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Isophone is a drug with anti-tuberculosis properties.

ATC classification

L03AX Прочие цитокины и иммуномодуляторы

Active ingredients


Indications of the iphone

It is shown with the combined therapy of tuberculosis (children 5-16 years old, as well as adults), but also leprosy and other mycobacteriosis.

The drug works most effectively in the primary stages of tuberculosis, as well as other nonspecific pathologies that develop with immunodeficiency. Can be administered to people with isoniazid intolerance.

Used in combination with other antimycobacterial drugs, and in addition, if necessary, with antibiotics with a wide range of effects, chemotherapeutic drugs, as well as immunomodulators.

Isofon is sometimes used as a prophylactic against tuberculosis (especially for children).

Release form

Produced in capsules with a volume of 100 (No. 50) or 200 mg (No. 20) inside the jars of glass. Also capsules in blisters №10 (100 mg), 5 plates per package or №10 (200 mg), 2 blisters per package.


Isophone is an antimycobacterial drug that has immunotropic properties.

The drug has antimycobacterial activity against microorganisms that provoke the development of leprosy and tuberculosis, and in addition to other mycobacteria and certain causative agents of pathologies that are transmitted through sexual contact (chlamydia).

The immunotropic action carried out by the preparation allows stimulating the functioning of the immune system, affecting each of its three links. This is extremely important in the treatment of mycobacteriosis (leprosy with tuberculosis), often developing with immunodeficiencies. The drug has no sensitizing, as well as irritating effect, it does not affect the fibrinolytic activity and the rate of clotting of the blood.


After internal reception the peak indicator is observed after 6 hours. At the peak level, it remains for the next 12-18 hours, gradually decreasing. This makes it possible to take the medicine twice a day. The bioavailability index is 50%, and the main pathway of excretion is the gastrointestinal tract.

Use of the iphone during pregnancy

Since there are no clinical data on the safety of use of the drug in pregnant women, it is forbidden to appoint it during this period.


Among the contraindications: an allergic reaction to the drug, lactation period, kidney / liver failure in severe degree, as well as children under 5 years of age.

Side effects of the iphone

In general, the drug is well tolerated, but in some cases, there may be headaches or dizziness. Such reactions quickly disappear, without any additional therapeutic measures.

Dosing and administration

The drug is used orally - the adult dosage (single dose) is 400-800 mg, for a day you can take 800-1600 mg LS. Children 5-16 years old are prescribed capsules in the amount of 10-12 mg / kg, but once a day can take no more than 600 mg. The sizes of daily and course dosages are determined by the doctor, for each patient separately (this depends on the features of the course of the pathology and its severity).

The therapeutic course for the primary stages of leprosy or tuberculosis lasts 1-6 months. If the disease is chronic, it can be prolonged until 1 year. The daily dosage (at a rate of 800 mg) is recommended to be taken in the morning, without dividing by 2 times, but the higher dosages prescribed by the doctor are allowed to be divided into morning and evening reception. Drink capsules should be half an hour before meals or 2 hours after eating.


As a result of a drug overdose, a coma may develop, and in addition, signs of peripheral neuritis appear.

The drug does not have a specific antidote. Therapy is aimed at getting rid of symptoms - gastric lavage, the use of activated charcoal. The procedure of hemodialysis will be effective.

Interactions with other drugs

Isofon increases the properties of antibiotics, corticosteroids, as well as anti-inflammatory and antimycobacterial drugs. The drug is effective when combined with antibiotics such as aminoglycosides, as well as cephalosporins with macrolides. In addition, it can be combined with immunomodulators, as well as other antifungal and chemotherapeutic drugs.

Storage conditions

The medicine is stored in the conditions required for medicines, inaccessible to sunlight and children. The temperature regime is 15-25 o C.

Shelf life

Isofon is allowed to be used for 2 years from the date of release of the medicinal product.

Pharmacological group


Pharmachologic effect

Иммуномодулирующие препараты


Гродненский ЗМП, РУП, Руспублика Беларусь
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