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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Treatment of psoriasis at home is an additional measure that not only does not interfere with the basic medication, but will contribute to a more stable remission.

History of the disease

One of the founders of medical science, Hippocrates, as early as the fourth century BC, studied a group of diseases that affected the skin. It is Hippocrates who has the idea to unite all incomprehensible dermatological problems in one category, into which were included lichens, eczema, lupus, any signs of skin flaking. Separate disease was leprosy, because it was characterized by the ability to infect others. Later, the group of skin diseases became more clearly differentiated, however, psoriasis was not a separate nosological unit, perhaps that is why its etiology is still not clear and universal methods of effective treatment have not been found. People who had the misfortune to fall ill with skin diseases, were subjected to all sorts of persecutions, they were avoided not only by the surrounding, but sometimes by the doctors. A little clarity in the study of psoriasis introduced the XIX-th century Englishman Willen, who described the disease in detail, separating from him leprosy, mycosis, lichen and vitiligo. The British physician initiated scientific development in the treatment of this complex disease, and his righteous cause was continued by neurologists and dermatologists not only in Europe but also in Russia. In the XX century, psoriasis was called a systemic disease, which was provoked by hereditary factors, immunological changes, pathologies of the nervous and mental system. To date, psoriatic symptoms have been well studied, described in detail, but here are the means, ways of completely healing people from psoriasis, have not yet been found. Because psoriatic plaques in addition to causing psychological discomfort and disturbing aesthetic perception are not a symptom of a deadly disease, treatment of psoriasis at home is completely permissible and can not harm the general health of a person.

The main principles of treatment of psoriasis by unconventional methods are the following: 

  • Treatment of psoriasis at home involves the use of two or three methods at once, since a systemic disease requires an integrated approach. 
  • Home remedies should be used for a long time, the course of treatment should not be less than a month. Most often, alternative means are used for half a year. 
  • Means should be both external and internal. 
  • A prerequisite is strict food. 
  • Regular visits to the treating dermatologist and neurologist are mandatory.

Treatment of psoriasis at home using phytotherapy

Treatment celandine. Purity is a fairly poisonous plant, because it contains a strong morphine-like alkaloid - chelidonin, so it must be used with great care and accurately follow the formula for the production of decoctions and infusions. Ways of preparation: 

  • Infusion. 1 tablespoon dry ground part of celandine is poured a glass of boiling water and insists no more than 15 minutes. Infusion should take a month for 2 tablespoons for half an hour before meals twice a day. In order to provide the necessary cleaning effect, you need to insist the celandine every day anew. 
  • Alcoholic infusion celandine. 50 grams of dry raw materials are poured with two glasses of alcohol or high-quality vodka. The mixture is shaken and left in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks. Take infusion in the form of drops - five drops a half hour before meals three times a day for a month. 

Treatment of psoriasis at home involves the use of phytospores. For the composition, prepare 4 parts of celandine, 3 parts of St. John's wort flowers, 2 parts of horsetail and 1 part of yarrow. It is convenient to measure raw materials with one measure - a 50-gram glass. Collect the pour two liters of purified water, bring to a boil and turn off. The broth should last 12 hours, after which it is taken half the glass 1 time in the morning for half an hour before meals. The course is not less than three months.

Such phytogens, broths help to cleanse the body of toxins, normalize metabolic processes, regulate and normalize the digestive system.

Treatment of psoriasis in the home by external means

Ointment from the grass celandine. Dry the raw materials with a hand or electric coffee grinder. Mix the ground celandine grass with an ordinary baby cream in a 1/1 ratio. Psoriatic plaques are lubricated with the obtained ointment for a week in the morning and in the evening. Then you should take a week break and then repeat the treatment. Such procedures should be carried out within three to four months. In contrast to factory creams, which include celandine, homemade ointment does contain natural raw materials and promote penetration of ascorbic and succinic acid contained in the purifier into the deeper layers of the skin. 

In the same way, you can prepare an ointment from the grass of the string. If two kinds of ointments are prepared, then they should be alternated on a weekly basis. In the sequence contains manganese, which promotes the activation of enzymatic processes in the deep layers of the skin, as well as polyphenols, which have bactericidal and astringent properties, are contained in the raw materials of the sequence. The use of outdoor products made at home, help to stop the spread of psoriatic plaques and gradually reduce the process of exfoliating the skin.

Treatment of psoriasis at home involves the use of mineral components strained, they include mud of the Dead Sea, the mud of Lake Kuyalnik. Preparations containing these mud components are now easy to find in pharmacy chains. In this way, you can organize a semblance of a sanatorium at home. Mud treatment is perfectly combined with the treatment of ointments and decoctions, the only condition is its use once a week for two to three months. Wraps should be applied in an application way - to apply dirt to psoriatic plaques, wrap them with a cloth and hold for about an hour and a half. In addition to the above methods, it is necessary to comply with a certain diet, which includes hypoallergenic products, abundant drink, which contributes to the rapid elimination of toxins. Treatment of psoriasis is unthinkable without the study of relaxation techniques and anti-stress methods that you can master yourself. The classical technique of Schultz's autogenic training proved to be very useful. This is a long-established technology, absolutely safe and environmentally friendly for the human psyche. Treatment of psoriasis at home should be as comprehensive and lengthy as possible. Psoriasis has not yet been defeated by anyone, but there are thousands of people who have achieved persistent remission and a significant reduction in the manifestation of the disease, which means that the disease is amenable to therapy.

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