Scientists questioned that the female orgasm is a by-product of the evolution of men

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07 September 2011, 21:16

Female orgasm - a real headache, not only for the careless and inept men of the stronger sex. It is no less a problem, albeit in a different sense, it appears to evolutionary biologists. Paradox, but until now no one knows why it is needed. A quick "male" answer - "for pleasure" - does not fit here, and that's why.

In evolution, nothing is given for nothing. And if we experience physiological pleasure from something, then this pleasure has quite practical justification. So, with the "male pleasure" of sex, everything is simple. His, so to speak, reliability and simplicity make a man go into all the sexually-heavy, that is, work on the continuation of the family. In short, male orgasm was really invented "for the sake of life on Earth."

With women it's more difficult. To begin with: some primates simply do not have it (for such offended losers include, for example, female gibbons). In a person, as statistics show, every tenth woman has never experienced orgasmic pleasure, and there is every reason to believe that it's not only and not so much in the sexual qualification of a partner. The growing body of data that the female orgasm is a very unnecessary thing, has forced biologists to reconsider the previous theories on this subject.

Previously, it was believed that orgasm not only helps to strengthen ties in a pair, but also stimulates caring for children, somehow improves the reproductive physiology of a woman and, yes, serves as a measure of a man's skill. But if he really had a serious evolutionary load, he would play a role in reproductive behavior, he would still be more "accessible". In addition, what would be the point in the clitoral orgasm, which can be achieved without the introduction of the penis into the vagina - and therefore without any fertilization? If orgasm works for sex, then sex should work for orgasm.

Doubts related to female orgasm were almost solved in the theory formulated in 2005. It emerged that this is a by-product of male evolution: men received an important and appropriate orgasm for them, and women also got something from this evolutionary process. Similarly, men from women got nipples for the company, which they do not need: they do not feed strong-bodied people.

But, alas, this explanation was not confirmed in the course of further research. Scientists from Queensland University (Australia) published an article in the journal Animal Behavior with data refuting the theory of female orgasm as a by-product of male evolution. The researchers evaluated the relationship between sexual stimulation and orgasm in several thousand pairs of twins. In total, 2,287 pairs of same-sex twins and 1,803 couples of different sexes participated in the experiments. If the female orgasm is attached to the male, then the opposite-sex twins "ability to orgasm" should be the same, in view of the same genetic material.

The assumption was not confirmed. In pairs of same-sex twins, between brother and brother, sister and sister, there was indeed a correlation between frequency, ease and ways to achieve higher sexual pleasure. But there was nothing of the kind in the opposite sex. So it's hardly possible to say that women have the ability to experience orgasm in the form of a nonfunctional "toy" that they inherited from men. On the other hand, in itself such a method of research allows us to doubt the results, because it is based on subjective feelings of participants.

Previously, the same scientists published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine work, which reported that the ability to orgasm in women surprisingly does not correlate with a number of other important signs, including such personal characteristics as the level of neuroticism, extraversion, impulsivity and so on. So the female orgasm, apparently, is destined to embarrass the research minds for a long time. It is possible that this trait was extremely important in the past, but eventually lost its importance, turning into atavism, and now women enjoy only the remnants of their past abilities.

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