Treatment of diaper rash in adults

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Last reviewed: 19.11.2021

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Treatment of diaper rash in adults at the first stage of development is sufficient for air baths and ensuring adequate hygiene.

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Treatment of diaper rash in men

Non-children's problems of adults are diaper rash in the groin. Oddly enough, such a nuisance with pronounced itching, pain and reddening of the skin is common among a considerable number of male patients. To the risk group, the representatives of the stronger sex are inclined, inclined to fullness, neglecting the rules of elementary hygiene, suffering from diabetes. In addition to unpleasant symptoms, a brown unaesthetic stain can develop into a complex disease of a fungal or bacterial nature and sometimes indicates the presence of venereal diseases.

Treatment of diaper rash in men begins with a trip to a medical facility, where the specialist excludes concomitant pathology and infection. The next step is the use of decoctions of antibacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory action. For this purpose, you will like chamomile, calendula petals, sage, thyme, St. John's wort and oak bark, which reduces sweating activity. The infusion is prepared in the same way: a glass of boiling water will require a tablespoon of dry raw material, the composition is kept on fire for 20-30 minutes. In a warm solution, put a cotton cloth, squeeze and apply to the affected area, after treatment, the area with intertrigo should completely dry. A good therapeutic effect is provided by vegetable oils, which are boiled for steam before use. Badly oiled rubs problem areas twice a day.

Treatment of diaper rash complicated by pathogens is performed in consultation with a doctor who can prescribe a course of antibiotics and the use of special ointments.

Treating intertrigo between toes

The cause of inflammation between the toes is a mechanical effect, profuse sweating and fungal infection.

Treating intertrigo between toes:

  • regular washing of feet with soap and boiled water, treatment with antiseptics with mandatory drying of the affected surface (gently dab with a napkin or use a cool jet of hair dryer);
  • wearing a sock made of natural materials and breathable shoes;
  • more often leave your legs barefoot;
  • use talc, tejmurovu paste or cream with drying effect;
  • for pronounced diaper rash, zinc and sulfate-copper solutions are suitable;
  • in especially severe cases, it is good to use healing healing lorinden, locokorten-vioform and tar paste;
  • Antifungal agents, for example, clotrimazole, will help to remove the fungus;
  • panthenol and sea buckthorn oil are substances of emergency healing.

For the construction of a scheme of adequate therapy, it is important to identify the primary source of the disease: differentiate the pathogenic microorganism, exclude disease-provocateurs. Therefore, if you can not get rid of diaper rash on your own, you should trust the medical staff.

Treatment of diaper rash in women

Redness and swelling of the skin, itching, burning, pain, sensation of rubbing are signs of the onset of inflammation. The appearance of diaper rash in women is more often diagnosed in the folding zone, in the genital area, under the breast, on the neck, abdomen and in the armpits. Provoke skin dermatitis excessive weight and sweating, abnormal discharge from the vagina and chemical changes in urine / feces.

Treatment of diaper rash in women is based on standard rules: the determination of the underlying cause and stage of development of the inflammatory process. Like any disease, diaper rash is easier to prevent than treat. Compliance with hygiene (especially during the hot season), skin care depending on its type, elimination of excessive secretion (sebum, sweat, leucorrhoea, etc.), wearing linen from natural fabrics, avoiding very dense clothes - all this will help protect you from unpleasant rashes on the skin.

Places with diaper rash require simultaneous softening, healing and drying. Skin folds are treated with a teaspoon of boric acid diluted in a glass of water. The dried skin is lubricated with petroleum jelly, butter or baby cream. Relief with itching and burning brings herbal baths, for example a decoction of yarrow (1 tablespoon per glass of water). The formation of ulcers, erosions, skin detachments and other clinical symptoms are an occasion for immediate treatment to a dermatologist.

Treatment of diaper rash under the mammary glands

In the period of bearing the baby against the background of vaginal candidiasis, diaper rash differentiates on the genitals and under the mammary glands. The disease manifests itself as a bubble rash, often merging into large conglomerates with complications in the form of point erosions. Skin inflammation under the breast in the form of red spots, cracks, small ulcers also appear in fat women, with rubbing with clothing and excessive sweating.

The initial treatment of diaper rash under the mammary glands is reduced to the elimination of friction and moisture in the skin folds. The reddened areas are treated with water with soap and antiseptic. After that, the skin should be allowed to breathe. Dry skin is applied with talc, a drying cream and padding the soft natural tissue into the inflamed crease to prevent gluing of the affected areas. Healing is promoted by drying ointments with zinc, Teimur's paste, including children's creams (for example, desithin).

With neglected forms of inflammation help to cope resorcinol, zinc sulfate and copper. Treatment of intertrigo with ulcers, pustules, localized under the breast, will require special means - clotrimazole, levomecol, solcoseryl and others. It is recommended to use medicines strictly according to the doctor's prescription, because diaper rash may be caused by concomitant disease, allergy to detergents or food. Without eliminating the primary pathology in this case, it will not be possible to recover from diaper rash.

Treatment of intertrigo in the elderly

The skin of elderly people becomes thinner, becomes sensitive and dry, loses elasticity, due to which it easily cracks, easily injures, rubs and heals for a long time. Even bedding can cause bedsores and diaper rash, especially in bedridden, seriously ill patients. In this regard, the places of natural skin folds (inguinal zone, armpits, area under the mammary glands and palms) require special care and constant examination.

Based on age changes, treatment of intertrigo in the elderly is characterized by a number of features - the selection of soft, natural clothes and bed linen, eliminating friction and letting air in. Flabby and dry skin of elderly patients requires mandatory moisturizing and protection, for this purpose, quality children's creams of healing effect will do. Treatment of the skin with diaper rash is carried out with herbal decoctions (oak bark, chamomile). On the dried out areas, apply oils, powders or ointments with zinc. Inflammation of the skin in the elderly easily develop into a chronic form, difficult to treat in neglected forms, so it is important to take measures to prevent their development.

Treatment of diaper rash in diabetics

The problem of diabetes mellitus affects the health of the whole organism. Pathological changes are also observed on the part of the skin - coarsening, dryness, loss of elasticity and peeling, especially in the head region. Overestimated sugar induces frequent urination, resulting in loss of fluid. As a result, the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands is disrupted, an unpleasant smell appears, the skin acquires a yellowish hue, itches, it splits. Even ordinary soap is a threat to the diabetic, so it is advisable to use neutral remedies, special lotions and milk. The maximum care requires feet and palms, which must be regularly moistened and softened. By the way, in this situation, cosmetics based on urea are indispensable.

The skin of a diabetic is susceptible to infection, which is caused by frequent blood sampling for analysis and injections. Any minor damage to the skin can not be treated with alcohol-containing substances, chlorhexidine, furacilin or hydrogen peroxide is used instead. Patients with elevated sugar are at risk of contracting a fungal infection that is located between the toes or hands.

Increased sweating, problems with thermoregulation lead to the development of inflammation in the skin folds. Treatment of diaper rash with diabetes should begin with a consultation with a specialist. In order to avoid intermittent fungus, it is advisable to use talc or creams containing zinc. To treat inflamed skin, you can use a cream-talc series Dia Derm.

Treatment of diaper rash with diabetes is preventive, correct and timely care for problem areas, as well as constant monitoring of the treating doctor.

Treatment of yeast intertrigo

Yeast diaper rash or superficial candidiasis refers to infectious-allergic diseases, the causative agent of which is opportunistic microorganisms - Candida type fungi. Damage to the dermis by yeast-like fungi can develop both independently and against the background of primary infection. The features of the current, the depth of penetration and the area of the lesion focus largely depend on the inadequacy of skin barriers, as well as the lack of immune responses. Factors-provocateurs are mechanical damage to the skin (burns, abrasions, sweating, etc.), metabolic disorders and other serious illnesses (tumors, blood diseases, immunodeficiency of the first and second degree).

The following zones of skin lesions are distinguished by a yeast fungus:

  • large creases on the body;
  • between the toes / hands;
  • out of stock.

Faults that form in the area of skin folds are often diagnosed in toddlers (between the buttocks), in women (under the chest and in the groin), in men (in the inguinal and scrotal area), less often in the armpits and abdomen in obese patients. The pathology manifests itself with small bubbles and pustules that grow into dark red with a cyanotic erosion. Superficial candidiasis between the fingers is characterized by unbearable itching, burning and causes severe pain in the wearer. Yeast rashes of a smooth layer of skin are very rare. For example, in infants at the same time as the lesion of the gluteal folds, trunk or limbs, there are brown, shiny areas.

Treatment of yeast diaper rash is carried out with antifungal creams and ointments - travogen, candida, clotrimazole, travokort, pimafucin, etc. The therapeutic course is selected individually, but it lasts no less than 10 days. Good results are given by nystatin containing powders - Nilstat, Mycostatin, O. Staticin.

In adults, diaper rash is diagnosed in severe diseases, due to which the patient is immobilized or spends most of his time in bed. Fertility in the genital area can not be avoided if a person can not control urination and does not conduct proper hygienic measures. With obesity, inflammation is often found on the neck, as well as in the armpits. Fungal microflora and excessive sweating of the legs becomes the culprit of interdigital intertrigo.

If a fungal infection does not join the inflammation, then no special therapy is needed, except for treating the affected area with boiled water. Otherwise, antimicrobial ointments, creams, oils and preparations for internal administration are recommended.

Treatment of diaper rash in adults of the second degree is carried out using external medicinal products - panthenol, purelane, desithin, etc. It is good to treat the erosive zones with tincture of propolis and calendula, to make chamomile and lime baths.

Therapy of neglected forms of diaper rash should be entrusted to a specialist. It is important to remember that the presence of bacteria in the wound zone complicates therapy several times, prolong the period of recovery and threatens with dangerous complications.

People with excess weight are recommended methods of prevention of diaper rash - more often take a shower and change clothes in the summer. Patients with diabetes necessarily require specialist advice on the appearance of the first symptoms of diaper rash.

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