10 tips for young moms

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24 October 2012, 17:52

The first year of motherhood is sleepless nights and at the same time a great joy, as well as numerous tips from relatives, pediatricians and friends, how to take care of a child, what to do and what not to do. It can simply confuse the young mother, it is not clear what recommendations are useful, and which one should not be followed. Help to understand this situation decided the same young mothers who participated in the survey and answered questions, and interested in all pregnant women. We represent the top 10 tips of women who have already become mothers and have experienced all the joy of motherhood.

Do not compare yourself with other moms

We often see young mothers strolling with strollers. Women share useful information and advice with each other. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this and getting advice from the person who has already come across the problem you are interested in is very useful. However, do not do everything possible to match up with someone. All people are different and everyone has their own approach to education.

Trust your instincts

Surely you have already learned a lot of useful tips from books on child care, where, for example, it is recommended not to take the child in his arms, if he cried so as not to spoil him. However, if you feel that your soul is out of place, when the child cries, then give up all these recommendations and follow your instincts.

Do not buy too many things

Undoubtedly, it's very pleasant to be engaged in shopping, especially when you choose tiny sliders, ryoshonki and hats. However, mothers with experience say that a huge amount of things for a newborn will only settle in closets, because a child grows quickly, and many things do not even have time to try on it. Therefore, be prudent, do not buy children's things with suitcases.

Keep calm

Calm mother - calm baby. Less nervous, because the child is fine and upset with you. Take care of your child's nerves and your own.

Do not forget about your husband

If before the spouse got all your attention and love, then with the birth of the child, many women sharply change the landmark and switch to the child. Try not to infringe your husband, because this can negatively affect your relationship. Also young moms advise not to forget about yourself. Give time to your appearance, because you are not only a caring mother, but also a beautiful young woman.

Daily regime

At observance of a mode the kid does not require additional calm, at it or him already about one year the requirement for meal and a dream in certain hours is developed. And the time of waking gradually increases in the afternoon, and sleep - at night.

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Enjoy the time

Enjoy the minutes spent with the children, after all the time will come when they will grow up, and you again want to feel those moments of happiness when the children were very crumbs.

Do not try to be a supermam

Do not ask yourself too much, because you are not iron. Raising children is a long and thorny road and if you do not have time, the child will not love you because of this less.

Patience and again patience

Sometimes it is difficult to be patient, especially if you are a young mother. Take care of your nerves and become less nervous, because there are no desperate situations, and experience comes with time.


The best thing parents can do to educate their child is to read. Do not just buy children's books with beautiful pictures, but show him an interesting world of fairy tales, slowly instilling a love for literature.

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