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Prevention of psoriasis

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

One of the many causes of psoriasis is an adverse hereditary factor: that is, if someone in the family has suffered from this disease, then the next generation has a good chance of getting sick. What can I do to reduce the risk of morbidity? Is it possible to prevent psoriasis in people with a predisposition to pathology?

In fact, scientists have not yet established the true cause of psoriasis. The numerous factors that influence the onset of the disease do not allow us to determine the specific method of prevention. However, specialists a few years ago identified a number of preventive measures that help prevent the development of the disease. The purpose of such events is to prevent the creation in the body of conditions favorable for the onset of psoriasis.

Prevention of psoriasis in the home

  • Psoriasis is a disease that primarily affects the skin. Therefore, an important part of prevention is skin care. This approach will help not only to prevent an unpleasant and incurable disease, but also to simply own a beautiful and healthy skin.
  1. For tissues of the human body, moisture is one of the most necessary factors. If you do not allow skin to dry out, then such a disease as psoriasis will have very little chance of gaining a foothold. Replenish the lack of fluid is necessary both outside and inside. Therefore, baths (herbal, saline), showers, douches or wet wipes, bathing in water bodies, and drinking enough water inside - clean, without additives in the form of sugar and carbon dioxide - should be an important daily attribute.
  2. During hygienic procedures it is advisable to use soft sponges that do not injure the skin and can not cause irritation.
  3. Do not use aggressive body scrubs (especially home cooking), as well as lump soap that dries the skin. It is better to use a liquid cream-soap, or a special shampoo.
  4. A good preventive effect is given by special detergents intended for patients with psoriasis. Such drugs are sold in pharmacies and in some beauty salons.
  5. In the prevention of psoriasis should not be allowed to dry the skin, so after hygienic procedures, apply a soft moisturizer or milk. Such a means creates on the surface of the body a kind of protective barrier, which prevents dehydration of tissues. To use humidifying cosmetics it is necessary regularly: daily from 1 to 3 times a day.
  6. During the heating season, it is recommended to monitor the level of humidity in the room in which most of the time is spent. This same advice is also relevant in the summer, if air conditioning is used. To humidify the air, usually used special devices - humidifiers, which spray around themselves small particles of moisture. The optimum humidity level in an apartment or office is from 50 to 70%.
  7. When carrying out any work, it is advisable to use protective gloves to minimize the possibility of skin injury. Scratches, scrapes and other micro-injuries contribute to the relapse of psoriasis.
  8. In addition to the skin, you need to follow and nails, gently and timely cutting off the growing part.
  • A good healing effect for the skin is provided by a massage that improves blood circulation in tissues, thereby accelerating local metabolic processes. During the massage session, the excretion of metabolic remains is facilitated, the tissues are cleaned and restored.

For the prevention of psoriasis, massages are carried out in courses of 10-12 sessions, 2 times a year. If the body already has a single psoriatic rash, then during the procedure, these areas should not be touched.

  • Nutrition plays an important role in the prevention of psoriasis. Scientists have noticed that the regular use of certain dishes contributes to exacerbation of the disease or aggravation of its clinical manifestations. Hence, it can be concluded that exclusion from the diet of certain products will help reduce the likelihood of developing psoriasis.

Preventive diet implies a number of restrictions and recommendations:

  1. should avoid the use of sharp, excessively salty, smoked products, as well as marinades, preservatives, products of questionable quality;
  2. Potentially allergenic products, such as citrus fruits, red berries, mangoes, also fall under the restriction;
  3. It is undesirable to use a lot of sugar, as well as chocolate, cocoa and strong coffee;
  4. the number of dishes from potatoes should also be limited, although in small quantities one can consume potatoes;
  5. welcome to eat vegetable oils. In this case, margarines, refractory fats and fat should be excluded;
  6. it is important to eat several dairy products daily - for example, cottage cheese, milk porridges, kefir, yogurts, cheeses. The presence of a sufficient amount of calcium in the diet can prevent the development of allergies and inflammation;
  7. the basis of the diet should be plant food in the form of fresh vegetables, fruits, all kinds of greens. Plant components quickly restore the water-electrolyte and acid-base balance, which allows the skin to recover quickly and qualitatively;
  8. we must not forget about useful grains: as a side dish or the main dish, such grains as buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice, wheat will be of great benefit.

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  • Smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages have the greatest negative effect on the course of psoriasis. There is ample evidence that alcohol leads to aggravation and spread of the psoriatic process. Also at risk are people who smoke a pack of cigarettes every day.

Nicotine and ethyl alcohol provoke irreversible changes in the vessels, worsen the processes of microcirculation in the skin and weaken the immune forces in the body.

  • One of the factors that provoke the development of psoriasis is considered to be nervous tension, especially prolonged or recurring. So, strong stresses, experiences, fears, depressive states serve as an impetus to the beginning of the pathological process. For this reason, one of the links in the prevention of psoriasis is a person's well-being psychoemotional state. In order to keep your nervous system healthy, it is recommended to have as much rest as possible, to get enough sleep, to walk outdoors, and also to have regular relaxation sessions - for example, to do yoga or meditation. If necessary, you can resort to the use of various herbal preparations and herbal dues, but we will talk about this below.
  • Prophylaxis of psoriasis can be supplemented by sanatorium treatment, because seawater in combination with sunlight is considered one of the best ways to cleanse the skin of psoriatic rashes. If you can not go to the sea or rest in a sanatorium for some reason, you can simply take sunbaths, gradually making a session of ultraviolet radiation longer. "Solar" therapy should be repeated daily, starting with a 5-minute session, preferably in the hours of inactive sun radiation (from about 8 to 10 am or after 16-00 in the evening). When taking baths, it must be remembered that sunburn can only worsen the situation with psoriasis, so stay under ultraviolet rays should be strictly dosed.

Prevention of psoriasis by alternative means

As prevention and treatment, you can use all sorts of alternative methods. As a rule, such recipes do not cause harm, but with their help you can significantly improve the skin condition and local immunity. We bring to your attention the most popular alternative means for the prevention of psoriasis.

  • The healing baths have a restoring and rejuvenating effect. For the prevention of such baths it is desirable to spend once a week, or courses - daily for a week, 2-3 times a year.
  1. 100 g of oak bark is boiled in six liters of water for 25 minutes, after which it is filtered and added to the bath.
  2. 250 g of flax seed is poured with boiling water (5-6 l), it is insisted for 1 hour, filtered and added to the bath with water.
  3. 100 g of sage is insisted in 3 liters of boiling water for 30-40 minutes, after which it is filtered and poured into a bath of water.
  • In addition to external procedures, you can brew and drink herbal teas, which also will bring considerable benefit in the fight against psoriasis:
  1. brew 100 grams of ground hips and 15 grams of string in 500 ml of water, insist 40 minutes. Take three times a day for half an hour before a meal of 100 ml;
  2. every day, drink 200 ml of fresh juice from carrots with two crushed garlic cloves;
  3. add to regular tea a little bit of oregano or elderberry, drink during the day, at least 3 times.

If there is no possibility to go to the sea, then you can do salt dousing or rubbing, or take a bath with the addition of sea salt.

To prepare a salt bath, take 250 g of sea salt or common table salt and dilute it in hot water, then pour into a bath with warm water. The duration of the bath is 20 minutes, and the periodicity - once in 2-3 days.

Vitamins for the prevention of psoriasis

An effective supplement to measures for the prevention of psoriasis is vitamin therapy, because many vitamins directly affect the basic processes that take place inside the body. About vitamins should be remembered and when drawing up a diet, trying to enter in the menu more natural plant products.

What vitamins should be paid special attention to?

  • Vitamin A helps the body cope with inflammatory processes. Such a vitamin is rich in liver, bell pepper, carrots, cream. From synthetic drugs, vitamin A is found in Acetrine or Aevite, which can be taken 1-2 tablets daily for 1 month.
  • Vitamins of group B are necessary for opposition to stressful situations, and also for maintenance of skin turgor. B vitamins are rich in liver, buckwheat, nuts, cauliflower.

Vitamins of group B are injected into the body in the form of intramuscular injections:

  1. vitamin B12 - 400 μg once every two days, for 3-4 weeks;
  2. vitamin B6 - 3 ml of 5% vitamin solution once a day for 2 weeks.
  • Ascorbic acid improves the appearance of the skin, strengthens the immune system, increases the elasticity of tissues. Vitamin C can be found in berries, dog rose, citrus, kiwi. Ascorbic acid in tablets can be taken at 0,03-0,05 g once a day for 1 month.
  • Vitamin E plays the role of an antioxidant, which rejuvenates the skin, eliminates signs of inflammation and stops the development of an allergic reaction. A lot of tocopherol contains vegetable oils, especially linseed oil. From pharmacies can take drugs Aevit or vitamin E (zentiva).
  • Vitamin D strengthens bones, teeth and skin, preventing the development of inflammation in the tissues. The best source of this vitamin is the sun's rays. However, there are also pharmaceuticals, such as Calcium D3 or Aquadetrim. The dosage of such drugs varies depending on the age of the patient.

Vitamins for the prevention of psoriasis are prescribed taking into account the analyzes in order to avoid hypervitaminosis. In addition, the patient's individual intolerance to certain vitamins is necessarily taken into account, since an allergic reaction can serve as a stimulus to the development of psoriasis.

As you can see, the prevention of psoriasis is not so difficult. The described measures are possible for any person who really wants to be healthy. In addition, an active lifestyle, proper nutrition and caring for your body can serve as a preventative and other unwanted diseases.

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