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Ultrasound of the liver

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Last reviewed: 24.06.2018

Currently, liver ultrasound is the most commonly used method in hepatology.

Who to contact?

Where to make ultrasound of the liver?

Where to make ultrasound of the liver and what methods are included in the complex of diagnostics of hepatological diseases, we will consider these questions. Ultrasound examination of the liver is aimed at identifying benign and malignant neoplasms, analyzing the tests, with suspicions of parasites, abscesses or with injuries of the abdominal cavity. Diagnosis is necessary to control the course of treatment of the disease and as a preventive checkup.

Ultrasound examination of the liver requires special preparation. Before the procedure, you must follow a diet, so that in the intestine there is no accumulation of gases. Examination is carried out on an empty stomach, usually in the morning. In some cases, patients are prescribed an enema the day before the ultrasound. The information value of ultrasound scanning is high, therefore it can rightly be considered a decisive factor in the diagnosis.


  • Clinic "Optima-Farm" - st. Solomenskaya, 33, tel. (044) 275-41-99.
  • Medical Clinic Oxford Medical - ul. Pavlovskaya, 26/41, tel. (044) 204-40-40.
  • Diagnostic Center "Alfa-Vita" - Lane Nesterovskiy, 13/19, tel. (044) 272-01-79.
  • Family medicine outpatient clinic "Julia" - ul. The Autumn, 33.
  • The network of medical clinics "Viva" - ul. Lavrukhina, 6, tel. (044) 238-20-20.


  • Clinic "Dobromed" - st. Greater Cherkizovsky, 32/1.
  • "Grand Clinic" - Gusyatnikov Lane, 13/3.
  • Medical center "Ginmed" - Golovinskoe highway, 8/3.
  • Medical Center "Grandchildren of Hippocrates" - st. Ground shaft, 20.
  • Medical Center "Medkollegiya" - st. Azov, 9/2.

St. Petersburg:

  • SM-Clinic - Udarnikov Avenue, 19/1, tel. (812) 424-48-95.
  • ММЦ "Union Clinic" - st. Marata, 69/71, tel. (812) 424-15-83.
  • Clinic "Aymed" - st. Stakhanovtsev, 13, tel. (812) 389-20-16.
  • Medical Center "Longevity" - lane Krestyansky, 4, tel. (812) 424-19-15.
  • Ultrasound "21st century +" - Stachek Avenue, 37/211, tel. (812) 389-22-35.

The basis of Doppler ultrasound of the liver is the determination of the velocity and direction of blood flow in the vessel by the difference between the frequency of the ultrasound signal emitted by the sensor and the frequency of the echo reflected from the vessel. In pediatric practice, the method is used to determine blood flow in the portal vein system and the presence of porto-caval anastomoses, which allows to diagnose portal hypertension, including in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. In addition, the Doppler study is used to assess the sufficiency of hepatic and porto-caval vascularization both in the recipient and in the liver transplant.

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