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Massage for breast augmentation

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

Massage for breast augmentation will help those with a small or medium bust. In addition to increasing this procedure improves the elasticity of the breast.

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Indications for the procedure

Indications for massage are such factors:

  • The desire to make the breasts bigger and more beautiful;
  • Pain sensations in the chest with menstruation;
  • Hypersensitive mammary glands;
  • The complications that arose after the operation for breast augmentation;
  • Scars that appear after surgery, stretch marks and other defects;
  • Edema of the breast;
  • Stasis in the glands of breast milk (lactostasis).

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Before starting a daily massage procedure, you should definitely consult with a gynecologist or mammologist. Perform massage with even the smallest tumors is strictly prohibited, because because of it they can increase.

During the massage, you can use special ointments or creams that are designed to improve the appearance of the breast, as well as increase it. You can buy them at any cosmetic store or pharmacy. If you do not have such an ointment, you can replace it with a hydrating face cream.


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Technique of the massage for breast augmentation

Massage for breast augmentation should be carried out as follows.

For massage, take an ointment or a cream for the chest. Next, open the chest, gently sliding around with your hands and making circular motions. Keep fingers together. Pinch your chest, moving around in a circle. Squeeze 3 fingers and gently press on the skin in the area under the breast and further around it in a few minutes. At the end, repeat cautious and slow circular movements again.

Correct massage for breast augmentation

Corrective massage is performed in several different ways:

  • Compress the 3 fingers together (index, middle, and also unnamed) and make them slow circular motions (clockwise) for at least 2 minutes. Be as cautious as possible in the area of the nipples;
  • For 2 minutes, stroke the breast in the direction upwards from the nipples;
  • Take turns taking each breast into the palm of your hand and performing light pats with your fingertips.

Massage points for breast augmentation

Acupressure for breast augmentation came up in China. This technique is based on a gentle effect on certain points of the body - as a result, the size of the bust increases.

To perform such a massage, you need to take 2 balls of ki-kong or 2 balls for playing ping-pong instead. The location of the first 2 points: about 13 cm above the solar plexus and about 2 cm from the center of the sternum. To these points you need to attach the balls, press down a little, and start making rotational movements in the clockwise direction, while rolling them back and forth. Try to work specifically on these points. To do the massage, you must first 30 seconds, then for 30 seconds to interrupt, and then again massage the chest for 1 minute.

After this, you need 1 minute to roll the ball between the palms.

Another point is located just on the palms - in the area between the index finger and thumb. Influence the ball first on one hand, and then on the other. The amount of time is the same as in the previous case.

Perform this procedure daily.

Japanese massage for breast augmentation

Japanese massage, also called Shiatsu, is performed to improve the shape of the breast. It should be noted that you will have to help, because there are several points that are placed on the back, as well as on the back of the neck. Mass points should be pads of fingers in the direction from top to bottom, trying not to make sudden movements and do not press strongly.

The order of the locations of the points to be affected by the massage:

  • 8 points are placed on the neck - you need to consistently massage each, within 2 minutes, go through each of these points 5 times;
  • Located on the back of the head, next to the hairline, the point should be under the influence of 5-7 seconds;
  • Points on the shoulders, located above the clavicles, massage 5-7 seconds, after which we interrupt for 20 seconds, and again massage for 5-7 seconds;
  • Another 6 points are placed between the blades - for 5-7 seconds to massage each of them.

Contraindications to the procedure

Massage for breast augmentation is contraindicated in the following situations:

  • Breast cancer or suspicion of it;
  • Mastopathy in the nodal form;
  • Fibroadenomas of the breast;
  • Separate painful areas or seals in the area of the mammary glands.

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Consequences after the procedure

Vacuum massage of the breast has positive consequences, since it is only allowed for women who do not have a contraindication method. This type of massage helps:

  • Improved breast tone;
  • Giving the skin elasticity, also making it pleasant to the touch;
  • Noticeable improvement in the shape of the bust;
  • Activation of metabolism;
  • Slowing down the process of aging cells;
  • Increase the volume of the breast.

To obtain the desired result, 10-15 sessions of this procedure should be performed, while making breaks between them in 1 day. Then you can once in 30 days. To conduct preventive massage.


Complications after the procedure

A massage for breast augmentation can also cause complications (if a vacuum method is used), but only in cases where the procedure is performed without first consulting a physician. If you have any contraindications to performing such a massage, it is strictly forbidden to do it. Having decided on carrying out this procedure, you will only intensify the symptoms of your existing disease.

Among other complications:

  • Strong stretching of the chest, especially if the massage is used frequently and intensively;
  • Inaccurate handling of nozzles can lead to bruising on the skin, as well as abrasions;
  • After the termination of regular sessions of carrying out of vacuum massage the breast size gradually returns to the former condition.

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