Neville Settona

Any neoplasm on the skin covers cause concern to its owner. If you consider such a cutaneous pathology as Setton's nevus, then in this case, it is not necessary to worry, since it is not prone to malignant degeneration. Nevertheless, it will not be superfluous to learn more about this disease.


Nevus Settona can develop in humans, regardless of his sex. More often the disease is found in children and adolescents, but it can also appear in adulthood.

According to the latest statistics, approximately 1% of the world's population suffers from Settus nevus. The disease is found in 25% of patients with diagnosed vitiligo.

Causes of the neville Setton

Clear reasons that lead to the appearance of Setton's nevus, specialists can not list yet. But they noticed that such formations are sometimes found in those people who suffer from leukopathy (vitiligo), or autoimmune pathologies.

There were also cases of the appearance of Setton's nevus from direct relatives of people suffering from vitiligo.

Some experts suggest that the formation of the Setton nevus is a specific reaction of the skin to excessive solar activity. This assumption is based on facts: indeed, Setton's nevuses often arise after a long stay of a person under open sunlight.

However, there is one more theory of the origin of pathology. Thus, many scientists explain the pathogenesis of the disease by an autoimmune process, because cytotoxic antibodies are found in a large number of patients in the bloodstream. Those specialists who consider this theory more likely indicate that the characteristic depigmentation around the nevus is formed due to the breakdown of melanocytes under the action of immune cells.

Risk factors

  • Frequent and prolonged exposure to open sunlight, abuse of the solarium, sunburn from sun exposure.
  • Propensity to autoimmune processes in the body.
  • The presence of leukopathy (vitiligo) from direct relatives.
  • Excessive single or multiple stressful situations.

Symptoms of the neville Setton

The appearance of Setton's nevus takes place in two stages:

  • the first stage is characterized by the appearance of an ordinary pigment spot in the form of a mole;
  • The second stage is accompanied by the formation of a pale rim along the circumference of the birthmark.

Sometimes there may be an intermediate stage, when the pale skin becomes pinkish before the blanching of the rim.

The nevus in the form of a mole has external signs of a hemisphere that rises above the surface of the skin, with well-defined outlines. The color range can range from coffee to dark brown, occasionally - to a reddish color.

The later pale band always has a diameter larger than that of the birthmark. In this case, the mole is in the center of a pale spot.

In most patients Setton's nevus is found on the skin of the upper limbs, on the back, stomach and chest. Neoplasms can be located singly or multitudinously, which allows to divide the pathology into the corresponding species.

The first signs of Settus nevus can appear, as in early childhood or adolescence, and in adults. However, in children, pathology is detected much more often.

Setton's nevus in the child in most cases is eliminated for several years. However, it is necessary to observe the neoplasm, and, if certain signs are present, it is absolutely necessary to contact the doctor. Such signs can be:

  • changing the boundaries of the spots, the appearance of fuzzy (blurriness);
  • the appearance of inflammation of the skin in the area of the nevus;
  • significant darkening of the neoplasm;
  • sensation of soreness, appearance of peeling, bleeding.

Special control is required by multiple nevi - and in some people there are dozens of them. It is believed that only multiple localization can theoretically be transformed into a malignant tumor.

Neon Setton in a teenager, like in children of an earlier age, always flows imperceptibly - and only an occasional external examination helps to detect education. As a rule, this nevus does not itch, does not hurt, does not inflame, does not bleed and does not cause any unpleasant sensations.

Complications and consequences

Complications of Settus nevus can occur only if the stain is damaged - for example, if it is brushed. When microbes get into the damaged nevus, inflammation starts in it, pus accumulates in the wound, toxins enter the blood, leading to intoxication.

To avoid such consequences, it is important to explain to the child that birthmarks can not be touched. When entering the street in sunny weather, you should use sunscreen, or glue the place of the nevus with a patch.

Diagnostics of the neville Setton

As a rule, the signs of Sett's nevus are so characteristic that any experienced doctor can recognize it and without the use of diagnostics. Slightly harder to determine Setton's nevus, the photo on the torso of which is made against the background of leukopathy (vitiligo). In this situation, other kinds of diagnostic tests may be necessary.

  • Blood tests can indicate the presence of an inflammatory process, and also demonstrate the quality of blood clotting.
  • Instrumental diagnostics will allow to establish the stage of the disease and its features:
  1. siascopy is a painless diagnostic procedure that allows you to establish the structure of Setton's nevus, as well as to find out whether the tumor contains melanocytes and dermal melanin;
  2. dermatoscopy is a hardware method that is often used for suspicious changes in nevi (for example, when pain occurs, or when the color changes);
  3. a biopsy is a procedure for taking a small piece of nevus tissue to determine its malignancy.

It is worth noting that individual varieties of melanoma have many similar manifestations with Setton's nevus. For example, sometimes melanoma can have the appearance of a pigmented center with a discolored halo around. If there are suspicions of melanoma, then the doctor will prescribe a biopsy with further histological analysis of the tissue of education.

Differential diagnosis

In addition to melanoma, differential diagnosis of Setton's nevus is usually performed with such diseases as neurofibroma, leukopathy, blue nevus and vulgar wart.

Who to contact?

Treatment of the neville Setton

Nevus Setton almost in all cases does not require any treatment. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist on a regular basis to monitor the development of the neoplasm: such visits should continue until the nevus regress begins.

Since Setton's nevus should not normally disturb the patient, there is no need to take any medications. For the general strengthening of the body and accelerate the regress of the nevus, you can take vitamins and other immunostimulating drugs:

Dosing and Administration

Side effects

Special instructions


Take 1 capsule once a day, for a month. Repeated treatment can be done after 3 months.

Nausea, abdominal pain, sleep disturbance, apathy.

The drug is not recommended for frequent exacerbations of pancreatitis and cholelithiasis.

Echinacea extract

Take 10-15 drops of tincture 2-3 times a day, with water. Duration of treatment - up to 2 months.

Rarely - nausea, vomiting, chills.

The drug is not prescribed for children under 7 years and pregnant women.


Take 1 tablet 3-4 times a day, for 1-2 months.

Allergy, leukopenia.

Children up to 4 years old are prescribed a drug in the form of a solution.

Vitrum Beauty

Take 2 tablets daily, after eating.

Rarely - allergies.

The drug is used only in adult patients.

Coenzyme Q10

Take 1 capsule twice a day, for at least one month.

Allergic reactions, systemic manifestations of hypersensitivity.

The drug is not used in children under 14 years.

Physiotherapy treatment in the Setton nevus is not applied, in view of its inexpediency.

Surgical treatment is used only when the nevus shows signs of malignancy. In this case, an operative removal of the neoplasm is carried out, with the capture of the entire depigmented site.

Alternative treatment

If you use alternative treatment, you can significantly accelerate the process of recovery. Although quickly get rid of nevus Setton is unlikely to succeed.

To accelerate the regression of tumors, you should pay attention to such recipes:

  • Twice a day, for four weeks, you should take a powder of magnesia (before eating, at the tip of the knife).
  • You need to take a piece of pure chalk, wipe it into powder and sprinkle it with a nevus, then tie it with a woolen shawl. Add water to the chalk can not!
  • You can take the peel from the banana and tie it to the nevus inside. Such bandages I recommend to do for the night.
  • It is necessary to lubricate Setton's nevus with natural tea tree oil - regularly, throughout the week.

Herbal Treatment

  • Inside, it is recommended to use wormwood: three tablespoons of herbs are poured with boiling water (1 L) and insist for at least 2 hours. Take 1 tbsp. L. Before meals, three times a day.
  • Every morning should drink 1 tbsp. L. Natural apple cider vinegar, mixed with 150 ml of water. This method is suitable for those who do not have problems with the digestive system.
  • Daily it is possible to grease a nevus juice of celandine.

In addition, it is recommended to regularly add to the dishes when cooking garlic, turmeric, cumin - these seasonings will help to get rid of such an aesthetic problem as the Settus nevus.


Most often, with Setton's nevus, such homeopathic preparations can be prescribed:

  • Apis;
  • Arnica;
  • Belladonna;
  • Yodum;
  • Creosoteum;
  • Silicea;
  • Carbo vegetabilis;
  • Mercurius iodateus flavus;
  • Lapis Albus.

Homeopathists are confident that the listed products without side effects can accelerate the process of getting rid of Settons nevus 2-3 times.

Most often, the 30th hundredth dilution is used: dilute a grain in 100 ml of water, take 1 tsp. Daily, 30 minutes before meals, or half an hour after a meal. However, such a dosage is not standard: as a rule, the specific features of taking such drugs should be checked with the homeopath physician individually.


Specific measures to prevent nevus Setton are absent, since the causes of the appearance of pathology are still at the stage of study. The following general recommendations can be made:

  • should control the time spent in the sun, do not abuse tan;
  • It is necessary to avoid conflict and stress situations in every possible way;
  • it is important to follow the rules of body hygiene;
  • you need to eat fully, so that the body receives all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

When there are any formations and diseases on the skin, it is better to consult with the doctor as soon as possible, since many pathologies are cured much easier and faster if found at the initial stages of development


If all medical recommendations are followed, the prognosis for patients with Setton nevi is considered favorable.

Setton's nevus, discovered in childhood, most often disappears by itself. However, this regression can last for years.

Nevertheless, no case of the degeneration of Setton's nevus to a malignant tumor was officially recorded. This allows a favorable prognosis for the disease.

It is important to know!

Nevus of the conjunctiva is a relatively rare, benign, usually unilateral formation. The most frequent localization of the nevus of the conjunctiva is the circumlimate region, the next - in the conjunctival fold and the flesh. Read more..

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