Kegel exercises to strengthen muscles

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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You can feel the muscles that need to be strengthened by Kegel exercises in this way. When you commit an act of urination, try to interrupt it. These are the muscles that you strained, and you need to train.

Today than only women are not engaged - go to gyms, are engaged in half-doses, play football, tennis, even doing face-building. But ... Forget about very important muscles for the time being. Charging the muscles of the perineum is as important as swimming, running or swinging the press. This charge exists since the beginning of the forties. It was invented by the gynecologist Arnold Kegel in order for the women to control the muscles of the perineum. His goal was to prevent uncontrolled urination in women (which is a very common problem in women over forty). But over time it became clear that these exercises help to solve other health problems.

Who should do Kegel exercises without fail, necessarily and urgently:

  1. Pregnant women and those who repeatedly and heavily gave birth
  2. Those women who were diagnosed with the first-second degree of omission of the walls of the vagina and uterus.
  3. To those who suffer from incontinence.
  4. Those who want to strengthen intimate muscles and feel a new quality of sexual life.

Now you can go to Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles.

All exercises are divided into three groups - compression, ejection and contraction.

First try to squeeze and unclose the muscles of the perineum, managing the process consciously. And do it the same way as during the interruption of urination. But only to compress muscles it is necessary till three seconds keeping them in the maximal tone. Then it's fashionable to relax. Now the technique of muscle contraction - do the same, but quickly tone-relaxation, tone-relaxation. This should be done at the fastest pace you can do, within a minute to begin. The last series of exercises is pushing out. Women need to repeat what you did at birth - pushing, trying as it were to push something out of the crotch. Try not to go all out, but as long as possible.

This is the three basic exercises Kegel, which you need to master. These exercises will help you, you will not have urination, such as with a strong cough or an unexpected sneeze (many women know these awkward moments). Try to insert a finger into the vagina, and you will feel the force of compression. And understand how much you need to contract muscles. The poses in which you need to be engaged can be different - some manage to do Kegel exercises on the go. At the training, people do the exercises and lying down, and sitting.

First, do each of the above exercises ten times, and repeat the whole cycle, say ... Three times a day. But still, better than five. Five times during the day. Week after week, do the exercises and increase the number of approaches - first up to fifteen times in one approach, then to twenty, then to thirty.

You will very soon feel the difference. Especially it concerns two things - urinary incontinence and .. Sex. You will completely control yourself there and enjoy this control, experiencing new sensations.

Experts recommend to stop on 150 exercises (total of all three types) during the day.

You can imperceptibly do Kegel exercises at any time - in transport, at work during the break. The main thing - do not give up

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