Female health and intimate muscle training

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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Along with convenience and comfort, like constant trips by car, a computerized workplace, technical progress has brought - a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition and inferior sleep. As a consequence, the loss of the tone of intimate muscles, stagnation of venous blood in the small pelvis, the omission of organs and dissatisfaction with the sexual life. Maybe that's why the centers for training intimate muscles get incredible popularity?

The headlines of glossy magazines and Internet articles are full of slogans - "Uncover your sexuality", "Improve the quality of your sex life", "Become a unique lover." And how to understand this mass of information, how not to become a victim of false instructors and not to harm your health?

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Opinions of specialists

Gymnastics for intimate muscles was introduced by the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel, who faced the problem of chronic urinary incontinence. In addition to getting rid of an unpleasant syndrome, the developed set of exercises helped improve the quality of women's intimate life.

To date, according to studies, only one in four women have vaginal muscles in their tonus. It is known that only strong muscles are able to give both partners vivid feelings and unforgettable pleasure during sex.

Gynecologists confirm a direct relationship between the elasticity of the vaginal muscles and painless, easy births without breaks. The trained muscles reduce the pain syndrome during menstruation or lead to complete elimination of it, regulate blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis, prolong youth and save from many gynecological diseases.

First steps

Someone prefers to perform special exercises and regularly have sex, which has a favorable effect on mood and women's health. Others ask for help from instructors.

Before the start of training, you need to study the structure of your body. Pay special attention to the muscles of the pelvic floor, abdomen and diaphragm, as well as pelvic bones. Examine yourself. Most ladies have no idea where they have what to do and why all this is needed. And what kind of "beast" such a teacher has no idea. Obtaining anatomical knowledge will help to better represent the principles of training intimate muscles.

At the next stage, examine the breathing of the stomach and diaphragmatic breathing. The ability to share the types of breathing will achieve rapid results in the management of intimate muscles.

If you decide to buy a simulator, be sure to subject it to visual inspection and use your olfactory receptors. Except for jokes. All smooth surfaces should be free from external damage - chips, cracks, potholes. The rubber parts of the simulators can exude a specific smell, but without fanaticism. Carefully consider the attachment points of the nozzles, they should have an aesthetic appearance, without rubber bands from monetary bills, etc.

Consult a gynecologist for infectious diseases, tumors, which are a contraindication for training intimate muscles.

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How not to be mistaken?

Choosing a school for training, you will be the most prepared and competent. Lovely ladies, just do not spray on all sorts of trainings and seminars, where they promise to teach the art of love. Believe in yourself, feel your partner, connect your imagination. All sorts of "highlights" for living together can be gleaned from other sources while preserving your home budget, and most importantly your mental health.

It does not matter what kind of goal you set yourself: the ability to keep intimate muscles of five kilograms, get rid of complexes, become the only mistress for your man, push the climax - the path to achievement lies through working on yourself and training intimate muscles.

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