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Over the last century people have changed a lot

2017-03-14 09:00

Scientists studying the evolutionary changes of mankind, noticed that during the last century people changed radically.

In the course of the current evolution and as a result of the impact of various factors, the human body is constantly changing. Especially noticeable became its changes over the past hundred years. Scientists believe that such rapid changes are caused, first of all, by improvement of living conditions, a variety of nutrition, and an increase in the level of medical care.

Specialists identify the following series of major changes:

  1. The person became taller.

A recent experiment showed that in successfully developing countries the population has become higher. For example, previously the highest Americans were considered: their average growth was 1 m 77 cm. To date, this record was "beaten" by the Dutch - 1 m 85 cm.

However, while in countries where wars or epidemics were recorded, the average growth rate fell periodically.

  1. The man began to weigh more.

Since the seventies of the last century, scientists have analyzed the dynamics of the physical development of the Maya population living in the regions of Mexico, North America and Guatemala. It was found that over time the weight of children and young people increased, and many even developed obesity.

In further studies, a similar trend was found in the general population of the Earth. For example, as early as 2013, almost 30% of the world's population suffered from excessive body weight. Several factors immediately became the cause of this: hypodynamia, overeating, the growing activity of a viral infection.

  1. The man began to live longer.

According to statistics of the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy on the planet has increased, and is now about 70 years. Scientists suggest that in 10-15 years this indicator will reach 80-85 years.

In addition, it was found that humanity not only began to live longer: people began to die from other diseases than before. In recent years, the number of deaths from autoimmune pathologies, multiple sclerosis, diabetes has increased.

  1. The man became more stupid.

To the great regret of specialists, it was found that the intellectual level of modern people fell to fourteen positions, compared with people who lived at the beginning of the last century. Most likely, this is due not to the level of education, but to the growth of scientific and technological progress and the creation of better living conditions than a century ago. Simply put, a person has become more lazy, he no longer has such a desire to learn or discover something new.

Experts note that a small percentage of the population, on the contrary, "wiser" - but this does not significantly change the overall statistical indicators.

What does humanity expect for the next hundred years, given how fast the technologies enter our life?

Scientists express substantial concerns that further evolutionary development will be determined by genetic engineering. Nanotechnology, plastic surgery and modern pharmacology will be able to radically affect human life, which will contribute to the emergence of new changes.

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 16.05.2018

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