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We daily wash my hands, brush my teeth, take a shower. The implementation of simple hygiene rules helps to maintain health. And which of us take care of the purity of the intestines? As a result of irrational nutrition, the intake of antibiotics, the influence of pathogenic factors of the environment, and stressful effects, the digestive organs suffer. Often, the mucous membrane is clogged with pus, mucus and calves, which leads to a state of constant intoxication.

Of course, cleansing the bowels is a personal matter for every person. I would like to recall that the mass of lymphatic capillaries opens on the papillae of the mucosa of the large intestine. And if access is blocked by a thick layer of dirt?

In this case, the process of cleaning the internal organs is violated. As for washing away microflora and the emergence of dysbiosis due to cleansing of the intestine, this opinion is completely mistaken. Cleaning methods help to get rid of putrefactive and fermenting masses, thereby suppressing the pathogenic flora. Only in these conditions the E. Coli gets the opportunity to function normally, synthesizing the vitamins B and amino acids that are irreplaceable for our organism.

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Methods of bowel cleansing

Among all possible variants of purifying techniques, most often, the result can be achieved by a complex effect. For example, cleaning with the use of a saline solution at the beginning is more expedient to conduct after taking laxatives.

Whatever methods of cleaning the intestines you have not considered - in a home or hospital environment, first of all, read the contraindications and consult a doctor. An important principle of any intervention in the vital activity of the body remains the principle - "do no harm". Especially if you are an absolute beginner in this field.

Home cleaning methods: 

  • the setting of an enema or the use of a mug of Esmarch; 
  • washing with salt, citrus juices; 
  • using a laxative; 
  • the use of enterosorbents (activated carbon, enterosgel, etc.).

Medical institutions offer hydrocolonotherapy: 

  • method of underwater washing - requires the presence of a special apparatus of APCS and, heated to 37 degrees, therapeutic fluid. The duration of the procedure is up to 40 minutes, for which about 30 liters of composition pass through the large intestine. The course of therapy - 6 sessions; 
  • irrigation-washing technique in Lenskoye - the heated water is placed in a special tank with a rubber tube, where the intestinal probe is attached. The procedure takes about half an hour. The amount of water for cleaning varies from 8 to 20 liters. The course consists of a maximum of 8 sessions.

Cleansing of the intestines from toxins

Slagging of the body and the syndrome of "lazy" stomach, unfortunately, for many has become the norm. Some people do not even guess how many health problems can be avoided and get rid of the tormenting chronic diseases, by cleansing measures of the digestive tract.

Cleansing the intestine from slags allows you to forget about the following problems: 

  • stool disorders; 
  • constant headaches, terrible migraines; 
  • radiculitis; 
  • sluggish, drowsy condition and fast fatigue; 
  • unpleasant body odor; 
  • skin diseases; 
  • excessive gassing, painful swelling; 
  • respiratory diseases; 
  • frequent colds; 
  • a decrease in efficiency, loss of interest in life.

All these unpleasant symptoms affect the ability to fully live. Indications for carrying out purificatory manipulations will be even a once-observed case of constipation or signs of poisoning. Improve the overall condition is possible through a balanced diet and proper selection of herbal infusions.


Monitor cleansing of the intestine

The popularity of monitored intestinal cleansing (IOC) or hydrocolonotherapy acquired in the twentieth century in the United States. A new-fangled procedure is considered useful, absolutely safe and more effective than an enema. IOC works with all parts of the large intestine.

During the cleaning with a special device, the herbal solution enters the colon through the probe, and the suction device removes the waste liquid along with the calcified deposits. Isolation of the environment helps to avoid an unpleasant odor. The nurse watches the intestinal pressure. Velocity, supply / discharge pressure, and volume of solution are selected individually according to the physiological characteristics of the patient.

The maximum amount of injected liquid is 30 liters. Usually, 15 liters per session for a course of 5 procedures is sufficient.

In addition to cleansing from fecal clusters, bile, getting rid of stones and gases, monitor technology removes toxins from the body. The technique is indispensable for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, bronchopulmonary diseases, autoimmune problems and skin diseases.

After hydrocolonotherapy, blood sugar is normalized, cholesterol content is reduced, and stagnant phenomena in the small pelvis are eliminated.

Contraindications IOC: 

  • stage of exacerbation of hemorrhoids; 
  • Crohn's disease; 
  • cancer in the rectum; 
  • pregnancy, lactation; 
  • operated abdominal wall and intestine; 
  • kidney diseases; 
  • gastrointestinal bleeding; 
  • heart diseases; 
  • hernia in the inguinal and abdominal areas; 
  • hypertension; 
  • ulcer.

Before the procedure, be sure to consult a doctor.

Preparations for bowel cleansing

Preparations for bowel cleansing are best used on the recommendation of a doctor, or at least carefully read the instructions.

Medicines for cleansing the intestine are divided into three groups: 

  1. chemical laxatives - cause a single defecation, work with the large intestine (preparations based on hay, buckthorn, bisacodyl, castor oil); 
  2. laxative osmotic type - characterized by low absorption, which contributes to the injection of fluid in the intestine. Affect the thick and thin sections of the intestine (magnesium sulfate, sodium, salt from Carlsbad, citrate, lactulose); 
  3. voluminous substances of laxative action - increase the volume of the intestine, stimulating the evacuation function (agar-agar, sea kale, bran, etc.).

There are also a number of laxative oils - vaseline, almond, fennel and others.

Laxative for cleansing of the intestine

If you do not want to use the enema, you can buy a modern laxative. According to physicians, the substances of the new generation are able to replace several enemas by efficiency.

To such powerful preparations carry "fortrans". Recently appeared in pharmacies, the facility managed to gain popularity, despite the high cost. The action "fortrans" begins in an hour and a half after receiving, and the duration - up to 5 hours. The medication is shown only to adults. To cleanse the intestine, dilute the contents of the sachet in a liter of water (at a rate of 1 liter per 20 kg of body weight). In general, the laxative for cleansing the bowel is well tolerated. Sometimes there is bloating, nausea, vomiting, or skin reactions.

Cleansing the bowels with oil

To clean the intestine, you need a spoon of ordinary vegetable oil, which is better than unrefined. Take the oil in your mouth and keep for about half an hour without swallowing. The contents of the oral cavity will be transformed from a liquid state into milk of a similar mass, signifying an influx of toxins. Do not under any circumstances swallow this substance! If the liquid is yellow, the procedure is not finished. The best time for manipulation is in the morning before meals or before bedtime. In such a simple way, it is easy to get rid of toxins and slime, pathogens and salts. To finish the procedure it is recommended to rinse the mouth with a sage decoction. The duration of therapy can reach half a year in the case of chronic diseases.

Known purification of the intestine with linseed oil (250g.) In combination with flaxseed (100g.). The ingredients are placed in a dark glass container and allowed to stand at room temperature for a week. Cleaning of the intestine is carried out daily using a tablespoon of a drug three times a day only on an empty stomach (preferably an hour before meals). Cleansing effect is achieved in two weeks. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of a vegetarian diet, completely eliminating meat, flour, alcohol, all sweets (honey can be).

Use the method of cleaning linseed oil is forbidden: suffering pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, hepatitis. Patients with high acidity and cholecystitis need to drink infusion during a meal.

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Purification of the intestine with castor oil

Known to our ancestors and the popular way to this day - cleaning the intestines with castor oil. The procedure is done before bedtime. An important condition: the last meal was at lunch. One kilogram of weight is taken by 1 gram of the product. Warmed on a water bath, castor oil is drunk with a volley, washed down with pure lemon juice (it should be twice as much).

The next 12 hours are recommended for fasting. The food is administered neatly, starting with a light one - oatmeal on water, rice. From the juice can be grapefruit, watermelon. Ginger tea is useful, enhancing the effect of castor oil.

This method of purification is not desirable for children under 14 and elderly people. Contraindication is ulcerative colitis, oncology of the digestive tract.

Enema for cleansing of the intestine

The enema with the purpose of getting rid of toxins, getting rid of constipation is convenient to use at home. For the procedure, you can use herbal decoctions, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar. The most common technique is washing with warm boiled water or salt.

A full purifying effect is achieved by observing a number of rules. Enema for bowel cleansing is used by a consistent course of morning or evening procedures.

For household washing, the Esmarch mug is more suitable, which allows working with a volume of up to 2 liters. The filled mug is suspended at a level of 1.5 m from the floor. The tip of the rubber tube is treated with oil and injected into the anus (not deeper than 8 cm) with the knee-elbow position. Squeezing out the clamp on the tube, allow the fluid to fill the large intestine.

When the fluid has filled the digestive tract, it is recommended that you roll over on your back and lift the pelvis. It is better to make a "birch" or to get your feet behind your head. A minute later, a good chat with the stomach, which promotes the flow of water from the colon to the transverse section. Then you should gently turn over first on the back, and then on the right side, so that the water can reach the ascending branch and the caecum. This method will help rinse the entire digestive system. It is advisable to stand for at least 15 minutes before the defecation process.

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Cleaning the intestines at home

The organism itself has hidden reserves, which need only help to run. For the purpose of natural cleaning, the following recommendations should be observed: 

  • eat more raw vegetables, fruits, honey; 
  • Do not neglect the system of separate food to prevent putrefaction and fermentation; 
  • to reduce consumption, and even completely refuse from sweet, floury, fatty dishes; 
  • Low-fat meat and fish are no more than once a week; 
  • Do not overeat; 
  • each drink up to 2 liters of water, without taking into account soups, compotes, soda.

Purification of the intestines at home is carried out in the following ways: 

  • porridge of oats and rice in equal proportions, boiled on water, slightly salted (for breakfast or dinner); 
  • 2 tbsp. Bran is washed down before sleeping with a decoction of 1 tbsp. Hops, mother-and-stepmother, 2 tbsp. Calendula on a glass of boiling water; 
  • for a day they eat 2 kg. Apples, while giving up coffee; 
  • during the day, instead of eating, drink freshly squeezed juices, which you prefer to taste; 
  • the daily ration consists only of vegetables, it is possible in a salad with refueling in the form of vegetable oil; 
  • take food with clean water in 20 minutes; 
  • enema cleansing; 
  • use of laxatives; 
  • cleaning with salt.

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Purification of the intestine by alternative means

Alternative medicine methods such as - decoctions, infusions, diets, special exercises are deservedly popular in cleaning home programs.

Purification of the intestine by alternative means, recipes: 

  • honey - 1 tbsp. Dissolved in a glass of water at room temperature. Drink portionwise three times a day for several months; 
  • milk - boil and sustain a day. In the obtained kisljak enter 1st. Spoon of sunflower oil. Drink before going to bed, and in the morning the first thing to use is a garlic slice or an apple; 
  • mineral water - drink the water heated up to 36 degrees with xylitol (a couple of spoons) placed in it, then actively move, again drink mineral water. After a few "approaches" there is an easing; 
  • mixture of dried apricots, prunes, raisins, nettle - crushed products mixed with honey, add oil and vodka (100 gr.). They store a laxative in the cold, they eat for sleep the future; 
  • beets - in the form of juice, raw grated, and it is better to swallow the cake before eating; 
  • herbs - grind a teaspoon of dill, cumin, anise, fennel, coriander and mix thoroughly. Before going to bed swallow 1h. Spoon the mixture and wash with water.

Purification of the intestine by Malakhov

Purification of the intestine by Malakhov is carried out with the aid of a mug of Esmarch. As a purifying agent, take urine.

One and a half liters of urine is filled with a mug of Esmarch and placed at a height of 1.5 m from the floor. With a rubber hose, the tip is removed, and the lower edge of the hose is lubricated with oil. In the knee-elbow position, insert a rubber tube to a depth of up to 15 cm.

During the penetration of fluid into the intestine, you should carefully monitor your feelings. With discomforts, decrease the intensity of urine intake. Breathing should be calm and measured.

After the introduction of the entire volume of fluid, you need to lie on your back and raise your pelvis. It's good to raise your legs and tighten your belly. A similar enema is put in the morning or in the evening, holding up to 20 minutes. The cycle consists of 8 procedures performed every other day.

Teas for cleansing the intestines

Herbal tea is the most gentle means of cleansing the body. Fragrant formulations can be purchased in numerous phyto-pharmacies or prepared independently, selecting an individual composition.

The most popular herbs are mint, chamomile, tansy, wormwood, plantain, etc. Broths normalize the intestinal flora, and some of them have choleretic (tansy) and anthelmintic (wormwood) effect.

Teas for cleaning the intestines: 

  • per liter of boiling water take st.l. Root of ginger and licorice, turmeric. The composition should not be protested for more than fifteen minutes; 
  • st.l. Anise and licorice, 2 tbsp. The josters are well mixed. Dry composition 1 tbsp. Pour a glass of boiling water. Take half a glass before going to bed; 
  • mix equal parts of nettle, buckthorn (bark), yarrow. 2 tbsp. Dry mixture brewed half a liter of hot water, aged for about ten minutes. Take on an empty stomach in an amount of 100ml.

Cleansing the intestines with lemon

Lemon perfectly removes uric acid, dissolves slag deposits, promotes tissue regeneration and is suitable for everyone. Peel of lemon relieves of the accumulation of gases. Lemon also removes heavy metals and is an antiseptic.

If you have any disorders of the digestive tract, cleansing the intestine with lemon should start with small doses with the addition of water. Apply the technique to people with high acidity after a course of vegetable juices. Caution should be observed and with a tendency to appendicitis.

On the purification rate is about 200 citrus. The juice is drunk in its pure form, without impurities, half an hour before a meal. On the first day, you need 5 lemons, the amount of citrus fruits is increased every day, bringing up to 25 pieces. After that, the dosage is started to be lowered.

Lemon juice is taken all day, without mixing with food. At first, the body needs time to adapt, which is sometimes indicated by discomfort from the intestine. In this case, stop drinking for a while.

Purification of the intestine with water

Admission of a sufficient amount of still water during the day is a pledge of natural cleaning of internal environments. The fluid consumption is determined depending on the weight of the person. For a relatively pure organism, this condition is more than enough.

When there are problems with digestion, it is necessary to purify the intestine with water through an enema or a method of colon hydrotherapy. Washing with water is carried out in a medical facility where all your sensations are monitored during the procedure. At the last session with the preventive purpose introduce bifidobacteria. Cleaning is accompanied by hydro massage of the walls of the large intestine.

At the end of the sessions, several kilograms can "go away." Patients notice a surge of energy, excellent mood and digestion.

Cleansing the bowels with salt water

Purification of the intestine with salt water or yoga technique "shank-prakshalana" is complete and incomplete. In the first case, up to 5 liters of salted water is drunk, the method is practiced no more than three times a year. With incomplete cleaning, you have to drink at most 2 liters, apply monthly.

The technique is carried out on the waning moon. For beginners, it is advisable to take magnesium sulfate from the evening - a laxative, which will help prepare for practice. In the morning, without eating, they begin to drink salted water (per liter 1hrl without a slide) and do special exercises that help the water move along the digestive tract. Six approaches are being taken: drinking water - doing exercises. There comes a relaxation, after which the whole process repeats. Cleaning continues until the naturally occurring water is clear. If there is nausea instead of bowel movement, you can massage or tighten your stomach.

After ½ hour after the procedure, it is recommended to eat boiled rice, you can drink only after three hours.


Cleansing the bowels with salt

Sodium sulfate (Glauber's salt) is capable of removing toxins not only from the intestine, but from other organs. The laxative is used this way: in the morning they take st. Spoon and dissolve in a glass of water (room temperature). After a while, there will be an easing. To avoid dehydration make juice from four grapefruits, two lemons, three oranges. Must leave two liters, which are diluted with the same amount of water. Drink the solution after ½ hour after taking the laxative at intervals of 30 minutes.

Magnesium sulphate (English salt) is also not absorbed into the walls of the intestine, liquefying its contents, removes toxins and toxins. Dissolve two sachets in a glass of water (at an average weight of 60 kg), drink before bed.

On the day of cleansing, it is necessary to refuse food, in the evening it is desirable to make an enema (2 liters of warm water 1-2 lemons). Cleansing the bowels of salt spend three days in a row. Further diet includes vegetable juices, raw fruits and vegetables. The process of cleaning can proceed with a feeling of hunger, refrain from food.

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Gut cleaning

Senna herb has been recognized in alternative and traditional medicine as a remedy for constipation. Cleansing the intestine of hay in the form of tea: a spoonful of grass is poured into a quarter of a liter of cool water, insist a day, filter. This method of production prevents the occurrence of unpleasant cutting sensations in the abdomen. They drink an infusion for a dream to come. Defecation occurs approximately in 8 hours.

The method is recommended to adults once a month. It is very important to follow the indicated dosage so that the result does not exceed expectations. The maximum purification rate reaches 10 days.

Senna also works with the kidneys, relieving them of sand and stones.

Cleansing the intestines with kefir

Keeping the bowels clean requires three days. The course should be conducted monthly. The cleansing morning enema is made on the first day. The whole day only kefir is drunk (up to 3l.), It is possible to chew rye croutons. It requires complete abstinence from food. It should be noted that yoghurts and other dairy products are not suitable!

The second day also begins with an enema. Freshly squeezed juices of beets, apples, carrots or their combination are allowed. Food is not used.

On the third day you can have breakfast with vegetables or fruits. During the day you can eat, eliminating the consumption of meat, bread, spicy, salty, roast. Watch for separate reception of products.

Properly cleansed will give you a feeling of lightness and a noticeable weight loss.

Cleansing the intestines with rice

Rice is a natural adsorbent, absorbing and removing harmful elements. The product is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and does not contain gluten.

Purification of the intestine by rice is carried out in several ways, for which the round varieties are best suited. Soak 2 tbsp. Rice for 12 hours, fill half a liter of cold water. Cook rice by changing the water four times, which removes starch. No condiments, even salt can not be added. This recipe is used for 40 days. Porridge is cooked and eaten in the morning, after which you can not drink and eat.

Another technique - morning chew two st. Spoons of rice / rice flour, without washing down. Three hours abstain from food and drink. Purification is carried out for 10 days.

During the cleansing period, it is better to keep a vegetarian diet. It is mandatory to take dried apricots, raisins, prunes or multivitamins.


Bran for bowel cleansing

Bran is a source of fiber that can clean the digestive tract. Mixed with water, bran swells and presses on the walls of the intestines, which in turn provokes emptying. Bran has a choleretic effect.

Bran for cleaning the intestines can be purchased at the pharmacy or supermarket department. In the morning, take 2 tbsp. Mix, having washed down with several glasses of water, juice or unsweetened tea. The reception is repeated until lunch. It is necessary to drink it - this is the whole purifying sense. The maximum dose per day is 6st. Spoons. Overdose is fraught with gas formation, a feeling of heaviness, a weakening of digestive functions.

Cleaning lasts a month. The courses are repeated twice a year. The result will be clean skin, strong hair and nails, a burst of energy.

Cleansing of intestines flax

Floured flax seeds swell in the intestines, leading to its mechanical stretching and contraction, which contributes to the removal of harmful substances. Len is known for its enveloping, cleansing, laxative effect.

Prepare the infusion from the ground seeds as follows: 1h. Spoon is brewed with a glass of boiling water, allowed to stand for several hours. They drink shortly before sleeping with the seeds. The course reaches a month.

Cleansing intestine flax with unrefined sunflower oil: ground seeds (100g.) Mixed with a glass of oil, insisted for several days at room temperature. Is taken in the amount of 1 st. Spoon an hour before meals. From the diet exclude alcoholic beverages, flour, sugar is replaced with honey.

The combination of flax and oil is contraindicated in pancreatitis, hepatitis and cholelithiasis. In these cases, it is better to clean the water tincture.

Cleansing the intestines with honey

Honey has a restoring effect on the damaged mucosa of the intestine. The benefits of the product of beekeeping can not be recalled.

Cleaning the intestines with honey is suitable for the most busy or lazy people. The recipe is very simple: in a glass of water (not hot), enter 1 st. A spoonful of honey and mix. Honey is drunk three times a day before meals. Cleaning is carried out for two months. Contraindication is the individual intolerance of the product.

Honey helps to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

When chronic enterocolitis should be used for cleaning honey with apple juice. A liter of juice is administered 100 gr. Honey. The mixture is drunk a day, divided into four doses. Cleansing lasts for a month, run courses 2-3 times a year.

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Diet for cleansing the intestines

The simplest, but no less effective way to cleanse the body is a healthy diet. This is the most gentle and natural technique.

Diet for bowel cleansing: 

  • eat raw, that is, raw fruits, vegetables; 
  • love greenery, nuts; 
  • Drink water, fruit and vegetable juices; 
  • refuse or reduce the consumption of coffee, drinks with gases, foods with food additives; 
  • forget about tobacco and alcohol; 
  • Do not abuse spices and fats of animal origin; 
  • take food regularly, preferably at the same time; 
  • watch for the abundance of sleep; 
  • learn to stay in a calm, harmonious state; 
  • take walks in the fresh air, ventilate the room; 
  • do not forget about physical activity.

Reviews of bowel cleansing

How many cleansing techniques so many followers. Of course, any cleaning equipment should be chosen based on medical prescriptions, individual characteristics, life rhythm and contraindications for health reasons. Cleansing does not tolerate haste, nervous loads. Some people are approached by rigid methods (starvation), and for others, a more gentle, gentle effect (herbal infusions) is acceptable.

Purification of the intestinal testimonials relate more often to pharmacological drugs, yogic techniques. To medical preparations and sorbents people turn in view of employment. Yoga methods have become widespread due to the multitude of schools and various courses where one can get qualified advice.

Thanks to the available feedback (it is not important, positive or negative), it becomes clear that a person is moving towards a healthy lifestyle, he has a sense of responsibility. People who have consciously embarked on the path of health, having gone through a purification course, in the future try not to pollute the internal environment of their organism.

Purification of the intestine is a necessary procedure for the normal vital activity of all body systems, allowing one to get rid of even serious, excruciating diseases for years.

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