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Ointments and creams from a fungus on nails

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

From the appearance of the fungus on the nails can not always be insured. It is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy person if the rules of personal hygiene are not respected, most often in public places. His disputes can not be discerned with the naked eye, so the fight with him is conducted blindly. A nail plate affected by a fungus needs to be treated. Traditionally, dermatology doctors prescribe a complex therapy, its invariable component is an ointment or cream. The choice in the pharmacies is large enough, the main thing is to acquire an effective tool that will help cope with the disease and will not cause complications.

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Indications for use

Ointment or a cream from a fungus is appointed or nominated at obvious signs of defeat of a nail plate, namely:

  • changes in color to brown, gray, green, white, yellow, brown or black;
  • At the root of the nail, there appeared dots of white color, which gradually spread throughout its surface;
  • on the nail plate formed a small size of the cavity, transverse grooves, bands;
  • there is a change in the shape of the nail - it thickens, becomes covered with tubercles;
  • nails crumble and fade;
  • gradually atrophy and torn away;
  • itching and soreness are felt around the place of the lesion.

Form of issue

Ointment and cream from the fungus are released in tubes, volume of 20 ml.

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Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The mechanism of action of the ointment against the fungus is that its active components damage the membranes of fungal cells, exerting a depressing effect on the production of ergosterol. When it is absent, holes are formed in the cell wall and from them the etheric constituents of the fungal cells begin to flow. As a result, they stop their growth in the affected area and die, the negative impact on the nail plate is completed. In general, it helps to get rid of the infection.

Ointment from the fungus is applied to the surface of the nail and the skin around it. The constituent substances have the ability to penetrate well into the skin, concentrating in its various layers. The drug is absorbed into the blood and remains in the human body for 48-72 hours.

Using ointments and creams from the fungus on the nails during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women become particularly vulnerable. Sometimes they have a fungal nail infection. Leaving aside such a problem is not necessary, just as you can not postpone her treatment for the postpartum period. Because there is a risk of infecting a child, and in children the process of treatment is much more difficult. But most pharmaceuticals are contraindicated for women in the period of bearing a child, because the effect of active components on the development of the fetus has not been fully studied. If there is an urgent need, then prescribe ointment from the fungus of nails (Miconazole, Salicylic ointment).

Treatment should be under strict medical supervision. But in most cases, dermatologists are advised to refrain from using antifungal drugs, and to conduct therapeutic measures only after giving birth and ending the period of breastfeeding. Then the child will be completely safe.

Contraindications for use

Despite the effectiveness of the ointment from the fungus is proved in practice, there are a number of limitations on its use. From its application should be denied in such cases:

  • allergy or sensitivity to any component of the drug;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • renal / hepatic impairment;
  • the presence of neoplasms;
  • metabolic disorders and endocrine diseases;
  • age is less than 12 years;
  • diseases of the vessels of the legs.

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Side effects

In most cases, the drug is well tolerated, but sometimes it can provoke dry skin, cause redness and burning sensation. At such displays it is necessary to stop application of ointment and to consult with the doctor. Perhaps, this tool does not suit you and you need to replace it with something that will not cause a side effect.

Names of ointments and creams from a fungus on nails

  • Nizoral.
  • Lamisyl.
  • Fungoterbine.
  • Atifin.
  • Candide.
  • Exodermil.
  • Lamel.
  • Zalain.
  • Lycospores.
  • Exeter.
  • Tebicur.
  • Mycospores.
  • Mycoterbine.
  • Fluconazole.
  • Terbinox.
  • Medofloran.
  • Terbinafine.
  • Iconazole.
  • Clotrimazole.
  • Unisan.
  • Binafin.
  • Lamican.
  • Onihon.
  • Tigal-sanovel.
  • Ungusan.
  • Exifin.

Method of applying ointments and creams from the fungus on the nails

Before applying, the nail plate should be washed in a solution of laundry soap and baking soda, allow to dry. Ointment or cream apply a thin layer on the infected area three times a day. The course of treatment is from one to two months and up to six months, depending on the extent of the lesion.


Cases of drug overdose are unlikely. If it got inside, then there may be pain in the abdomen, a liver function disorder, nausea, followed by vomiting, dizziness, itching, redness.

Interactions with other drugs

No interaction with medications of other groups was noted.

Storage conditions

Ointment and cream from the fungus should be kept in the original packaging, in a place closed from sunlight, do not freeze. The air temperature should not be above 25 degrees. Limit the access of strangers, especially children.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the drug is two years. After the expiration of the date indicated on the packaging, it is better to refuse use.

Effective cream and ointments from nail fungus on the legs

Pharmacological industry offers many drugs that will help get rid of the fungus on the nails. Among them, experts identified the most effective drugs:

"The Canison. " The main active component of the ointment is clotrimazone. It interferes with the construction of ergosterol bonds, which as a result leads to destruction of the fungal membranes and their death. Canison is spread on the affected nail and on the skin around it three times a day.

"Mycospores. " Its active component is bifonazole. The product effectively removes mold fungi, yeast-like and dermatophytes from infected areas. A positive result will be noticeable in a few days.

Exoderil. Is one of the popular ointments from the fungus on the nails. The mechanism of its action extends to dermatophytes and yeast-like fungi. In a short time, it removes the inflammatory process on the skin around the nail and eliminates itching.

"Mycosis". This ointment has proved to be one of the effective means against fungus. The result will be noticeable in three to four days. In two weeks the result from its application will be tangible.

After applying the ointment, a transparent film is formed that fits snugly against the nail, which prevents the growth of the fungus and its further spread. Promotes the growth of the nail.

Do not forget that it is forbidden to treat the fungus by itself. Only a dermatologist can determine the degree of the disease and prescribe effective drugs.

"Terbonafim. " It is used for the treatment of fungal lesions of nails, skin, with infections of the skin caused by yeast fungi, to eliminate the multi-colored lichen. Its active component changes the process of biosynthesis in the cells of fungi and leads to their death. The duration of the ointment is from two weeks to a month.

Candide cream is an antifungal ointment. An excellent remedy for lesions of nails and skin with deramatophytes, mold fungi, colorful lichen and other infections of this series. The drug freely penetrates the skin and reaches the desired concentration, for a positive effect. The course of treatment can take up to four weeks.

Clotrimazole. The main component of the ointment - clotrimazole, promotes the destruction of fungal cells, which is the source of infection. Ointment is characterized by a high degree of permeability, has antibacterial, antitrichomonadnoe and anti-amoebic effect. Applied for thirty days.

"Fundizol" - an effective drug in the treatment of fungal lesions of nail plates and skin lesions. It softens and painlessly removes the damaged part. Eliminates the unpleasant odor. The course of treatment is up to two months.

Zalain. The active substance is sertaconazole nitrate. It is intended for the treatment of fungal infections. The duration of application depends on the extent of the lesion. As a rule, a noticeable improvement is observed in the second week of treatment. To completely get rid of the fungus, you should apply the ointment within a month.

"Nizoral" - ointment, the active component of which is ketonazole. The drug eliminates fungal infection, by deleterious effects on its structure. A positive factor is the fact that it deeply penetrates the skin, but does not enter the bloodstream, and therefore does not lead to a malfunction in the work of the body's systems and does not cause habituation.

"Lamisil" is an ointment against nail fungus. It not only inhibits the fungal infection, but also has a softening effect, relieves irritation and inflammation of the skin, around the affected area. It should be applied for at least seven days, since it is possible to resume the disease.

Chinese cream based on scorpion venom  "Pihyuan Sedu" - is designed to treat fungal nail and skin lesions. It removes inflammation and kills harmful bacteria, as well as their spores. With its help you can not only get rid of the disease, but also avoid relapse.

Do not forget that it is forbidden to treat the fungus by itself. Only a dermatologist can determine the degree of the disease and prescribe effective drugs.

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Inexpensive ointments and creams from nail fungus on the legs

Nail fungus can appear in any person, regardless of his financial situation. Since the treatment process requires a lot of time and significant costs, patients tend to use drugs that are no less effective, but much cheaper than their advertised counterparts.

Among them are: Terbinafine, Terbiks, Terbinox, Atifin, Exificin, Bifosin, Exoteril, Listerin, Ecodax, Triclosan, Mushroom. Before using, you should consult a doctor, in the extreme case, to study the instruction to determine whether this drug is suitable for you personally, otherwise it will only exacerbate the situation.

It is important to know!

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