Improvement of sperm quality

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Last reviewed: 19.11.2021

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How can improvement of sperm quality occur and how to achieve it? The fact is that many factors affect ejaculation. It can be both bad habits, so the use of certain drugs.

Negative effects on sperm have an ecology, as well as the presence of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system of men. In any case, the problem should be sought by medical means.

Perfectly affects the quality of semen regular sex life. If a man does not often have sex, then his ejaculate can stagnate and thicken. In this case, the semen contains more seminal fluid than the spermatozoa themselves. This can lead to problems with fertilization. After all, spermatozoa with a large accumulation of them are able to stick together.

Improve the quality of sperm will help vitamins and proper nutrition. Moreover, regular sports activities are also beneficially influenced by it. It is necessary to exclude all negative factors and carefully monitor their own health. In this case, the sperm will be of high quality.

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What is useful for sperm?

Not many men know that it is useful for sperm. So, on this question it is possible to give rather extensive answer. Because almost all affect the positive properties of sperm.

Ecology makes a significant contribution to the whole process. But in this case it is unlikely to be able to do anything. If you include physical exercises in the daily program for recovery, the situation may well be corrected.

Do not forget about proper nutrition. Vitamins can favorably affect sperm. Every day it is recommended to eat cereals and fruits. These two criteria not only have a positive effect on sperm, but also make it qualitative.

It is necessary to have sex more often. In this case, the sperm will not stagnate, and its quality will be much higher. In addition, you need to constantly undergo a medical examination to monitor the overall situation. Naturally, it is desirable to get rid of bad habits, because they negatively affect the ejaculate. If you perform such simple rules, then the sperm will be of high quality.

Vitamins for sperm

Are vitamins useful for sperm, and which ones are worth paying attention to? Scientists have proven that cereals, as well as fruit, can affect the quality of sperm. It is necessary to include them in the daily diet. This will help not only make ejaculate better, but also help with fertilization.

The fact is that the cereal products contain a large number of enzymes, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins B, PP and provitamin A. These components are so necessary for sperm.

So, vitamin B1 is found in beef liver, cereals, bread, pork and egg yolk. Therefore, these products simply need to be consumed. As for vitamin B2, it is quite a lot in dairy products, cereals, bread and spinach. B6 is found in meat, bananas, fish and nuts. B3 can be found in brewer's yeast, fish, cereals, nuts and poultry meat.

All of the above products should be included in the daily diet. It is recommended to use also special vitamin complexes for men's health. Thus, the sperm will be of high quality.

Products for sperm

There are special products for sperm that can improve its quality. The daily diet should include cereals, as well as fruits. They contain many useful vitamins.

It is recommended to eat cereals, especially useful are buckwheat, oats, corn and rice. Naturally, many vitamins are contained in beef, as well as poultry meat.

Preference is also needed for seafood. Especially often it is necessary to eat fish. Positive effect on sperm and spinach. Naturally, not many men love him. But, nevertheless, its use will positively affect the sperm. Bananas and nuts contain vitamin B6, which affects the quality of sperm.

Do not forget about natural products. These include the acid omega 3, L-carnitine, zinc and selenium. So, the first component is in those cells that produce sperm. Therefore, the use of this element will help increase the number of spermatozoa.

L-carnitine, in turn, is a nutrient containing fatty acids. It is they who produce the metabolic energy of the seed. Due to this the concentration, quantity and mobility of spermatozoa improve.

Zinc. The use of this micromineral allows increasing the number of spermatozoa in men, a low level of sperm. But it is necessary to understand that excessive use of this product can lead to a reduction in sperm motility.

Selenium improves sperm motility. The truth is that it does not have a positive effect on all patients. Using all these components, the sperm will become quality and fully ready for fertilization.

Pills for sperm

Is it worth taking pills for sperm and is there a need for it? The fact is that in some cases you can not do without taking medications. But they are appointed only by the attending physician, you can not use medicines on your own.

Such drugs include Spermactin. It contains fumarate, acetyl L-carnitine and fructose. SpermPlant contains L-carnitine L-tartrate, L-arginine, citric acid, nettle extract, fructose and aerosil.

A good preparation is Profertil containing in its composition L-arginine monohydrochloride, folic acid, sodium selenate, vitamin E and other components.

A good remedy for improving the quality of sperm is the phytopreparant Spemann. In its composition there is a powder of the tubers of the orchis masculine, powder of the compassium lettuce seeds, the extract of the roots of argyrite, the powder of the long-leafed asternicum seeds and others.

Tribestan contains a dry extract of Tribulus terrestris. It is worth paying attention to Tenteks forte, as well as Viardot, Verona and Indigalplus. All these preparations perfectly influence quantity and quality of an ejaculate. It is forbidden to take pills. Because the problems can be different, and self-medication can lead to the fact that the sperm will become even worse.

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