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Rectal and vaginal suppositories from itching

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

Combing, sometimes until the blood, any part of the skin or mucous membranes - unbearable flour. Publicly scratched the hand, the leg or shoulder is not quite decent, and even more intimate parts of the body - it's completely impossible. Itching often accompanies burning, and combs - soreness, violation of the integrity of the surface of the skin or mucous membranes. To get rid of such torments, or, if possible, to relieve oneself of a state you want as soon as possible.

Itching in the inguinal or anal area is just a symptom, which can be caused by various causes. This condition in the inguinal zone can provoke not only the pathology of the genitourinary tract, but also the intestines, hormonal dysfunction, diabetes, liver disease. The cause of anal itching in most cases is hemorrhoids and anal fissures, but the presence of parasites, infections of the genitourinary system can also contribute to the appearance of itching. Skin and mucous membranes of intimate areas can itch from allergies, dermatitis caused by contact with unsuitable clothes, soap, intimate care products, toilet paper, especially flavored.

Often it is possible to get rid of unpleasant sensations independently, with the help of hygienic procedures, suppositories, powders, but if the itching does not fade, but also aggravates, it is necessary, after putting aside all the cases, to seek help from a specialist.

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Indications of the candles from itching

Suppositories for intravaginal application are applied from viral, fungal, bacterial, protozoal infections of the genital tract, corrective treatment of hormonal disorders.

Rectal suppository is used from anal itching, mainly hemorrhoidal.

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Dosing and administration

Intravaginal suppositories that eliminate the causes of itching of the genital tract

I would like to remind you once again that the remedy used for the intended purpose will eliminate the unpleasant symptoms much faster, so it will not be superfluous to visit the gynecologist, and to perform labor-consuming and painless diagnostic procedures (analysis of the smear of excreta, ultrasound of the pelvic organs).

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The active ingredient is chlorhexidine bigluconate, which has antibacterial and antiprotozoal effect. It destroys the causative agents of chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, gardnerelleza, as well as phagillis bacteroids, which cause purulent and / or inflammatory processes of the urogenital system.

It is inactive to some strains of protein and pseudomonads, and also to useful representatives of healthy microbiocenosis of the vagina - lactobacilli and acid-fast microorganisms. The presence of purulent and / or bloody discharge reduces the effectiveness of the hexicon.

With intravaginal application, absorption is negligible. Use by pregnant and lactating women is possible.

Contraindication to use is sensitization to the ingredients of Hexicon.

Occasionally, there is an allergy in the form of increased itching in the inguinal zone, which itself disappears when the use of suppositories is abolished.

Suppositories Gexicon intended for intravaginal use. Preliminarily having cleared from a contour packing, one suppository is entered more deeply inside of a vagina once or twice a day. The duration of therapy is from one week to ten days. The maximum duration is 20 days.

To prevent diseases that are sexually transmitted, one suppository is administered. The interval between the end of sexual intercourse and the use of the drug is no more than two hours.

The consequences of exceeding the therapeutic dose of hexicon and clinically significant interaction with other drugs is not known.

Store no more than three years at low humidity in a room without light, observing the temperature regime up to 25 ° C. Keep away from children.


The active ingredient of Pimafucine is natamycin, a fungicidal polyene antibiotic. Belongs to macrolides, the least toxic preparations of natural origin. It is active in relation to pathogens of candidiasis and other yeast fungi, to a lesser extent - to dermatophytes.

Antifungal effect is achieved by violating the integrity of membranes of fungal cells. The emergence of resistance to natamycin is not observed.

With intravaginal application, absorption is negligible. Use by pregnant and lactating women is possible.

Contraindication to use is the sensitization to the ingredients of Pimafucin.

Occasionally there is an allergy in the form of irritation in the area of application, which itself disappears after stopping the use of candles.

Suppositories Pimafucin used intravaginally in the case of candidiasis vulvovaginitis. Preliminarily having cleared from a contour packing, one suppository enter more deeply inside of a vagina once a day for the night in a lying position. The average duration of use is from three to six days. To fix the therapeutic effect of treatment continue for two or three days after the disappearance of external manifestations of the disease.

The consequences of exceeding the therapeutic dose of Pimafucine and clinically significant interactions with other drugs are not known.

Store no more than four years at room temperature (up to 25 ° C).


The active substances chlorhexidine bigluconate in combination with dexpanthenol. Suppositories stop the inflammatory process, destroy the pathogenic microflora, normalize the mucous membrane of the vagina.

Chlorhexidine bigluconate, has antibacterial and antiprotozoal effect. It destroys the causative agents of chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, gardnerelleza, as well as phagillis bacteroids, which cause purulent and / or inflammatory processes of the urogenital system.

It is inactive to some strains of protein and pseudomonads, and also to useful representatives of healthy microbiocenosis of the vagina - lactobacilli and acid-fast microorganisms. The presence of purulent and / or bloody discharge reduces the effectiveness of this substance.

Dexpanthenol is a modified form of pantothenic acid, an element of coenzyme acetylation, a participant in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Activates the production of glucocorticoids, acetylcholine, histamine. The catalyst of oxidation-reduction processes, which contribute to the restoration of mucosal tissues, increase their density and elasticity.

Suppositories Depantol are not active to representatives of the normal microflora of the vagina.

With local use of the drug, the absorption of active substances is insignificant.

Use by pregnant and lactating women is possible.

Contraindication to use is sensitization to the ingredients of Depantol.

Occasionally there is an allergy in the form of irritation in the area of application, which itself disappears after stopping the use of candles.

Suppository Depantol is used topically. Preliminarily having cleared from a contour packing, one suppository is entered more deeply inside of a vagina twice a day in a prone position. The average duration of application is from seven to ten days. The maximum duration of treatment is 20 days.

They are not used together with means that include an anionic group, and also with soap.

Data on overdose are absent.

Store no more than two years, observing the temperature regime of 10-20 ° C.


Hormonal preparation with active progesterone (pregnancy hormone), normalizing secretory function in the mucous membrane of the uterus. It heals the structure of the endometrium, restoring its ability to embed and develop the embryo, prevents miscarriages during pregnancy, reduces the tone of the musculature of the uterus, stimulates the restructuring of the mammary glands. Normalizes the release of testosterone.

It is used for substitution therapy in the case of a deficiency of progesterone, which also causes itching of the genital organs.

It is available in the form of capsules that can be used either orally or intravaginally.

Intravaginal use of hormonal capsules Utrozhestan requires strict adherence to the schedule prescribed by the doctor. This drug is prescribed in cases of removal of one or both ovaries; violations of their function; egg donation in combination with preparations containing estrogen; in vitro fertilization for the successful introduction and development of the embryo; violation of the phases of the menstrual cycle and infertility, due to this pathology; at threat of a miscarriage; treatment of a habitual miscarriage. In each case, an individual treatment regimen is selected. Self-medication for these drugs can lead to sad consequences.

It is not contraindicated to pregnant women, nevertheless in the last three months of pregnancy, it is used with caution because of the possible development of liver failure, and also during lactation - due to a decrease in the production of breast milk.

Contraindicated in cases of intermenstrual hemorrhagic manifestations of unknown genesis; incomplete spontaneous abortion; neoplasms of the reproductive organs and mammary glands;
Porphyrin disease; intolerance of the components of Utrozhestan.
The use of capsules intravaginally occasionally leads to hemorrhagic manifestations between the phases of the menstrual cycle.

Utrozhestan can increase the hypotonic effect of drugs that reduce blood pressure, diuretics, anticoagulants, immunosuppressants. Reduces lactogenicity of oxytocin.

With prolonged local application, there may be weakly expressed signs, identical to side effects, which themselves disappear when the drug is withdrawn.

Store no more than three years, observing the temperature regime up to 25 ° C.

A very common cause of itching and burning in an intimate place is vaginal candidiasis or thrush. It is caused by many circumstances - from taking antibiotics to sexually transmitted infections. Get rid of thrush can, using the above described vaginal suppositories Pimafucin, as well as a suppository against itching in an intimate place - Livarol, Nystatin, Polizhinaks. These are antifungal drugs, active antagonists of candidiasis.

Use these drugs for pregnant and lactating women without consulting a doctor is not recommended.

Suppositories from the itching of other pharmacological groups

In the treatment of infections of the urogenital tract, candles with metronidazole, an effective antibacterial drug, at the same time causing a lot of side effects, are often prescribed . Itching from suppositories with metronidazole (allergic vaginitis) is a frequent phenomenon, it is necessary to inform the attending physician about it.

To get rid of vaginitis, you need to restore normal vaginal microbiocenosis, that is, reduce the number of pathogenic representatives and colonize with useful microorganisms.

In this case, the vaginal suppositories of Acylact, which include three strains of acidophilic lactobacilli, active against many pathogenic and opportunistic microbes , can help .

Lactobacillus, getting into the vagina, begins to process glycogen with the formation of lactic acid. This contributes to the restoration of a natural acidic environment, not conducive to the development of pathogens (glycogen for nutrition, they also lacks).

At the same time, Doderlein's wand, representatives of a healthy vaginal microflora, which support its normal parameters, begin to multiply actively. All this has a harmful effect on pathogenic microorganisms living in an alkaline environment.

Suppositories Acylact can be used during pregnancy and lactation, tk. Their active substance is lactobacilli.

Contraindicated suppository for vaginal candidiasis, as the acidic environment causes rapid growth of fungi. In this case, first remove the fungi, and then restore the microflora.

Introduce one suppository once or twice daily for ten days. After ten to twenty days, repeat the course of treatment. Within three months, it is possible to hold two such courses with an interval of at least ten days.

Joint use of suppositories with antimicrobial, antiviral and immunity-enhancing oral preparations is allowed. Do not use suppositories of acylactum intravaginally with antibiotics.

Synonyms of suppositories Acylact are suppositories Lactobacterin (has a more pronounced effect due to a greater content of lactobacilli), vaginal capsules Lactonorm and Ecofemin.

The analogue of this drug is vaginal suppositories Acipol. In addition to lactobacilli, they include polysaccharide of kefir fungus.

Lactobacilli stimulate the process of creation and development of a natural and balanced microflora.

Kefir fungus polysaccharide is an immunomodulator that increases the protective barrier.

Another vaginal probiotic is Bifidumbacterin suppositories containing active bifidobacteria.

Suppositories against anal itching

Suppositories from itching in the anus are a convenient dosage form that allows the active component of the drug to be well absorbed by the vessels of the anaretal zone. Constituent candles, as a rule, are vasoconstrictor ingredients, and also relieve spasms and pain, combined on the basis of neutral fats, acting as a laxative.

The most famous brand of antihemorrhoidal suppositories is Relief. Quite popular are Proctosan, Anuzol, a suppository based on sea buckthorn oil.

They are used in cases of hemorrhoids, cracks, microtraumas, erosive manifestations both inside and outside the rectum, anal itching.


Antihemorrhoidal suppositories, consisting of:

  • shark liver oil, which exerts an action at the site of application, stops the blood, removes inflammation, increases immunity and stimulates the regeneration of tissues;
  • phenylephrine hydrochloride is a synthetic stimulator of alpha-adrenoreceptors, narrows the vessels of the anorectal region, contributing to the restoration of balance in the tissues of this region between filling them with blood and its outflow (as a result, edema, exudation, discharge and, accordingly, itching decrease).

These components are combined in suppositories based on cocoa butter, a natural emollient component.

Pregnant and lactating women are appointed by the doctor if it is not possible to use an alternative remedy.

Contraindicated in cases of low granulocyte content in the blood; propensity to thrombosis; sensitization to the ingredients of suppositories.

Suppositories Relief are used only after hygienic procedures in the field of application. They are injected into the anus one at a time, a maximum of four times a day.

Systematic use provides steady relief.

Suppositories Relief is not recommended for use with monoamine oxidase inhibitors, drugs for hypertension and depression.

If the recommended dose is significantly exceeded, a risk of an increase in the rate of thrombus formation is theoretically possible.

Suppositories are available in three versions: Relief (described above); Relief Advance - with an anesthetic component (benzocaine), provides local anesthesia;

Relief Ultra - in its complex, in addition to shark liver oil, sulfate

Zinc (supporting and regenerating component) and hydrocortisone acetate, narrowing the vessels, stopping the inflammatory and allergic process.

Due to the presence of an anti-allergic component, Relief Ultra suppositories have the most powerful effect against itching.

Store no more than two years, protecting from light and observing the temperature regime up to 27 ° С


A complex agent containing a combination of ingredients:

  • NPVS bufeksamak - stopping the inflammation of the anaerectal tissues, inhibiting the biosynthesis of prostaglandins, which contributes to the disappearance of pain;
  • bismuth subgallate - on the skin and mucous membranes contacting the candle, forms albumins with mucus, blood, exudate proteins, creating a protective film only on an unhealthy surface; thus having a hemostatic, drying effect;
  • titanium dioxide - a mineral substance that catalyses the effect of the previous constituents;
  • lidocaine hydrochloride - blocks the excitation and transmission of pain impulses along nerve fibers, simultaneously removing sensations of itching and burning in the anus zone, thereby ensuring a rapid analgesic effect of this drug.

The components of the drug in the complex show a rapid anti-inflammatory, analgesic, astringent and antipruritic action, accelerate the process of restoring the surface of the skin and mucous membranes, eliminate bleeding.

Rectal suppository Proctosan has no systemic effect.

Pregnant and lactating women should not be used.

Contraindicated in case of sensitization to constituents of suppositories; skin manifestations of nonspecific diseases in the area of application; an allergic anamnesis; age 0-17 years.

Occasionally, local allergic reactions are possible. The interaction of suppositories with a condom reduces the elasticity of the latter.

Rectal suppository is injected into the rectum - one piece twice a day, until the acute manifestations disappear, after which the number of injections is reduced to one time. Duration of treatment is individual, maximum seven days. With a view to the most effective action of the drug, it is recommended to administer the suppository after evacuation of the intestine, having carried out the necessary hygienic procedures and moistening the anus with warm water.

Cases of overdose are not known.

Store no more than five years, observing the temperature regime of 15-25 ° C, with low humidity of air in a dark place.

Posterizan forte

Combined drug with active substances - inactivated E. Coli cells (Escherichia coli) and hydrocortisone.

Escherichia coli and the products of their vital activity, falling into the rectal mucosa, cause an immune response as foreign elements, increasing the resistance of tissues at the site of administration of the suppository to the influence of pathogens. Activation of T-lymphocytes, phagocytosis of leukocytes and other immune factors occurs. This reduces the release of exudate during inflammation, tones the blood vessels, reduces their permeability, restores damaged tissue.

Hydrocortisone removes puffiness, redness, itching.

Pregnant and lactating women are allowed to use only for medical reasons.

Contraindicated in bacterial and / or fungal infections of the anal zone, sensitization to the ingredients of the Posterizan forte suppositories.

Allergies are possible.

Suppositories are administered in the morning, during the day each time after defecation and before going to bed. Duration of use from two to three weeks.

The action of hydrocortisone is enhanced or there may be side effects when combined with other drugs containing it.

Store no more than two years, observing the temperature regime of 0-25ºС and low humidity, in a dark place. Keep away from children.

Suppositories Natalside

The active component of these suppository data is obtained from ochophytic seaweed, which cope well with inflammation and bleeding, healing anal fissures and restoring the damaged surface of mucous membranes and the normal balance of its microflora.

Virtually no side effects. Unlike most similar drugs are not contraindicated to pregnant and lactating women.

Suppositories Anuzol

A complex agent consisting of xeroform, a dense extract of belladonna and zinc sulfate. Removes inflammation, disinfects, relieves spasms, pain, itching, dries and stops bleeding. Contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

Has a number of contraindications - zakratougolnaya glaucoma, neoplasms of the prostate, violations of the heart rhythm, CHF, atony intestines. Causes dry mouth, thirst, diarrhea, impaired heart rate, insomnia, visual impairment, allergies. During the therapy of suppositories Anuzol, attention-focused activities should be avoided.

Suppositories with sea buckthorn oil

Pregnant and lactating women from discomfort in the anus can recommend a very effective suppository with sea buckthorn oil (apply, consult with a doctor).

Their main element is an extract of sea buckthorn oil containing a variety of biologically active components, polyunsaturated acids and a vitamin complex, unique in composition. Suppositories with sea buckthorn cope well with inflammation, with pathogenic microorganisms, hemorrhage, show antihistaminic, antioxidant, wound-healing properties. The result of their application is the disappearance of pain, swelling, itching, bloody discharge, even hemorrhoids.

Suppositories based on the extract of sea buckthorn oil are not dangerous, they can be consumed at the age of six and as prevention of exacerbations of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Contraindications: diarrhea, pancreatitis, stones in the gallbladder and ducts, age 0-5 years, intolerance. Allergy is possible.

At the age of 12 years, one unit is administered twice a day; 6-12 years - one unit once a day from one week to ten days.

Store no more than two years, observing the temperature regime is not higher than 25 ° C. Keep away from children.

Treatment of itching in the anus can be effective only if the cause of this symptom is correctly established. When he appears, you need to see a doctor.

In particular, if the itching in the anus is distressing the child. The most common cause of pruritus of children are helminthic invasions. Constant discomfort in the anus can cause deviations in mental development, at least, it negatively affects concentration, perseverance, and school performance.

To successfully get rid of anal itching, three conditions must be met:

  • To observe hygiene in the form of water procedures after each defecation;
  • adhere to dietary nutrition, eliminating spicy food, monitor the regularity of the stool;
  • candles from the itch in the anus to choose together with the doctor.

It is important to know!

What to say, to fight with such a disease as hemorrhoids is difficult, but it is necessary to do it. And that the effect of the treatment was more palpable, you will need a special diet for hemorrhoids. Read more..

Pharmacological group

Гинекологические препараты
Препараты, применяемые для лечения геморроя

Pharmachologic effect

Противозудные препараты


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