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Scientists have investigated the effects of blueberry juice on brain function

2017-03-21 09:00

Scientists have long been interested in the question: how do the foods that a person takes for food, affect the function of the nervous system, the metabolism and brain activity. Clinically, it has been proven that there is a large number of products, the regular use of which benefits the brain, helps improve the process of remembering information and even inhibits the development of age-related changes in brain tissue. Certain products in medical circles received a kind of status - " food for the brain " - they improve the activity of thinking and prevent damage to tissues and nerve cells.

After carrying out numerous experiments, scientists isolated a number of useful components from blueberries, which will undoubtedly benefit active brain activity. The specialists determined the dependence between the regular use of blueberry juice and the frequency of development of mental disorders. For example, people, in the diet which often includes such a drink, as it turned out, less susceptible to mental illness.

Thus, blueberry juice is a very useful drink for those people who seek to improve their intellectual level, or to strengthen memory. It is especially recommended to drink the drink to the elderly, as well as students and intellectuals.

Most often, blueberries are eaten raw, adding them to cereals, cereals, cottage cheese, etc. However, I advise you to pay particular attention to the juice of these berries: it should be drunk without sugar and other additives.

The season of blueberries in our regions is not too long: unfortunately, experts do not explain how best to store juice, and whether it is subject to storage in general. Leading domestic nutritionists support the opinion of scientific experts on the benefits of blueberry juice: they advise in a season of mass gathering of berries to conduct a peculiar curative course of eating blueberries and drinking juice.

For the experiment, the specialists involved 26 participants aged 65 to 77 years. Regularly, every day, they should use blueberry juice. Participants were divided into two groups: representatives of the first group of 12 people were to drink at least 30 ml of juice in the form of concentrate (which equates to eating 230 g of berries), and the participants in the second group received artificial blueberry juice, which acted as a "dummy" . Three months later, the scientists summed up the experiment. It was found that in those people who daily consumed the proposed amount of drink, the intellectual activity was significantly higher than those who drank a "placebo", or did not drink juice at all.

Scientists are sure that the activity of the brain decreases with age only because this leads to the wrong way of life of most people. If you make adjustments to food by adding vegetarian food to the diet - and especially blueberries - then you can keep the cognitive function of the brain to a very old age.

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