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Journey to the Earth's core will soon become a reality

2017-03-17 09:00

A few decades ago, it was possible to read about travels to the center of the Earth only in the books of science fiction writers. However, soon scientists plan to go to such a voyage.

Specialists of the oceanographers, representing the National British Center of the University of Southampton, set themselves the goal of organizing a unique excursion to the earthly center. To do this, scientists are presumably using the Japanese underwater drilling machine "Tikyu" (translated from Japanese as a "route").

Travel is planned not just out of curiosity: experts need to analyze the structure and condition of a crack in the earth's crust, which last year caused a devastating earthquake Tohoku. Scientists will pay attention to the presence of cause-effect relationships with this phenomenon, and will also collect indicators for subsequent experiments - for example, to study the Earth's evolution and structural features of the planet.

Inside the Earth, experts can discover many secrets that you could only guess about earlier. So, it is possible that new unique types of bacteria that can live and develop at high temperatures will be discovered.

British geologists-researchers note that the earth's mantle, which represents almost 70% of the total mass of the planet, is still almost unexplored. This opinion was also confirmed by Dr. Damon Teagley: "During the entire period of the Earth's study, scientists did not receive a single pure sample of subsoil. I really want the situation to change. "

To pave the way deep into the Earth, geologists suggest releasing a special tool in the form of a drill and a drill that can withstand the highest possible temperature and extremely high pressure. Those tools that scientists used earlier were too fragile and fragile, and failed after fifty hours of work. For this reason, experts have so far managed to pass only an incomplete third of the intended path.

The material side of this issue is planned to be solved already this year: it is assumed that the estimated cost of such a "journey" will be one billion dollars. The overall implementation of the project is planned for 2030.

Previously it was believed that it was impossible to implement such a project categorically, because the earth's mantle is a giant layer, which has a thickness of approximately three thousand kilometers, which has extremely high temperature (about four thousand degrees Celsius) and colossal pressure. The pressure inside the planet is so high that the particles of substances are maximally compressed and stationary. However, the present unsolved mysteries and secrets of the structural formation of our planet make scientists make more efforts for new discoveries. And the planned experiment with a journey deep into the Earth gives hope that humanity will once again prove: the impossible is possible.

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