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Admission of a new drug will delay the aging

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 05.10.2018
2018-08-14 09:00

It has long been proven that moderation in the caloric content of the diet helps to slow down the development of age processes. However, specialists do not recommend starvation for slowing aging, this may pose a danger to human health.
A new study showed that prolonged moderate consumption of food significantly prolongs the life span.

The experiment continued: specialists representing the University of Colorado found that the systematic use of the drug Nicotinamide ribozin helps to simulate the process of starvation and slow down the age-related changes in the heart and blood vessels.
According to scientists, the new anti-aging agent also effectively fights with high blood pressure and allows to maintain the elasticity of the vascular system.
"This is still the only experiment that fully allowed to study nicotinamide ribozin and its effect in the long run. The drug is well tolerated and includes the same biological mechanisms in the body as the moderation in caloric content, "explains Dr. Doug Sils.
Testing was carried out on 24 volunteers, whose average age fluctuated within 55-79 years. All participants were healthy and did not have weight problems.
One part of the volunteers received a placebo for one and a half months, after which they were given Nicotinamide ribozide chloride - 500 mg in the morning and in the evening. The second part of the participants, on the contrary, was first given nicotinamide, and then transferred to a placebo. As a result, it was found that the drug actually stopped the processes of cell aging.
"The bottom line is that the treatment with a new medicine causes a recovery of what is lost with age, and also activates the enzymes responsible for anti-stress protection," the scientists say.
It was found that more than ten participants suffering from increased blood pressure, the systolic pressure decreased by about 10 mm against the background of the drug. This effect is equivalent to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease by a quarter.
A major clinical trial of nicotinamide ribozide is being announced shortly. There is a high probability that the drug will later be used as a powerful preventive anti-aging agent.
"It is noteworthy that such an imitation of calorie reduction can be an excellent alternative to dietary nutrition, which is recommended for patients suffering from excessive weight and hypertension. A diet without a diet - it will be able to give our drug ", experts are sure.
To date, permission has already been obtained for a new test. In addition, scientists plan to test Nicotinamide ribozide on patients with minor cognitive disorders. The research project is funded by the US National Institute of Health and the National Federation, which studies the aging of the body.
Information about the study is presented on the pages of the periodical Nature Communications.

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