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Scrub from the Dead Sea - for a clean and healthy skin

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

The Dead Sea scrub - that is, the composition containing salt or therapeutic mud of the Dead Sea, for skin cleaning and mechanical removal of dead cells (corneocytes) - is almost indispensable for those who care not only about their appearance, but also skin health.

After all, the outer covering of the human body is a complex organ that performs receptor, thermoregulatory, metabolic, secretory, excretory, respiratory and immune functions. And, besides, the largest in area ...

Indications for use Dead Sea Scrub

In the normal condition of the horny layer of the skin, scrub, including scrub from the Dead Sea, should not be used. Since keratin, which has an ion-hydrogen index in the range of 5.0-6.0, as well as a protective water-fat film (mantle) of skin with a high concentration (up to pH 6.7) of hydrogen ions protect the skin from pathogenic microbes and skin irritating substances . If the level of acidity of the skin is disturbed (for example, with acne it moves closer to alkaline), antibacterial self-defense of the skin can be tried to restore the deep cleansing of the skin. It improves blood circulation, stimulates recovery of acid reaction of the skin and replenishment of glycophospholipid deficiency.

It should be borne in mind that oily skin is "sour", and dry skin is closer to alkaline (the usual soap should not be used with this type of skin). When using scrubs from the Dead Sea, pay attention to what level of pH the manufacturers indicate. For peeling to benefit, the pH should be at 5.5. And do it no more often than twice a month.

Indication for use of scrub from the Dead Sea (Hidden for the body with Dead Sea mud) - obvious signs of cellulite. Minerals of therapeutic mud improve the blood supply of tissues and activate intracellular metabolic processes.

Useful properties of Dead Sea scrub

Useful properties of scrub from the Dead Sea are manifested in its ability to remove from the pores of the skin (excretory ducts of the sebaceous and sweat glands) everything that prevents it from breathing normally, and also to remove pathogenic microorganisms and dying cells of the uppermost layer of the skin - horny. By the way, if the skin is constantly peeling, then it is a sign that it is working hard - it protects the body from substances and microorganisms that get to the surface of the skin or its upper layers.

Of the five layers of the epidermis, only the stratum corneum consists of squamous epithelial cells that can be quickly updated. Epitheliocytes are divided by indirect division (mitosis) and migrate to the surface of the skin. At the same time, their basal membranes are even more flattened, saturated with fibrillar protein (keratin), and the acidity of the liquid medium is increased. In this way there is a constant replacement of cells of the surface layer of the skin, which, as they say, served their own.

At the same time, in the process of renewal of the cells of the stratum corneum on the basement membranes, an amorphous substance with glycoproteins and calcium ions, as well as extracellular structures with fibrillar protein (collagen type IV), is again synthesized. And between the membranes of all the updated epitheliocytes, each time, the finest protein "threads" are formed-tonofibrils, which provide mechanical strength and at the same time elasticity of the human skin.

Using Dead Sea scrub - peeling - allows you to remove the top layer of keratinized cells and perform deep cleansing of the skin. And due to the fact that as a mechanical exfoliant (abrasive) in these scrubs used crystals of salt

Dead Sea, the process of physical skin cleaning is combined with the enrichment of the epidermis with the necessary ions of macro- and microelements. The use of Dead Sea scrub helps to smooth out the skin, reduce acne outbreaks and improve the complexion.

For example, Israel's Dead Sea Scrubs (Mineralium Dead Sea, Dead Sea Premier, etc.), besides salt, contain aromatic oils that enrich these cosmetics with liposomes. As the manufacturers say, scrubs gently exfoliate the skin and naturally disinfect it. In addition, they stimulate cellular metabolism, and, thus, accelerate the regeneration of skin cells. To do this, it is enough to apply a small amount of scrub to the cleansed skin, gently rub it into the skin with light circular motions, and then rinse with water. It is recommended to apply afterwards a little moisturizing cream corresponding to a specific type of skin.

Contraindications to the use of scrub from the Dead Sea

It is completely contraindicated to use scrubs from the Dead Sea with increased sensitivity of the skin, in the presence of scratches, fresh wounds, traces of mosquito bites or scratching.

Do not cleanse the skin with scrubs in any inflammatory foci on the surface of the skin or acne in the progression stage.

Note that some components of scrubs with Dead Sea minerals can injure the stratum corneum of the skin, especially if these products are rubbed heavily into the skin of the face or body.

At very fat skin also there are contraindications to the use of scrub from the Dead Sea. The point is that after such intensive cleaning of the stratum corneum, the process of sebum production (an important component of skin protection) can become more active. So the effect can be negative.


Reviews of the Dead Sea Scrub

A sufficient number of reviews after using the Dead Sea scrub indicate that "the skin has become clean, smooth and velvety."

However, there are responses according to which a scrub from the Dead Sea to purify the skin caused irritation, itching and redness of the skin. Some visitors to the cosmetics forums say that by giving in to advertising, some women try to use facial and body care products without taking into account the individual characteristics of their skin.

By the way, the thickness of the horny layer of the skin does not exceed 10 microns, so it is not difficult to damage it with any scrub.

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