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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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Although oily skin of the face has several advantages over dry skin: it gets older later and is not prone to the formation of wrinkles, however, it requires scrupulous daily care. Increased fat content due to excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, leading to a decrease in the concentration of linoleic acid - the building material of the cell membrane, and a decrease in acidity. Such processes occur in most cases up to 30 years and they are controlled by sex hormones. As a result, the violation of the protective function of the skin, the creation of a favorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms, the formation of inflammatory foci, the allocation of sebum on its surface, compaction and rough pattern. In this case, will help a variety of cosmetics for oily skin, including creams.

Indications Cream for oily skin

Signs of oily skin appear in its shine, rash, acne, pimples, enlarged pores, black spots, dull and gray color. Such symptoms are indications for the use of oily skin creams. Not always the problem is solved through the use of cosmetics, be sure to find out the cause of its occurrence and to direct efforts to eradicate. In the absence of internal pathologies, it is possible to normalize the production of a secret and qualitatively improve the condition of the skin in combination with cosmetics, home and salon procedures.

Release form

The opinion that oily skin does not require the use of creams, moisturizing and nutrition is very erroneous. Experts recommend step-by-step care for it, including high-quality cleansing, reduction of sebaceous secretions, the use of moisturizing, pathogenetic, nourishing, protective and masking agents. Creams for oily skin - one of the links in this chain and they are on the market by many well-known manufacturers of cosmetics. Here are some names: Natura Siberica, Clinique Youth Surge Night, Vichy Normaderm, Belkosmex Mirielle, Nivea Visage, TimeWise Mary Kay, Vichy Aqualia Thermal, Garnier.

Garnier Cream

Cosmetics Garnier took care of oily and problem skin, providing consumers with micellar water to remove makeup, cleansing scrubs, masks, creams that use antiseptic and drying components. Using modern technology, the pores are opened and cleaned, the exfoliating of keratinized layers, the penetration of active ingredients into the surface of the epithelium. But there is a product that deserves special attention, because in one tool combines many functions - “BB-cream. Pure skin asset. Against imperfections. " It moisturizes, smoothes the skin, fights acne, tightens pores and mattes. Happens two shades: light and natural beige. Toning mineral pigments and 2% salicylic acid in its composition make it possible to perform functions 5 to 1. The cream has a light texture, fits well on the skin and is quickly absorbed, levels it, without clogging pores. Contains SPF 15 sunscreen.


Moisturizer for oily skin

The lack of moisture in the upper layer of the epidermis can lead to aggravation of problems in it. Moisturizing cream for oily skin is designed to provide hydrobalance, prevent disruption of metabolism at the cellular level, to prevent the formation of acne and comedones. His choice is approached individually, taking into account the characteristics of the skin. The most desirable creams with natural moisturizing ingredients in combination with nourishing and anti-inflammatory. They should not create a film on the surface of the face. Glycerin can be used for hydration, alpha-bisabolol as a sedative, and ceramides for restoring the stratum corneum.

Nourishing cream for oily skin

Oily skin, like dry need nutrition. The only difference is that the nourishing cream for oily skin should be a light texture, consisting of water for a third, with a minimum amount of oils, vitamins A, B and F in the composition. In the winter season, a more dense cream is used that contains more fatty oils, vitamin E. Nutritious creams are divided into organic and chemical. The organic components are selected natural ingredients that have a milder effect on the skin and do not cause allergies, but their shelf life is limited. Means that combine chemical and natural ingredients, more active and more efficient in relation to the epidermis, are stored longer, but more expensive.

Night face creams for oily skin

In the evening, when the skin is cleared of daytime makeup and impurities, and the facial muscles are relaxed, it is most susceptible to the action of active ingredients. That is why the use of night face cream is necessary for oily skin. It has the role of moisturizing, nourishing, enhancing skin circulation and collagen production, reducing the severity of wrinkles and pores, stimulating the renewal of epidermal cells, and giving elasticity. Such creams should contain collagen, retinol, amino acids, peptides, panthenol, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, ceramides, vitamins A, E, C, shea butter, apricot, olive, jojoba. Their texture is desirable light, smell without sharp notes.

Cream for oily and problem skin

Oily skin of the face is most often problematic, because It is a favorable breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, the development of inflammation and hyperkeratosis. Most creams designed for it are multifunctional, they combine various active ingredients to eliminate the main disorders caused by the pathological process. Studying the composition, you need to keep in mind that the presence of:

  • plant extracts of fir, burdock, pumpkin, green tea, retinol, zinc, linoleic acid indicates the focus of the cream on the control of the sebaceous glands;
  • phosphatidylcholine, retinoids, linoleic and lipoic acids, avocado oil, borage - on the regulation of changes in the cells of the epidermis within the cell cycle, their reproduction;
  • antibacterial substances, azelaic acid, panthenol, bisabolol, tea tree, calendula, chamomile, sage extracts - to fight the inflammatory process;
  • sulfur, triclosan, miramistina, cedar essential oils, cloves, lemon, bergamot, needles extracts, juniper, rosemary, burdock - antibacterial and antifungal action;
  • alpha- and betahydroxyacids, retinoids, hydroxyacids, bodyagi, sulfur - for the destruction and removal of the stratum corneum of the epidermis;
  • Fat sorbents: silicates of aluminum and calcium, silicon, clay and polymer granules - for matting.

Homemade creams for oily skin

For those who do not trust the purchase of creams and take the time to make their own, there are a number of recommendations. Homemade cream for oily skin can be instantly prepared by simply mixing the ingredients or heat-treating the product. The first option is fast, but less effective, the second is difficult, but allows you to make a good and effective product for future use and store it in the refrigerator for several weeks. In the first case, egg white, citrus juice, flour (rice, oat, wheat) and low-fat dairy products are mixed.

In more complex recipes, the cream is prepared in a water bath. The base oil (grape, black cumin, peach, pumpkin, etc.) is poured into a ceramic or enameled container, it should be one-third of the total volume, heated to 60 ° C. An emulsifier, necessary for softening and conditioning the skin (cetyl alcohol or sucrose stearate), is added to it - 2%. Then pours a decoction of herbs, cooked in advance (60%). Herbs should be selected depending on skin problems (nettle, St. John's wort, sage, wormwood). All this heats up to get a creamy state. After cooling to 35 ° C, the remaining components are added: the active substance (brewer's yeast, plant extracts) - 7%, a few drops of essential oils. The resulting composition will not be airy and light, but it does not harm the skin and will bring only benefit. See also:  Alternative remedies for oily skin

Foundation for oily skin

Most women have to mask the errors on the face, align the tone, create a foundation for makeup using a special tool - foundation. Oily skin requires its special composition in order not to aggravate the problems peculiar to it and satisfying the following requirements: do not contain components that provoke acne (silicones, oils, a number of preservatives), the density of the coating is medium, the presence of caring components, firmness, a feeling of lightness on the face. It is not easy to choose a suitable foundation both in quality and tonality. Facilitates the task of having in the trading networks probes that you can buy. If they are not, then in the store offer samples. It is good to test the product in different weather conditions, the main criterion of quality is its stability - it is important that the makeup stays on the face for a long time without the need to correct it.

Cream for oily sensitive skin

Paradoxically, oily skin is also sensitive. It turns out that an adverse effect on it is exerted not only by reduced synthesis of subcutaneous fat, but also its excessive secretion. This is explained by the content in it of fatty acids, squalene, irritating the epidermis. Owners of such skin have a hard time, because the reaction in the form of peeling, rash, redness can occur from strong wind or frost, sun, cosmetics. To cope with the problem will help cream for oily sensitive skin of the face, whose task is to settle the work of the sebaceous glands, reduce inflammation, have a bactericidal effect. In order for it to “work,” it must contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids, exfoliating the stratum corneum and accelerating cell renewal processes; alpha-bisobolol - anti-inflammatory component, zinc gluconate, affecting the synthesis of subcutaneous fat, vitamin E - an antioxidant that enhances the protective properties and protects the skin from external influences, various natural ingredients: thermal water, extracts of aloe, ivan tea, chamomile, pumpkin, calendula and etc.

Sunscreen for oily skin

Protecting the face from UV rays is a necessary measure for any skin type. It is also relevant for oily skin. Under the influence of the sun, it loses moisture, the water balance is disturbed, which leads to a more intense release of subcutaneous fat. Sunscreens are characterized by a level of protection, indicated on the package by the abbreviation SPF. Sunlight filtering with SPF 5-15 is weak, intended for use in winter, 20-25 is medium, for a short stay in the sun or a cloudy cool day, from 30 to 50 is a strong level of protection. Using the SPF 50 cream, you can be under the scorching sun for a long time, say on the beach, because 98% of ultraviolet rays are reflected from the skin, not bringing it burns and damage. One of these remedies is a children's cream for oily skin of the BABE Laboratorios series, containing organic, physical, chemical, biological filters, vitamin E. Active components neutralize irritation and moisturize, normalize sebaceous excretions. Extracts of medicinal plants are involved in it: aloe, kalanchoe, chamomile, etc.

Male face cream for oily skin

Male skin is characterized by a large number of sebaceous glands, which is why it is rougher and fatter than female skin. Men are not very worried about this circumstance until pimples and other rashes begin to appear. Skin problems are aggravated by factors such as smoking, alcohol, stress, lack of proper care. Treatments for proper care and recovery include cleansing the skin, acne treatment procedures, moisturizing, with which a men's face cream for oily skin can cope. Its ingredients should be moisturizers: omega-3, -6 unsaturated fatty acids, glycerin, silicone; natural ingredients that have a nourishing and therapeutic anti-inflammatory effect; minerals; vitamins; sunscreen components, after 40 - hyaluronic acid.


Medical cream for oily skin

To combat seborrhea, inflammation, acne and acne, special therapeutic creams for oily skin have been developed, the action of which is aimed at eliminating the very causes of their appearance. You can buy them only at the pharmacy, because these are certified medicinal products whose effectiveness is confirmed by clinical and laboratory tests. Many cosmetic brands have a line of medical creams, one of them is “Girudo Derm” Biokon Ukraine. It uses extracts of medical leeches, green tea, eucalyptus and sage essential oil, azelaic acid, zinc, and triclocarban - antifungal and antibacterial agent.

Dosing and administration

Creams are applied on the skin of the face prepared with the help of cleansing and toning agents. A thin layer of cream is distributed on the massage lines and driven in by light tapping blows of the fingertips. When using foundation, it is best to squeeze out small portions from the tube into four points of the face: chin, cheeks, forehead and shade it over the entire surface using a sponge, sponge, brush or fingers.

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Use Cream for oily skin during pregnancy

Pregnancy can change the condition of the skin: dry it or make it fatter. In any case, it requires care, the main thing is that the cosmetics do not use too active elements, such as salicylic acid, vitamin A, camphor, phytoestrogens (ginseng root, red clover, sage, calendula, arnica, soy, flax), formaldehyde, mineral and essential oils, enzymes, algae, chemical sunscreens. It is best to buy creams in pharmacy chains with a neutral, natural composition without a strong odor, performing basic functions of nutrition and moisturizing, gently caring for the skin. In the winter, it eats in the morning, is moistened at night, in the warm season - on the contrary. Specific skin problems are best addressed after childbirth.

Side effects Cream for oily skin

Even having carefully studied the composition of the cream, it is difficult to foresee the reaction of the skin to it. Possible side effects in the form of allergic manifestations - edema, itching, redness and rash. In this case, you must immediately stop using the tool and take steps to eliminate them, up to and including contacting a dermatologist.


Storage conditions

Only homemade creams are stored in the refrigerator, the rest of the cosmetics does not require special conditions. Creams do not deteriorate at a temperature of + 5- + 25 0 С. As a rule, a spoiled product changes its smell and texture, which is a signal to throw it away.

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Shelf life

On average, the shelf life of creams is 24 months. Each cosmetic product is the date of manufacture and shelf life. When buying a cream, you need to check whether it is suitable for use, whether this period expires, taking into account the time during which they will have to use.


Owners of oily skin are not comforted by the fact that this type of epidermis is not as susceptible to the formation of wrinkles and aging as dry, they want to look good in their youth, not to constantly look in the mirror to powder shiny nose. Their reviews of creams that help to cope with the problem, get rid of luster and defects, disguise irregularities and hide the dull color, indicate a difficult path of trial and error, which had to go. Nevertheless, from a large assortment of oily skin creams, each of the women who responded picked up a product suitable for her.

Top best creams for oily skin

After analyzing consumer reviews, we will try to make a conditional rating of the best creams for oily skin. Among the daytime can be identified:

  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal (note the delicate texture, pleasant smell, perfect moisturizing);
  • Garnier BB Сream Secret of perfection (removes oily shine, hides flaws, evens tone);
  • Natura Siberica (matting, without parabens, inexpensive);
  • TimeWise Mary Kay (anti-aging, well absorbed, has a downward effect on the intensity of fat, matting);
  • Nivea Visage Matte perfection (like lightness, good hydration, matting).

Preference is given to such night creams:

  1. GiGi Vitamin E Night & Lifting (pleasant to use, perfectly nourishes and moisturizes, has a lifting effect);
  2. Clinic Youth Surge Night (thin and gentle composition, copes well with wrinkles, does not form films on the face);
  3. Vichy Normaderm (adds freshness and firmness to the skin, eliminates inflammation and shine);
  4. BELKOSMEX Mirielle (copes with peeling and skin irritation).

Foundation creams:

  • L'Oreal Alliance Perfect;
  • Max Factor FaceFinity 3 in 1;
  • Clinics Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup;
  • Vishy Normateint;
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15;
  • Maybelin Affinitone.


  • Oriflame Sensitive;
  • L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Comfort;
  • Vichy Man Hydra Mag C +;
  • L'Oreal Hydra Energetic Men Expert.


  • Eco Cream Suntan Cream SPF 25;
  • Acne Free Sun Block SPF 60;
  • Clinics City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25;
  • Anna Lotan Barbados Protective Daily Moisturizer SPF 19 .

Oil for oily skin instead of cream

In recent times there has been a tendency to use various oils instead of cream. The benefits of such funds are often told by cosmetologists invited to the studios of TV channels. There is also an opposite opinion, based on the fact that creams are balanced for a specific problem and skin type, which is not found in oils. As for the use of oil for oily skin of the face, there are fears that it can clog the pores of the skin, prevent it from breathing freely, affect the natural fat metabolism, thereby provoking, paradoxically, its dryness. The most reasonable way to apply a point or episodic application without combining with the cream. A good effect on oily skin have nut oils, rapeseed, corn, mustard.


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