The symptoms of multiple sclerosis differ depending on the weather

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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29 September 2021, 10:55

The clinical picture in multiple sclerosis manifests itself more clearly with a sharp change in humidity and ambient temperature.

In the body of people suffering from multiple sclerosis , an immune attack of the myelin neural sheath occurs. Myelin separates the directions of neurons and stimulates the conduction of nerve impulses. When myelin is damaged, the impulse conductivity deteriorates, neurons begin to die. Symptoms of the disease are different: in some patients, increased fatigue and deterioration of visual function dominate, while others develop coordination problems or develop urinary incontinence .

Since the causes of the disease have not yet been precisely clarified, experts determine its development by genetic factors and the influence of the environment. Moreover, some of the external factors can not only contribute to the appearance of pathology, but also enhance its clinical manifestations.

Representatives of the University of Miami noted that the signs of multiple sclerosis are more pronounced or weakened by climate change. Scientists examined the medical records of several American hospitals and compared the attendance of patients with multiple sclerosis and the peculiarities of the weather conditions. Changes in temperature, jumps in atmospheric pressure and air humidity were taken into account.

As a result, it was found that the clinical picture of the disease is more pronounced in early spring or late summer, and less intense symptoms are noted in winter. Geographically, the pathology is more often diagnosed in residents of the Pacific Northwest and northeastern United States, as well as in regions with a subtropical climate. With warming, the symptomatology becomes more intense, which can be explained by the appearance of the Uthoff phenomenon: it is believed that this phenomenon is associated with the adverse effect of elevated temperature on the conduction of nerve fibers.

However, in addition to temperature, scientists have found an implication in increased symptoms and high humidity. And the greatest number of visits to doctors was received during periods of sharp temperature changes - for example, when a strong nighttime cold snap was replaced by daytime heat.

Treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis today boils down to eliminating symptoms and establishing control over pathology. Doctors recommend: in addition to the main therapy, it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions in which the patient is staying. Moreover, since the early stages of the development of the disease are often asymptomatic, abrupt climatic changes can give an impetus to the appearance of the first painful signs. To prevent this and delay the development of symptoms, it is necessary to provide a gentle environment for people who have a hereditary predisposition to the formation of multiple sclerosis.

Information provided on the page of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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