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Urolesan for cystitis in women and men

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Last reviewed: 23.11.2021

It happens that, for various reasons, there is a dysfunction of the bladder, accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urge to urinate, cramps, general malaise, and sometimes fever. This condition is provoked by inflammation of the mucous organ and requires immediate treatment. One of the effective means of combating cystitis is the combined herbal preparation urolesan. [1]

ATC classification

G04BC Препараты для лечения нефроуролитиаза

Indications Urolesana for cystitis

Cystitis is of a  different nature: infectious, caused by various bacteria and viruses, and non-infectious, resulting from hormonal disorders, injuries, allergies, taking medications, pregnancy, frequent sex, old age, etc.

Urolesan is indicated for use both in the case of an acute course of pathology and chronic inflammation of the bladder, the transition to this form often occurs when infected with pathogenic microflora.

The drug is used for the treatment of  pyelonephritis , with impaired motility of the biliary tract, urinary and gallstone disease, chronic inflammation of the walls of the gallbladder.

It is also advisable to resort to it to prevent the development of cystitis and the formation of insoluble salts that form stones. [2]

Release form

Urolesan comes in the form of:

  • drops that have a mint smell, a greenish-brown tone;
  • capsules made of hard gelatin, oval, green;
  • syrups  -  yellowish-green liquid with a mint aroma.


The therapeutic properties Urolesan determined by its vegetative composition: oils fir (effect on pathogenic bacteria),  [3] peppermint (relaxes smooth muscles of inner organs, promotes the release of bile),  [4] extracts of hops (a diuretic, anticonvulsant, analgesic effect)  [5],  [6],  [7] fruit wild carrot ( relieves spasms, dissolves salts), a liquid extract of the herb oregano (diuretic)  [8],  [9]and castor oil. [10], [11]

Together, these components help relieve the inflammatory process, accelerate the excretion of bile and urine from the body, release sand and small stones (no more than 3 mm) from the kidneys and gallbladder, and stimulate blood circulation in these organs. [12]


Urolesan begins to act in half an hour after taking. The duration of its influence is up to 5 hours, the maximum effect is achieved after 1-2 hours. It is excreted by the digestive organs, kidneys.

Use Urolesana for cystitis during pregnancy

The effect of the drug on the body has not been studied on pregnant and lactating women, therefore, the possibility of its use at this time should be discussed with a doctor. The potential threat to the life of the expectant mother in the eyes of doctors always outweighs the risk to the fetus.


A urological agent is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to compound, gastritis, except for those accompanied by low acidity, peptic ulcer disease. When using syrups, diabetics need to take into account that they contain sugar, which can increase blood glucose levels. They also need to be taken with caution by patients with bronchial asthma, since there is a risk of bronchospasm.

Side effects Urolesana for cystitis

Urolesan is most often easily tolerated without consequences. Among the rare side effects, nausea, vomiting, allergic manifestations are possible: urticaria, itching, edema. Blood pressure may also fluctuate, headache, dizziness, bradycardia, tremors, and general weakness.

Dosing and administration

A single dose of urolesan in drops for children 7-14 years old is 5-6, dripped on sugar, you can take bread (important for diabetes mellitus), for adults - 8-10 drops.

The syrup is suitable for small children: at the age of 2-7 years, you should give 2-4 ml, 7-14 years old - 4-5 ml, for older children and adults - a small spoon (5 ml), be sure to shake before use. The capsules should be drunk one at a time.

To relieve renal and hepatic colic, an increase in the usual rate of urolesan by 2 times is allowed.

The drug is taken before meals with a frequency of 3 times a day for a course of 5-7 days, a chronic disease requires more prolonged therapy and can take up to a month.

  • Application for children

For the treatment of young children, syrup is suitable, it is recommended for use from 2 years old, from 7 years old drops are allowed, and after 14 years - capsules.

Urolesan can harm those children who have seizures, so parents should talk about this to the doctor.


In case of an overdose, symptoms inherent in poisoning may appear: nausea, weakness, dizziness. Measures usually used for intoxication will help to remove them: drinking plenty of water, activated carbon .

Interactions with other drugs

The interaction of urolesan with other drugs has not been studied.

Storage conditions

The drug is stored in a place not accessible to babies, not exposed to direct sunlight, at a temperature not exceeding + 25 ° C. The opened syrup is usable for 4 weeks, all this time it should be in the refrigerator.

Shelf life

Drops and syrup are stored for 2 years, capsules  -  3 years.


There are many analogues in urolesan in terms of basic chemical and structural properties. These are such drugs:

  • kanefron  - available in the form of tablets, drops. It is made from extracts of medicinal herbs: centaury, rosemary, lovage root;
  • cyston  - tablets, combining various biologically active herbs and chemical elements, the drug not only relieves inflammation, spasm, but also dissolves stones, is a good diuretic;
  • phytolysin  - sold in the form of a paste for preparing a suspension, has a pronounced antimicrobial, analgesic, diuretic effect. Many herbs are used in it, including onion husks, birch leaves, parsley roots, field horsetail, bird knotweed, oils of many plants.


Herbal urological preparations, according to many reviews, have a real therapeutic effect: relieves pain, reduces urge to use the toilet, and shortens the recovery period. Urolesan is very often prescribed by doctors for cystitis and other problems of the urinary system, since they are confident in its therapeutic effect, they have made sure of this in their practice.

Pharmacological group

Диуретическое средство растительного происхождения
Желчегонные средства и препараты жёлчи
Спазмолитические средства

Pharmachologic effect

Спазмолитические препараты


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