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Medicines containing calcium increase the risk of stroke

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Last reviewed: 23.11.2021

Millions of Britons who drink tablets to increase the strength of bones are seriously threatened. Doctors say that calcium intake should be strictly metered and only when it is really necessary. Studies have shown that people who regularly take calcium- containing tablets increase the risk of heart disease by 86%. They are more than twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack than those who did not take supplements at all.

However, scientists say that there is no point in increasing the intake of food with a high calcium content. This also increases the risk of strokes. According to Professor Sabina Rohmann of the University of Zurich, if an increase in calcium intake from food can not give a significant burden to the cardiovascular system, then calcium tablets should be consumed only under the supervision of a doctor.

In addition, Professor Ian Reed and his colleague Mark Bolland of the University of Auckland in New Zealand argue that today the safety of calcium tablets is being questioned and is getting under close scrutiny. "Doctors all over the world are prescribing calcium for patients on the grounds that it is natural, and therefore safe, so why not increase the number of bones by it," they say.

Scientists write about previous studies, which gave rise to talk about the fact that due to calcium consumption there are such diseases as obesity, diabetes and stroke. Now it is already proved that it affects the arteries of the body.

Doctors believe that most people do not need to take calcium in tablets. It is enough, for example, in dairy products. It would be good to also keep to a diet.

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