of the body, including the skin - even when there is no evidence of moisture deficiency. It is important to moisturize not only normal and dry, but oily and combination skin.

The composition of moisturizing cosmetic products are the so-called hydrofixes - for example, it can be hyaluronic acid, oils or ceramides.

Typical representatives of cosmetics "after 30 years" are such moisturizing products:

  • Loreal Expert moisturizing - differs in almost instant moisturizing effect, eliminates dryness, irritation, peeling, eliminates the feeling of tension. Can be used during the day and before bedtime.
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal is a safe hypoallergenic product that perfectly moisturizes and tones.
  • La Roshe Posay Hydra phase is an optimal moisturizer, noted by many cosmetologists.

Anti-aging face creams after 30 years

Anti-aging creams are beginning to use from about 30-35 years of age - at least, that is how cosmetologists advise. Before reaching 30 years old, it is better to apply moisturizers - their effect will be quite enough.

True anti-aging creams are also aimed at moisturizing, as well as cleansing, restoring and nourishing the epidermis.

In order for the face cream to have the most optimal effect, it must be able to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. For this, the composition usually contains BHA and AHA acids, exfoliating the surface stratum corneum.

Another effect of this cream is cleansing from free radicals. This function takes on vitamins - tocopherol and ascorbic acid, as well as coenzyme Q10.

Vivid representatives of anti-aging creams are:

  • Korres Magnolia Bark Day Cream for First Wrinkles - the tool actively fights shallow wrinkles and inflammatory reactions.
  • Lauder Estee is an anti-aging series of products “after 30 years”, which tightens and restores tissue, preventing the formation of premature wrinkles.
  • Eluage Avene - cream with dispenser, which ensures not only the effectiveness of the tool, but also its economical use.


How will this or that face cream after 30 years, depends on its composition. Both herbal and chemical additives can be active ingredients: they determine the pharmaceutical - therapeutic or prophylactic - properties of the cream.

To achieve a long-lasting and sustainable effect, manufacturers can add various special substances to the cream, the main directional effect of which is the provision of nutrition, protection, hydration, and health of the epidermis.

As a rule, an optimal face cream after 30 years should have a complex effect. The following active ingredients can have this effect:

  • vitamin A - improves collagen production by cellular structures; [2]
  • peptides - heal tissue damage (even in the deep layers);
  • salicylic acid, glycolic acid - potentiates regenerative processes, gently exfoliates; [3], [4], [5]
  • collagen - eliminates the lack of natural collagen; [6], [7]
  • Hyaluronic acid - moisturizes, improves recovery processes; [8], [9]
  • extracts from plants - help soothe the skin, protect, eliminate inflammation, neutralize the negative effects of toxic substances;
  • UV filters - provide protection against the direct negative effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • other vitamin substances (tocopherol, ascorbic acid) - are antioxidants, improve the state of local immunity, renew and rejuvenate the skin. [10], [11], [12]

When reading the list of components of the cream for the face after 30 years, you need to consider that the first place in the list is occupied by substances present in larger quantities.


Data on the kinetic properties of face creams after 30 years are not available: as a rule, such creams are multicomponent, contain many plant and other substances. The active effect of creams is due to the mutual enhancement and complex influence of all the ingredients, which is typical of cosmetic preparations.

In such a situation, when the activity of the product cannot be fully attributed to any one substance or compound, the kinetic studies of multicomponent cosmetics, including facial creams, are almost impossible to carry out.

Dosing and administration

To face cream after 30 years brought the maximum benefit, you need to know how to properly apply it, and in what quantities.

  1. The cream is applied only to the washed face. On the skin should not be residual makeup. It is optimal to clean your face step by step: first remove the makeup, then wash with a special tool, then wipe with a tonic. And only now you can apply face cream.
  2. Face cream after 30 years is also applied to the neck and decollete area, avoiding the area of projection of the thyroid gland.
  3. The cream is applied along the facial massage lines: it is in these directions that the lymphatic vessels pass and the collagen fibers are located. If you change the direction of movements, you can damage the fibers and aggravate the picture of age-related changes.
  4. If the cream is applied in the morning, then make-up after it should be applied not earlier than in a quarter of an hour, so that the cream components can be absorbed and exert their cosmetic effect.

How to apply face cream after 30 years?

The cream mass is distributed over the skin surface with the tips of the fingers of the left and right hands - upwards and towards the temporal region.

Under the eyes means is applied in a small amount. If you “overdo it,” instead of a positive result, you can only get swelling under the eyes.

When applying the skin can not stretch: the cream is distributed by light tapping with your fingertips on the surface of the face.

In the neck area, the cream mass is applied first in the midline, and then distributed to the sides upwards.

Use Face cream after 30 years during pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy, the thermoregulatory process changes in the female body, the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands increases, and pigmentation is aggravated. Especially such changes become noticeable in women after 30 years. The changes also affect the circulatory system: the volume of circulating blood increases, and the vessels become more fragile and permeable under the influence of pressure and hormonal changes. Already in the first trimester, a woman may have problems with the skin. There are areas of hyperpigmentation, increased greasiness. There may be a small rash, acne.

As a rule, a pregnant woman has to change almost all cosmetics, as the skin type varies greatly. Such a problem is solved relatively simply: complex face creams are selected, with a high-quality UV filter. A good face cream may contain essential oils [13]and acids, vitamins. It must be hypoallergenic: it is very important during pregnancy.

Experts advise pregnant women to use a smaller foundation. It is enough to put on the face a little light quality tools, selected by age and skin characteristics. Foundation and thick dense cosmetics can “clog” the pores and interfere with the normal processes of skin respiration.

Before using each new cosmetics, including face cream after 30 years, you must first test for allergies - put a little cream mass on the inside of the elbow or on the wrist. If the treated area of skin has not reddened during 2-3 hours, no itching or rash has appeared, then the cream can be applied to the face safely.


Selecting a face cream after 30 years, you need to consider not only the age and type of skin. Each cream can have a number of contraindications to its use - especially since such cosmetics include a long list of components.

All cosmetologists unequivocally urge women to always pay attention to the makeup of cosmetics. For example, you can consider the most common ingredients of creams and their properties.

A frequent component of face creams is alcohol, which is undesirable to apply to owners of prone to dry skin. Alcohol aggravates dryness, can cause local irritation, feeling of tightness, peeling and a lot of other troubles. But with oily skin alcohols are not contraindicated, and even recommended. But even here there is a restriction: the total alcohol content should not exceed 15%, especially if this tool is used during the cold season.

Face creams after 30 years may contain paraffin - this component is contraindicated for oily type of skin. Paraffin forms a thin surface coating, limiting oxygen access, and preventing the removal of toxic substances to the outside, which harms the epidermis.[14]

Quality mineral oils can be present in a good cream. But in cheap analogues such oils are sometimes not cleaned, therefore they can cause irritation, allergies, inflammatory processes. Poorly purified oils are able to form a film, blocking the natural hydration of cells.

It is undesirable the presence in the cream of a large amount of glycerin, as this component tend to pull moisture from the tissues. Glycerin will be especially undesirable for owners of dry and thinned skin.

Side effects Face cream after 30 years

Modern face creams after 30 years are made taking into account possible hypersensitive reactions on the part of the human body, therefore most of these products have a hypoallergenic basis. Well-known cosmetic companies carefully test their products to ensure maximum safety. And yet, in some cases, unpleasant side effects may occur:

  • There are itching, hyperemia, rash, not related to the allergic process. In such a situation, they talk about hypersensitive skin. To avoid this trouble, it is recommended to choose creams with a minimum content of artificial flavors, preservatives, etc. It should be noted that the hypersensitivity of the skin is more often hereditary.
  • With a tendency to allergies on the skin, swelling, redness, itching, rashes can occur. This means that this tool is not suitable and it is better to refuse it.
  • Acne, comedones can occur with the wrong selection of cosmetics. If this happens, you should contact your beautician: he will not only solve the problem of worsening skin condition, but also help you to choose the right face cream in the future.

If an allergic reaction to the face cream is detected after 30 years, then it should not be used anymore.

If the cream accidentally gets into your eyes, you should immediately rinse them with warm clean water.


Do not apply too much cream on the skin: it is a mistake to believe that the more, the better. The bottom line is that almost all modern face creams after 30 years contain quite a lot of various extracts, basic and auxiliary substances. These components have an active effect, so their overdose can trigger the development of an allergic reaction, dermatitis and other unpleasant consequences.

One of the ubiquitous misconceptions is the opinion that the face cream should be left on the skin until completely absorbed. But this should not be done in any case: after 5-10 minutes, the remaining funds should be carefully removed with a soft cloth. If this is not done, swelling, bags under the eyes, enlarged pores may appear. And if this situation will be repeated systematically, then wrinkles will deepen, the skin will become puffy and sluggish.

Interactions with other drugs

In order to avoid negative effects from the use of face cream after 30 years, it is desirable to combine it only with other cosmetic products of the same line. This will prevent the lack or overabundance of certain substances that enter the skin layers with cosmetics. If drugs of one line are used, then, as a rule, their combination is thought out in advance by the manufacturer. And independent combinations are not always able to successfully complement each other: a chaotic combination of cosmetics is often impractical, and in the worst case may even harm.

Storage conditions

If you choose the most suitable face cream after 30, and even carefully studied its composition - do not rush into buying. Pay attention to the date of production of cosmetics, as well as how and how much you can store it. If there are 1-2 months left until the end of the expiration date, evaluate: can you use the whole cream until the expiration of this period. If not, ask the seller for another bottle with a more recent product.

In order for the face cream to share with your skin only benefit, and not harm, pay attention to such important tips on storing cosmetics:

  • Try not to buy creams in too voluminous jars. It is believed that the shelf life of a cosmetic product before the opening of a jar can be approximately 2 years, and after its opening - from six months to a year. Can you use the entire contents of the jar for this period of time?
  • It is optimal to keep jars and tubes with face creams at ordinary room temperature. It is important that the direct rays of the sun do not fall on the cosmetics, and there are no heaters nearby. High humidity is also a negative condition for the normal preservation of the cream. Therefore, to store cosmetics in the bathroom is undesirable.
  • On the day of opening another jar of cream, you can make an inscription on the label with the date. So you will know exactly how much time has passed since the opening, and how much more you can use this tool.
  • The refrigerator is also not the best place for the preservation of anti-aging face cream after 30 years. Cold storage may be recommended only for some creams that are designed for skin care in the winter.

These tips are not so complicated and apply their work will not be. However, thanks to them, you can achieve excellent results, improve the skin and not cause accidental harm to it.


It is believed that after 30 years it is already necessary to actively use anti-aging facial care products. But it is impossible not to take into account the condition of the skin. If you do not take into account the individual characteristics of the skin, then there is a risk of choosing the wrong cream and harm the skin.

Many factors influence the type of skin and the time of onset of age-related changes. These are hereditary predisposition, and lifestyle, and mimic activity, and nature of nutrition, and regularity of cosmetic care. Earlier face aging is closely related to factors such as smoking, lack of quality night rest, and misuse of tanning beds. If a woman has bad habits, or she is unbalanced, or drinks little liquid, then, before choosing a face cream after 30 years, you first need to eliminate the damaging factors. Only in this case, you can count on the effectiveness of cosmetics.

Judging by the reviews, the effect will not be even from the most expensive cosmetics in the event that you use the cream without matching age and skin type. So, with high fat you need to choose a light remedy with anti-inflammatory components. In case of excessive dryness of the skin, rich nourishing creams are suitable. With a dehydrated lethargic skin, emphasis should be placed on hydration.

Face creams after 30 years are divided into day and night. It is very important to apply such tools strictly for the purpose, without mutual replacement.

Dermatologists say that 90% of age-related changes are potentiated by the influence of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the cosmetic product has protection from the sun.

Rating of face creams after 30 years

If you have already stepped over a 30-year milestone, then the need has come to change cosmetics. Optimally pick up two face creams for yourself: daily, which will provide hydration and protection of the skin, as well as night - nourishing and regenerating. For example, you can opt for such popular creams designed for skin care after 30 years:

  • Lumene with Vitamin C is an anti-aging remedy that belongs to the affordable price range and, at the same time, is not inferior in its effect to more expensive drugs. Among the basic ingredients of Lumene, a special place is occupied by hyaluronic and ascorbic acids, which activate the synthesis of natural collagen in tissues, which provides elasticity and turgor.
  • Biotherm Aquasourse, Biotherm Aquasourse night spa is an anti-aging product that improves the condition of dry and normal skin. The manufacturer guarantees deep hydration for 48 hours, as well as the alignment of color and improvement of elasticity. Day option means great for applying under makeup.
  • Payot hydra 24 is the best option for owners of dry, normal and mixed skin after 30 years. The cream structure of the product is rather light, it does not clog the pores, but it perfectly moisturizes and provides comfortable protection for the whole day.
  • Clarins Multi-Active Day, Night is a means to prevent the appearance of the first age-related changes on dry skin. Provides good hydration, evens tone, relieves surface "crow's feet" and small defects near the lips.

Effective face creams after 30 years

Choosing an effective makeup, you can not ignore its composition. If vitamin substances, coenzymes, peptides, plant extracts are present in the initial lines of the list of ingredients, you can count on the maximum benefit of the product. However, for example, if avocado oil is indicated at the very end of the list, this means that it is negligible in the total cream mass. So, to rely on any significant action is not worth it.

The designation on the cream “after 30 years” is not just a recommendation. Many cosmetic preparations, in particular from well-known manufacturers, include special active ingredients, stimulating regenerative processes and collagen production.

Collagen production decreases with age, and it should not be stimulated ahead of time: if this is done, the skin will simply stop functioning adequately and stop producing its own collagen. Therefore: if you are 30 years old, you can not use the tool with the designation "after 40 years", because with this you only harm yourself. And do not forget to take into account the type of skin in the selection of cosmetics. If you listen to all the recommendations provided, you can choose the most optimal and effective face cream after 30 years.


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