After 30 years, humanity can be destroyed

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27 September 2019, 09:00

Regular measurements of thermal indicators on Earth demonstrate that the planet continues to accumulate heat in itself: thus, global warming continues and even accelerates, and its pace does not allow us to think about positive trends.

A team of independent experts from Australia, which has been dealing with global climate change for five years, voiced unfavorable information. It talks about the imminent prospects for people in the next 30 years. According to the authors of the work - and these include prominent scientists, public figures and politicians - humanity is on the verge of self-destruction. In this case, the critical point may be the year 2050.

Scientists insist on the only way to prevent the destruction of civilization. But for this we need to mobilize everyone to correct climate change on our planet.

The keynote speaker was the former Australian defense secretary, former Admiral Chris Barry, who is known as an active advocate for natural resources. He believes that climate change in three decades will lead to severe negative consequences that are difficult to predict in advance, since humanity has not yet encountered such large-scale violations.

According to scientists, if global warming does not slow down its growth rate, then very soon the changes will become irreversible. As a result, key ecological systems will collapse, including a system of reefs, rainforests, the Amazon and Africa.

The results will be disastrous. Billions of the world's inhabitants will have to change their place of residence, there will be a shortage of water supply, and many regions will no longer be suitable for life. Agriculture will become impossible, interruptions in the supply of food products will appear.

The authors of the study insist that the point of no return has already been practically reached: the normal biosphere is rapidly collapsing. “Exceeding the global temperature by just a couple of degrees will already lead to the need to resettle a huge number of people. And if warming is even more rapid, the scale of destruction will become even more terrible. You probably have to talk about the absolute finish of civilization, ”experts say.

What can help prevent a catastrophe? According to scientists, it is urgent to mobilize the efforts of the entire community of the planet, to direct them to the inhibition of the global warming process. Researchers compare the current situation with the one that took place during the Second World War. True, today the issue is to withstand emissions of greenhouse gases into the world’s atmosphere, as well as to restore the planet’s climate.

The report document can be read at docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/148cb0_a1406e0143ac4c469196d3003bc1e687.pdf

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