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11 October 2012, 10:44

We have been taught to order from the very childhood, however, it is not always possible to maintain everything in an ideal condition, and there come times when we have to sort out entire blockages, spending a huge amount of time on it. If there is nowhere to delay the liquidation of the disorder, then take yourself in hand and with our help guide the army in all the cabinets and cabinets.

We start with a purse and bags

If you look into the women's handbag, you can find there a million useful and two million worthless things, which, however, always always carry with them. That's why a miniature handbag sometimes weighs like a bag of potatoes. First, open the purse and sort out unnecessary business cards, receipts and finally get rid of last year's shopping lists. All this paper vanity multiplies in geometric progression, only taking up space. It is advisable to do this procedure at least once a week.

"Clean-up" the desktop

order in the house

If you look at your desktop, you will find that it is collecting dust of various documents of unknown origin that wait until they are engaged. Select the necessary paper and put it in the desk drawer. Do not occupy your workspace and get rid of the habit of laying on the table dust collectors lying idle for six months.

Revision of kitchen cabinets

For greater convenience, highlight those jars and trays that you use constantly. Frying pans, pots and scoops that are used very rarely are best put away so that they do not interfere.


If you open a closet in anticipation that now some blouse will fall to your feet, then it's time to deal with this once and for all. First of all, sort things by the seasons. Summer light skirts have nothing to do next to warm sweaters and sweaters. Then reconsider the things that you wear least and put them back in the closet. You can also hang and arrange things by colors.

To each thing is a separate place

If you have a habit of hurrying up everything that you did not manage to put into one box, then this habit should be eradicated. Everything should be put in its place, and when everything is order, then you do not want to throw everything into a big heap.

Order in the cosmetic bag

order in the house

A similar situation with the bag. If you unscrew the entire contents of a woman's cosmetic bag, you can find anything you like. So, step one - do it. When a pile of cosmetics is on the table, select what you use most often and do not forget to check the expiration dates of cosmetics that could be stale. If you find anything late, immediately dispose of, because it can not be used to prevent harm to health.

Storage of small items

order in the house

Keys, umbrellas, goggles and other small items, as well as accessories, should have their place, so that in the morning they do not rush about in nervous haste in search of keys placed somewhere.

We hope that our advice will help you in the difficult struggle with disorder!

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