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Treatment of psoriasis at the initial stage

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

At the initial stage, psoriasis is distinguished by the appearance of small papular plaques. Such papules are always distinguished by a shiny and smooth surface, and also have a pinkish hue. Only a couple of days later they will cover with a silvery film and become scales that can be easily removed. In this case, new papules begin to appear again.

If you start the right treatment at the first stage of this pathology, then the therapy passes more successfully, and the positive result comes faster.

Since the specialists still can not figure out why the psoriatic plaques develop, the treatment of this disease even at the first stages is very far from ideal. As a rule, at this stage the doctor can prescribe to the patient various medications, in the composition of which there is tar, naftalan oil, synthetic retinoids. To moisturize the skin, various cosmetic products are often used, including creams for moisturizing. They are applied, usually after taking a bath.

Thanks to the use of such drugs, the following parameters are observed in patients:

  1. Inflammation quickly begins to pass.
  2. Cells of the skin cover regenerate faster and are restored.
  3. Rankes are disinfected.
  4. The process of keratinization comes back to normal.

For effective treatment, first of all, pills and capsules are prescribed that will help to slow cell division (retinoids), restore their structure (drugs with vitamin D3), remove inflammation and irritation (steroid hormones), suppress cell division (immunosuppressors).

Also, a variety of external agents (creams and ointments) are also quite effective at the initial stage of psoriasis. Among them, the following are very popular:

  1. Corticosteroid (relieve irritation and itching, remove inflammation).
  2. Keratolik (help to exfoliate those cells that have already become dead).
  3. Vitamin D (regenerates the skin).
  4. Tar (disinfection of foci of inflammation).

In some cases, physiotherapeutic procedures may also be used:

  1. Ultrasound - reduces the intensity of pain, relieves itching and inflammation.
  2. Ultraviolet - quickly removes the main symptoms of the disease, especially in the first stages.
  3. Laser - can be used only in severe cases and on a small area of the skin.

Means of treatment of psoriasis at the initial stage

Despite the fact that psoriasis is hard to treat, modern tools still help to solve this problem at least for a while. Among the most popular medicines for the treatment of psoriasis in the first stages are the following.

Cream "Unny". In the medicine there are such active components: olive oil, lanolin, petroleum jelly. In addition, its composition includes water. Thanks to this, two hours after the application of the product to the damaged skin, the water begins to evaporate and the cream base quickly penetrates into the skin. Has cooling effect, helps to relieve inflammation.

The cream is prescribed in the case when the patient's condition passes from the initial stage to the middle stage, and the psoriasis becomes acute. Patients with intolerance to the components of the cream to use it is prohibited. With the use of unpleasant symptoms it is not revealed.

Sulfur-tar paste. As the name suggests, the drug contains two active ingredients: sulfur and tar. Has a disinfectant and antiseptic effect. When applied to the skin, the ointment should be carefully rubbed with gentle massage movements. Use one to two times in 24 hours. Before that, it is important to cleanse and dry the skin well. Patients with intolerance to components of the drug use it is prohibited.

Methotrexate. A specially developed drug that does not allow psoriasis to pass into a more severe stage. Produced in the form of tablets. The drug contains the active ingredient methotrexate. It helps to slow down the synthesis and mitosis of cells. It also has immunodepressive properties.

For the treatment of psoriatic plaques, this drug is used once every seven days in a dosage of 10-25 mg. Gradually, the dosage increases until the patient receives a positive clinical result. After that, the dose decreases again.

Patients with impaired renal function, hematological disorders, acute infectious diseases, intolerance to methotrexate, use the drug is prohibited. You can not use pregnant women, women who feed the baby with breast milk, and children up to the age of three.

Do not use Methotrexate with such drugs: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, sulfa- lazine, ethanol, azathioprine, dinitrogen oxide, theophylline, polyvitamins.

In some patients after the initiation of therapy with this drug, the following symptoms appeared: headaches, nausea, anorexia, anemia, conjunctivitis, drowsiness, depressive state, pulmonary fibrosis, nephropathy, arthralgia, burning of the skin.

The Neotigazon. A popular retinoid drug in which the active ingredient acitretin is found. Thanks to it, the agent helps to normalize the process of cell proliferation.

Dosage is prescribed by the attending physician, but it should not exceed 30 mg of the drug in 24 hours. Therapy lasts from two to four weeks, but this time can be increased. After receiving the first positive results, the drug is used only as maintenance therapy.

Patients with severe impairment in the work of the liver and kidneys, chronic hyperlipidemia, intolerance to acitretin use the drug is prohibited. It is not prescribed for the treatment of pregnant women. When used, some unpleasant symptoms may occur: exfoliation and excessive thinning of the skin, headaches, vitamin A hypervitaminosis, erythema, dermatitis, pain in the muscles and joints.

"Dermovate" cream. A popular drug for the treatment of psoriasis of the initial stage, in which the active component of clobetasol propionate is found. It inhibits the synthesis of proinflammatory and inflammatory mediators, thus reducing inflammation and itching.

Use a thin strip of cream, which is applied to the cleansed and dried skin once or twice in 24 hours. Rub into the skin very gently and slowly. Apply the drug before the appearance of a positive clinical picture or four weeks.

Patients with viral and fungal skin diseases, rosacea, skin cancer, acne, nodular pruritis Gaida, genital itching, perioral dermatitis, common psoriasis, intolerance to clobetasol propionate can not be used. Do not apply on the skin during breastfeeding and in childhood.

When using the drug in some patients, the following unpleasant symptoms were identified: hypersensitivity, itching, pain, irritation, allergy.

Treatment of psoriasis on the head at the initial stage

To treat the initial stage of psoriasis on the head appoint some vitamins (B12, B1, B6, A). Also very effective are drugs in which are nicotinic acid, calcium, ascorbic acid, folic acid. Excellent proved itself in the therapy of psoriasis on the head of salicylic acid, but it must be applied carefully, as it causes peeling of the skin.

For treatment you can use decoctions based on celandine, chamomile, sage, which can easily wash your head. If you want to get the fastest possible result, then you can use corticosteroids, which help get rid of the initial stage of the disease in a short time.

The most effective in the treatment of psoriasis of the head is still the Soderm solution, which must be applied to the affected skin twice in 24 hours (preferably after sleep and before bedtime). After the appearance of the first positive results, you can reduce the frequency of application to one time. And later, generally use two or three times in seven days.

A completely new drug in the treatment of the scalp is Taclonex. In this medicine are active components such as betamethasone diproprionate, calcipotriene. Produced in the form of a spray, which can be sprayed on psoriatic plaques.

Treatment of psoriasis on the hands at the initial stage

The treatment of psoriasis on the hands, even at the initial stage of this pathology, is always very problematic, since it is necessary to use such drugs that do not have a strong chemical or mechanical effect on the skin. That is why the most effective at the first stages of the disease are ointments and creams that soften the skin.

It is very important to select also such drugs that will reduce inflammation and heal wounds. It is very important to eat properly during therapy. A well-chosen diet will help improve metabolism and will have a positive effect on your well-being. It is necessary to forget about the time for sharp and salty dishes, and also not to drink drinks with alcohol.

If medications do not help, then you can use physiotherapy, especially ultraviolet radiation. Do not let the disease run its course, as this can lead to serious consequences.

Treatment of psoriasis in children at the initial stage

If psoriasis in children begins to treat at an early stage, then you can quickly get rid of all the unpleasant symptoms. In this case, you can not rely on your knowledge, it is best to contact an experienced specialist who will prescribe the right therapy.

As a rule, during the treatment of psoriatic plaques, children use mainly local preparations. Among them, the following are very popular:

  1. Creams that help soften the skin and significantly moisturize it.
  2. Ointments based on glucocorticosteroids.

If psoriasis manifests itself on a large area or greatly reduces the vital activity of a child, a specialist can prescribe a course of systemic therapy. But here it is worthwhile to understand that such treatment often leads to numerous side effects. Such treatment is carried out only by small courses, during which the doctor follows the patient's condition.

The most popular methods of systemic treatment are:

  1. PUVA-therapy.
  2. Phototherapy.

Alternative ways to treat psoriasis at the initial stage

In addition to medicines, alternative methods are also effective at the initial stage of psoriasis.

To treat psoriasis on the hands or elbows you can use baths with celandine, chicory and valerian or bath with sea salt. Also quite popular is the juice from celandine, but it should be used very carefully, as it can burn the upper layers of the epidermis.

Equally effective is the root of chicory. From it you can make broths, which are then applied as compresses to the affected skin. With the location of plaques between the fingers or toes, you can make a bath with the addition of apple cider vinegar. But do not put your feet or hands in such baths for longer than a few minutes.

For alternative treatment of psoriasis on the scalp, you can use grated onions twice in 24 hours. Also in such cases helps the mustard, which must be diluted in water (warm) and lubricate it with a head. After that, head with a towel and keep until you feel a slight burning sensation.

Alternative remedies are perhaps the only way to cure psoriasis at the initial stage during pregnancy. During this period, you can use baths with various herbal decoctions, as well as use home creams or masks, unless your gynecologist prohibits them.

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