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Treatment of couperose in the home

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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

Is it possible to treat couperose at home? Naturally, such manipulations are acceptable. But before you start all this, you need to get a doctor's advice.

The fact is that the cause of couperose can be a disease of internal organs. Therefore, to apply some kind of mask is simply useless. It is necessary to forget about alcohol, as well as smoking. Harmful habits can only worsen the situation. It is recommended to eat foods with silicon. They include beans, peas, corn and oatmeal. In addition, you need to add to the diet products with vitamin C, K and P. They can affect the condition of blood vessels.

Every day it is recommended to carry out manipulations for the face, namely to give up cosmetics. Do sports and generally try to lead an active lifestyle. Well and at last, it is necessary to apply protective agents from the sun. Because being in direct sunlight for a long time is fraught with consequences. These "procedures" are generally accepted. Treatment of couperose should be under the supervision of a physician.

Skin care with couperose

Skin care with couperose requires an individual approach. The first thing you need to choose the right cosmetic. It can be a cream that will have a good moisturizing effect. Moreover, it is desirable that it contains in its composition active substances that promote the removal of couperose.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the peelings. It is important that they are sparing, because it is very simple to worsen the general condition. Washing with warm and cold water helps strengthen the vessels. This creates a contrast shower effect. We must not forget about sports, so, gymnastics for the face and swimming will perfectly help to fight with the arisen problem.

Now with regard to nutrition. In the daily diet you need to include vitamins, especially C. So, the use of red pepper, red and black currant, and also sauerkraut will do. Oranges and lemons can not be eaten, they can cause an allergic reaction that can manifest itself on the skin. In addition, it is recommended to supplement the daily diet with vitamins C, E, Z and K. They are able to strengthen the vessels and tone the veins. Treatment of couperose requires an integrated approach.

Masks for couperose

Home masks for couperose simple and fairly effective means. For example, you need to parse several of them.

Soothing mask with green tea. It is necessary to brew this drink and moisten it with gauze. After that, the material is applied to the face and held for about 20 minutes. If a person has rather dry skin, then before this procedure it is recommended to apply a nourishing cream. This mask is also suitable if there are problems with enlarged pores.

Mask with banana, honey and olive oil. You need to take a spoonful of butter and mix it with the same amount of honey, then add half a banana. The resulting product is mixed and applied to the face. Leave the mask for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Cucumbers in the fight against couperose. A teaspoon of this vegetable's juice is mixed with a tablespoon of cream and a beaten egg yolk. All this is applied to the face and left for about 20 minutes. It is important to note that it is necessary to wash off the mask with cool water. That's so useful and sparing can be the treatment of couperose with masks.

Bodyguard against couperose

Is it widely used from couperose? Everyone knows that this remedy is universal and can help from many troubles. In addition to couperose, the bodywoman rescues and acne, eliminates stagnant acne and even lowers the fat content of the skin.

The first tests of this drug were carried out back in 2010, since then this remedy has been used universally. This gel can normalize the functions of the sebaceous glands, thereby removing the shine from the face. In addition, the bodyguard warns about the development of acne, and is also able to cope with the mild form of acne. Widely used means in the fight against couperose.

True, there are contraindications for its use. So, in some cases there is an individual intolerance. In addition, before using funds on the face, it is necessary to apply a small amount on the elbow bend to conduct an allergic reaction test. Treatment of couperose with the help of the body spasm is effective and not addictive.


Herbs with couperose

Herbs with couperose help to get rid of the reticular on the face, but only with their constant use. Perfectly suitable for use of calendula, chamomile and horse chestnut. Also worth paying attention to yarrow, wheatgrass and horsetail.

To prepare a universal remedy against couperose, you need to take all of the above ingredients and mix with each other. Received collection should take only one tablespoon. After that, all this is poured with warm water and cooked for 5 minutes on low heat. After that, the broth should be given time to cool down. Next, the treated product is filtered, moistened with gauze and applied to the face, literally for 15 minutes.

All the herbs that were mentioned above are perfectly suitable for rubbing the face separately. It is also possible to wash with a decoction, which is a very good tool in the fight against couperose. Good lotions are obtained from linden, hawthorn, St. John's wort, sage and green tea. Such treatment of couperose can be attributed to the number of sparing and fast acting.

Apple vinegar with couperose

Apple cider vinegar is necessary with caution. In fact, this tool can well be called a real wand-zashchalochkoy. Because vinegar can remove excess fat, make the skin dull and prevent the appearance of acne.

Mask based on vinegar can reduce the fat content of the skin and make it dull. In addition, you can do this with your own hands. So, you need to take 4 tablespoons of vinegar, slightly heat it and add a couple of spoons of oatmeal and the same amount of honey. After that, everything is mixed and applied to the face. This mask should be held for about 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Be sure to apply a nourishing cream after this procedure.

This mask can improve the general condition of the skin and remove excessive inflammation. In addition, it is a good option to get rid of high fat content, acne and overly prominent vascular network. Treatment of couperose with vinegar can give an effect in a short time.


Honey with couperose

Honey with couperose is banned, because it can damage the skin of the face. The fact is that for certain reasons this ingredient is one of the strongest stimuli. Therefore, to use honey as a fight against couperose is not worth it.

It can act as an additional ingredient in some kind of mask, but as the main component it is better not to use it at all. So, you need to set aside the scrubs and peels in which this ingredient enters. Then how honey is a powerful irritant. In the fight against couperose, you need to use something more gentle and able to constantly moisturize the skin.

With couperose, any heating and cooling procedures are contraindicated. Therefore, compresses with honey, as well as masks with a thermal effect, should be put aside in a distant storage room.

In general, honey is banned. Therefore, it is better to consider other ways of solving this problem. Because the treatment of couperose should be correct and not exacerbate the already existing situation.

Lemon with couperose

Can I use lemon in couperose? It is necessary to understand that this fruit is considered to be a number of irritants. So, during cuperose you need to consume a large amount of vitamins, including C. But only from the consumption of citrus is worth abstaining.

The fact is that lemons are capable of causing an allergic reaction that can manifest itself directly on an already inflamed face. Therefore, in no case should you use peelings based on lemon.

In addition, lemon juice can also have a positive effect. Because it has good exfoliating properties. Despite this, it does not hurt the skin, but rather removes excess and removes greasy luster. But still, it is not worth using it as the main means in the fight against couperose. Because the treatment of this disease should be complex and gentle.

Therefore, it is desirable to give preference to nutritious creams and masks. In this case, treatment with couperose will be more effective.

Clay with couperose

Clay in couperose is an adjuvant, it does not combat the focus of the problem. It is advisable to choose the main method of treatment, view all existing ones and then stop at one of them.

It should be noted that there are many ways to get rid of couperose, including the use of clay. In general, this method simply improves the skin as a whole, but does not have any healing properties. Therefore, clay can be attributed to auxiliary means.

If the face is irritated, as well as a lot of vascular mesh, then you need to apply the mask in a special way. You can not cover it with a film, it's an undesirable procedure. Because in this case, you can achieve the effect of a warming compress. This will lead to an even worse situation. Clay is applied to the face, for about 10-20 minutes, on the whole it is necessary to wash it off in the event that it completely dries. This procedure is performed once a week on the background of a general complex treatment. Because the treatment of couperose solely with the use of clay will not give the desired effect.

Ointment from couperose

Can I use ointment from couperose myself? Do not do this. Creams may well be chosen and used in an arbitrary form. You can not say this about ointments. Such things are prescribed only by a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

In general, it is worth noting the fact that ointments in the treatment of vascular reticulum are not used so often. Because the lungs of this disease are removed by cosmetic means. In particularly severe cases, only hardware cosmetic procedures are used. These procedures are understood as the use of a laser, ozone, and also electric impact.

As for ointments, it is difficult to name any specific ones. After all, they are prescribed only by a dermatologist. Because many of them are aimed at improving microcirculation. Thus, a wide distribution was received by troxevasin, heparin ointment and ointment with calendula. Treatment of couperose with ointments is not very popular today. Because there are many other more effective alternatives.

Heparin ointment from couperose

Heparin ointment from couperose is used with extreme caution. It is used in special cases. So, basically it is used for thrombolefeat, external hemorrhoids, trophic ulcers, injuries, bruises and couperose.

It has a good anti-inflammatory effect, can remove irritation, and also rid of the vascular network. But there are some contraindications regarding its use. Thus, increased hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, as well as a violation of the integrity of the skin does not allow the use of this ointment.

This drug is used exclusively externally. It is applied by a thin layer in the area of the lesion and slowly rubbed. Use it for 3-7 days. The duration of treatment is determined only by the dermatologist, because everything depends on the specific situation. Without consulting a doctor, you can not use ointment in any case. Treatment of couperose with ointments is not particularly practiced, but this does not mean that trying to get rid of the problem, therefore, is not worth it.

Troxevasin from couperose

Troxevasin from couperose is the best medicinal product of its kind. This drug is based on the substance of the routine, which refers to the vitamins of P. It is this component, together with ascorbic acid, that are the main substances that can strengthen the blood vessels.

Troxevasin is able to tone the smooth musculature of the capillary walls, due to this they become less noticeable. They are not able to be thrombosed, because of this, the process is mainly a vascular reticulum. If only small areas are visible on the skin, then troxevasin is used exclusively externally. It should be applied twice a day with light massaging movements.

If the couperose occupies a rather large area, then simultaneously with the ointment it is possible to use capsules for ingestion. The course of treatment is about a month or more. Troxevasinum with couperose can not be used alone, it is prescribed in the complex. Treatment of couperose alone can not be carried out by such means.

Vitamins with couperose

Vitamins in couperose are the best and harmless remedy with a vascular mesh. These "components" should be in the diet of each person, regardless of whether he has any problems or not. Often it is recommended to use the three most common vitamins.

Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is able to actively act immediately in two ways. First of all, it nicely narrows the vessels, and secondly, it is able to participate in the process of procollagen synthesis. Due to this, vitamin C is able to act on the vessels themselves and on the tissue adjacent to the connective tissue.

Vitamin K. If there is a deficit of this "component", then gradually the walls of the vessels are thinning. This is to say that when preventing couperose, it is necessary to constantly maintain the normal level of the content of this vitamin.

Vitamin R. Due to this "component" the fragility of the vessels decreases several times, besides, their elasticity increases. Together with ascorbic acid this complex gives the maximum effect. This suggests that the treatment of couperose should be comprehensive.

Ascorutinum with couperose

Is everyone allowed to use ascorutin in couperose? This drug contains ascorbic acid and rutin. These two components contribute to the improvement of the elasticity of the vessels, and also prevent their fragility. In addition, they do not cause any allergic reactions, so almost all can apply this drug.

But it's impossible to do this on your own. The fact is that, despite all the safety, there is always a risk of harming your body. Therefore, a doctor's consultation is needed. In general, ascorutin can lead the skin in complete order. Due to the content of fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, and such a positive effect of the drug is achieved. Only it is worth noting that this drug prevents the appearance of couperose, but does not fight the already existing problem.

This tool is used in courses, but not more often than once in six months. If there are problems with blood coagulation, then a preliminary consultation with a doctor is needed. Because treatment of couperose at home is not a simple process.

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