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Isophra is a medicine for local use. It is used to eliminate ENT diseases, has powerful antimicrobial properties.

ATC classification

R01AX08 Фрамицетин

Active ingredients


Indications of the isofra

It is indicated in the complex treatment of colds, sinusitis, as well as nasopharyngitis, having a bacterial origin (if there is no damage to the walls of the sinuses of the nose).

The drug is sometimes prescribed for the prevention of the development of postoperative infectious processes provoked by bacteria.

Release form

It is available in the form of a spray, in 15 ml vials. The package contains 1 bottle, complete with which is also attached nozzle-sprayer.


The active substance of the drug is Framicetin, which is included in the category of aminoglycosides of local use and has antimicrobial properties. He has high medicinal values inside the tissues of the nasal mucosa, as well as paranasal sinuses. The substance has a pronounced bactericidal activity, affecting most of the strains of gram-negative, as well as gram-positive microbes, which provoke the development of infectious processes in the upper respiratory system. Resistance to framicetin is almost not observed.

Framamycetin actively acts against corynebacteria, listeria monocytogenes, staphylococci meti-S, acitetobacter (mainly Baumann aukinetobakterii), moraxelly kataralis, campylobacter, citrobacter freundi, Citrobacter koseri. In addition, also against enterobacter anagenes, enterobacter of cloaca, Escherichia coli, Influenza sticks, Klebsiella, Morgan bacteria, Providence of Rettgera Proteus mirabilis, vulgar proteium, Salmonella, Serratia, and Shigella and Yersinia.

Pasteurells have moderate sensitivity to the effect of Framicetin.

To the influence of the substance are resistant such microorganisms: enterococci, Nocardia asteroides, staphylococci meti-R (resistance is about 30-50%, more pronounced hospital), streptococci and Alcaligenes denitrificans. In addition, Burkholderia, Flavobacterium sp., Stewart's progeny, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, stenotrophomonas maltophilia, chlamydia, resistant anaerobes, and with them mycoplasma and rickettsia.

Use of the isofra during pregnancy

The toxic effect on the function of the fetal cochleovestibular apparatus may develop. Also, the substance can penetrate systematically through the mucosa.

The safety of the use of the drug in pregnant women, as well as its effectiveness in this period, have not been studied in sufficient volumes, which is why it is not recommended to prescribe them during pregnancy.

The medicine can not be prescribed during lactation, because aminoglycosides are able to pass into the mother's milk.


Among the main contraindications of drugs:

  • presence of a hypersensitivity to framicetin or other elements from the aminoglycoside category;
  • can not be assigned to children who have not reached the age of 1 year.

Do not use the spray as a means to wash the sinuses of the nose.

Side effects of the isofra

Normally, Isophra is well tolerated. Only occasionally after the use of the spray, local or systemic allergic manifestations developed (itching or urticaria).

Dosing and administration

The drug is administered intranasally. Before you start using the spray, you need to press the nozzle several times and spray a little of the drug - this is necessary to get the correct dosage. The procedure for spraying the drug should be carried out by slightly bending your head forward. The duration of the therapeutic course, as well as the size of the dosing, are prescribed by the treating doctor.

The adult dosage is 1 spraying into each of the nostrils 4-6 times a day.

Pediatric Dosage - 1 spray the spray into each of the nostrils three times a day.

It is recommended that the duration of the therapeutic course is 10 days.

If after the 1st week of treatment there is no improvement in the patient's condition, it is necessary to cancel the spray.

Interactions with other drugs

Without the appointment of a doctor, it is forbidden to combine the spray with other medicines with an intranasal method of administration.

Storage conditions

Spray should be kept in a place inaccessible to a small child. The temperature is a maximum of 25 ° C.

Shelf life

It can be used for 3 years from the moment of manufacturing of drugs.

Pharmacological group

Антибиотики: Аминогликозиды

Pharmachologic effect

Антибактериальные препараты
Бактерицидные препараты
Антибактериальные широкого спектра действия препараты


Софартекс для "Лаб. Бушара-Рекордати", Франция
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