Warming Foot Creams

Keep your feet warm - our ancestors said, and for good reason. Because if the heat is in your feet, then the whole body is comfortable. Without warming your feet, you can not even fall asleep, and you will soak your feet - your throat does not work, and the cold starts, and the temperature rises. So you need to protect your feet more than your own eyes. A warming foot cream is created for those who have little leather shoes and woolen socks to feel comfortable in winter in any weather.

Indications of the warming creams for feet

Indications for the use of warming feet creams:

  • violation of local blood circulation;
  • cold feet syndrome;
  • freezing of legs in the cold;
  • for the prevention of colds;
  • for warming massage;
  • for self-massage and daily care;
  • To relieve tension after sports and hard work;
  • to eliminate the consequences of the constant wearing of shoes with high heels.

Along the way, many creams eliminate fatigue, pain, edema, prevent varicose veins and mycosis, normalize sweating, fully take care of the skin of the feet.

The warming creams for the feet are good for those who do not like to do or feel the effect of hot baths and other warming procedures. Having scrubbed your feet with cream, you can risk walking without walking outside, lying in bed or doing household chores. Some of the creams simultaneously relieve fatigue and pain in the legs.

Release form

In the names of warming creams for the feet, the keyword "warming" prevails. And in most creams the active ingredient is the extract of chilli pepper. Other natural substances with a warming effect - mustard, ginger, bee venom, snake venom. Examples of creams:

  • "Warming" with the extract of red pepper from Elf;
  • Warming massage Elf;
  • Warming "Home Doctor";
  • VELENA cream-balm;
  • "Kalina";
  • TianDe;
  • "5 days" GalenoPharm;
  • "Green pharmacy" with a warming effect with red pepper;
  • Bema cosmetics warming with ginger;
  • Balea Warmende Fusscreme Germany;
  • "Shungite" from Fratti NV;
  • Carniva Ayurvedic;
  • "Winter escape from cold" Biocon.

A warming foot cream with pepper

Why red pepper is used as the main ingredient of warming creams - for the feet, as well as for the body, used in myositis, arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases? Because, firstly, the extract of pepper, along with bee and snake venom, has the strongest burning qualities. Secondly, these substances increase the insight of small vessels, and hence, the penetration of the cream into the skin. In contrast, methyl salicylate, also used in the formulation, has milder properties.

  • A sharp red vegetable has long been used in medicine of different peoples. Avicenna also wrote about the effectiveness of chilli pepper with strong fatigue, nervous exhaustion, abscesses, muscle and joint pain. And eastern healers fresh vegetable applied directly to the muscles that are experiencing pain after physical overload.

The improvement was due to a strong irritating and distracting action, an improvement in blood flow, the removal of inflammatory phenomena. Even the smell of pepper, believe in the East, soothes and relieves stress.

A warming foot cream with pepper of Ukrainian origin ("Home Doctor") was created specifically to eliminate the so-called cold feet effect. Suitable for massage, and as an independent tool.

The main active ingredient is extracting hot pepper. Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, increases skin tone, reduces pain in muscle tissues and joints. The extract of pepper provides a long warming effect, eliminates stress. Moisturizing and nourishing actions have additional components, in particular, coconut oil. With the constant application of the warming cream for the feet, the skin returns smoothness and softness.

An obligatory condition for effective warming is the donning of woolen socks, preferably warmer.

  • The warming gel for feet with an extract of red pepper from "Kalina" works instantly. And not only on the feet, but also in other points of the body and organs that need to be warmed or warmed: the muscles of the back, hands. The main thing - after applying a warmed place. The gel is not washed off immediately and continues to warm the skin even the next day.

The cream of the "5 days" series of the DIA GalenoPharm line is created for the skin of people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Their skin is dry and sensitive, legs often freeze due to impaired blood circulation. Contains extracts of pepper, arnica, St. John's wort, yarrow, essential oils and other ingredients useful to the skin.

The cream warms the feet as a result of influx and acceleration of blood circulation. Has antiseptic, antimycotic, anti-inflammatory effects, softens and moisturizes the feet.

There are Ayurvedic products created according to the original ancient recipes of Indian medicine. Brand Carnival Medic successfully combines such formulas with the achievements of modern cosmetology.

Cream with pepper extract, rosemary and sesame oils Carniva performs both warming and additional functions. Contains only natural ingredients; It is recommended for disorders of blood circulation of various etiologies, for removing evening fatigue after heels and playing sports.

Children's warming foot cream

Children's warming creams for feet do not contain synthetic and harmful ingredients, are able to act gently, quickly and permanently warm the legs, caring carefully for the skin. They are used before walking in the season of acute respiratory infections, for warming and preventing colds, for comfort before bedtime, for massaging cold feet.

The warming cream for the feet "Northern Teddy Bear" Little Siberica meets these requirements, and is also used for massage.

  • Cosmetologists have created a product based on two active ingredients: fir oil and cedar milk. They claim that the "Bear" is tested at 50-degree frosts and is able to effectively warm small feet after long walks in the winter cold.

Organic oil warms up, stimulating the blood supply of tissues; thanks to this heat soon spreads throughout the body. Milk of cedar cares for a gentle and whimsical baby skin. Cream-rubbing before applying to the skin pre-rubbed in the palms. Recommended for children from 3 years.

Specially adapted for the sensitive skin of children is the warming product of the brand "Our Mother". It is developed on natural badger fat, deeply and permanently heats the tissues, gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. The cream should be rubbed with massaging movements to prevent colds and accelerate the recovery of babies from 3 months of age. On the legs warmed with cream it is necessary to put on warm socks.


Active components of warming foot creams have a local irritant effect, stimulate vasodilation, blood flow, metabolism, remove pain syndromes in muscles and joints. In particular, in acute pepper, such a component is capsaicin.

Additional components soften, nourish, heal the skin, make it tender and smooth. Pharmacodynamics is not described in more detail.


The warming creams for the feet are not able to significantly affect the state of the body, so do not pose a danger. Perhaps, because of this information about the study of their pharmacokinetics, there is practically no.

It is known that capsaicin, when applied externally, penetrates into the systemic blood stream in small amounts.

Active components of snake venom are converted into the liver and excreted in the urine.

Use of the warming creams for feet during pregnancy

Use of warming creams for legs during pregnancy without special need and doctor's recommendation is undesirable. The fact is that the flow of blood to the legs means its outflow from the placenta, and this can be dangerous. In addition, some components of warming ointments can penetrate the placenta and affect the fetus.

If the doctor still does not mind, first, you need to test the product for sensitivity. It is believed that the safest for pregnant women are creams and ointments, in the formulas of which contain snake or bee venom, taking into account allergic risks in the anamnesis.

In the absence of allergy symptoms, the warming foot cream can be gently applied to the skin, following the instructions and all precautions.


Contraindications to the use of warming foot creams:

  • individual intolerance of components;
  • cracks and wounds on the soles of the feet;
  • pregnancy;
  • fungal skin diseases;
  • eczema, dermatitis;
  • open wounds and fresh injuries;
  • stretching muscles and ligaments.

Side effects of the warming creams for feet

It turns out that side effects can be pleasant. For example, the above-described home warming cream for feet parallel to cares for the skin, heals microcracks, deodorizes and destroys bacteria. The same additional properties are possessed by many heating products of industrial manufacture.

If to speak about negative effects, they can be caused by intolerance of separate substances, by incorrect application or an overdose of warming creams for feet. In the first case, there are allergy symptoms, in others - the symptoms of a local burn: severe burning, redness, irritation, swelling. In such cases, the application is stopped, the lubricated areas are washed with cold water. Another way to reduce pain is to smear the affected area with petroleum jelly.

Usually these phenomena disappear soon. If the allergic reaction or other discomfort continues to bother, do not resort to self-treatment, but it is better to contact a dermatologist.

If you accidentally get on the mucous membrane, the cream causes burning and pain, and into the stomach - intoxication.

Dosing and administration

The warming creams for the feet are applied lightly on clean, dry feet. To accelerate and enhance the effect it is desirable to put on socks after applying.

Otherwise, the methods of applying warming foot creams may differ.

  • When combined with a massage, apply and massage begin with the fingers, with the transition to the ankle and feet.
  • In the cold season, it is useful to use drugs when leaving the house for a walk or business. Some creams are recommended to be applied several times a day.
  • Do not use for cracks and damage to the skin of the feet.

Use only externally. After the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly so that the cream remains unintentional in the eyes. If this trouble happens, rinse the mucous membrane with water.


Overdosing can be associated with applying too much warming cream for the feet, or too often lubricating the feet. If in the literal sense of "dopeklo", try to remove the remnants of something greasy - Vaseline, baby cream, olive oil, treat the affected area with a drug called panthenol.

Interactions with other drugs

Medicinal interaction with other preparations of warming creams for legs is not established.

Storage conditions

To keep the foot cream warmer, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for storage conditions. This is a clean dry place, closed packaging, the temperature is up to 25 degrees. Creams do not like direct sun. In connection with the burning, it is especially important not to allow children or pets to keep their cosmetics.

Shelf life

The average shelf life of warming foot creams is 2 years. Packaged in aluminum tubes are stored for 3 years, which is explained by better conditions. The tube of metal inside is covered with a special protective layer, the cap is tightly screwed in, and when using the inside, air is not sucked in, which is actually the main cause of oxidation of the product.

How to make a warming foot cream at home?

Advantages of home cosmetics are known: guaranteed quality and freshness of ingredients, the lack of preservatives, the trust in time-tested recipes and the opportunity during the creative process to create your own masterpiece. After all, many scientific discoveries were made by trial and error, unique pharmaceutical, culinary and cosmetic recipes were created.

Lovers of doing everything with their own hands for sure like the idea of how to make a warming foot cream at home. The recipes use the usual improvised components: cloves, pepper, mustard, ginger.

One of the simple recipes for warming cream-balm for the feet consists of wax (1 g) and vegetable oils in the proportion: macadam 10 ml, almond 15 ml, clove 10 g, cocoa 1, 5 g.

  • The oils are added to the wax heated on a water bath and mixed. After waiting for cooling, the essential oil drips and mix again. In the fridge, it lasts up to six months.

The second recipe is more complicated. As a heating ingredient, macerate (infusion) of a mixture of different peppers is used, which is 10% of the amount, and the essential oil of black pepper (10 c. Per 50 g). Oil and grapefruit wax for 5% are used for disinfection, shea butter, hazelnut, cocoa (50, 10, 20% respectively) - for softening and regeneration.

The basic ingredients are melted in a water bath and immediately poured into a clean jar. To prevent grains formed by shea butter, the mixture is re-mixed. After cooling to 30 degrees, add the essential oil of black pepper and, for example, lime.

Balm is used at night, spreading your feet under your toes. It's nice to warm, but does not burn.


Women often get cold feet and look for ways to warm themselves in any way. Therefore, most reviews on warming foot creams are positive. So, good grades are exposed to inexpensive and high-quality cream "Home Doctor" with pepper extract.

Women also experimentally investigated that leg creams work effectively on the rest of the body: hands, back, muscles.

There are subjective opinions about fragrances, for example, conifers, which have some creams ("Northern Bear" for children). One it seems unobtrusive, the other decisively does not like. As you can see from the reviews, children's warming creams, leg warmers are actively used by moms and other adult family members.

Cold feet can be easily warmed. And it's even easier not to allow freezing of feet, ankles, and from them - the whole body. It is enough to choose a good warming cream for the feet. The use of such creams in the autumn-winter period is a reliable prevention of seasonal colds.

It is important to know!

In the treatment of walking disorders, measures aimed at treating the underlying disease are crucial. It is important to identify and correct all additional factors that can affect walking, including orthopedic disorders, chronic pain syndromes, affective disorders. Read more..

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