Herpes on eyelid

Herpes Simplex on eyelid

Herpes Simplex on eyelid is caused by herpes simplex. During herpes bubbles and erosion appear on eyelid skin and then the crust is formed. Healing of herpes on eyelids occurs without scarring, general condition almost do not suffer. Patient complains of burning, tingling at place of lesion of eyelid. Histologically, there is change in cells of thorny layer, in epidermis - serous exudate. In dermis there is edema, vasodilatation.

Treatment of herpes simplex on eyelid

Immunostimulants, locally - ointment (oxolinic, teobrofenic, florenalic). It is necessary to eliminate predisposing factors - hypothermia, contacts.

Shingles on eyelid

Virus is identical to varicella zoster virus. Respiratory diseases, hypothermia or overheating of body, contact with sick of chicken pox can precede herpes on eyelid. Development of keratitis, iridocyclitis, optic neuritis, paralysis of external muscles can be possible even several months or years after the disease.

Viral infection of site or branches of trigeminal nerve. Depending on which branch of trigeminal nerve is affected, disease typically captures top, but sometimes lower or both eyelids, corresponding half of forehead, nose, conjunctiva of eyeball and with involvement of nasociliary nerve in process - cornea and iris. Eruptions are sharply demarcated on midline of forehead and nose. Incidence of herpes zoster on eyelid sharply increases with age; it is more common in people older than 50 years.

Symptoms of herpes zoster on eyelid: tearing and photophobia, redness and swelling of eyelid of skin; against this background - rash of bubbles with clear content that can blend in and acquire further festering, bloody or gangrenous character, then crust is formed.

Shingles on eyelid has following forms:

  • abortive form of herpes zoster on eyelids - there are red spots on eyelids, and then disappear;
  • hemorrhagic form of herpes zoster on eyelids - vesicles fuse, hemorrhagic discharge appears;
  • gangrenous form of herpes zoster on eyelids - ulcer surface after removal of pustules, then scab, scarring are formed. After this form of disease eversion, inversion, trikhnaz of eyelids can be formed.

General condition suffers - malaise, fever, severe neurological pain with simultaneous anesthesia ("painful anesthesia"), hypersensitivity or paresthesia in area innervated by affected nerve. If n.nasociliaris is involved in pathological process, rashes appear at inner canthus. Increase and pain of regional lymph nodes is typical.

Treatment of shingles on eyelids

Hospitalization in severe cases in dermatologically hospital where there should be consultation of ophthalmologist and neurologist provided.

  • Analgesics inside.
  • Lubricate rash by ointment of 5% atsikdovir ("Zovirax"), or a 1% alcoholic solution of brilliant green.
  • Antiviral therapy is provided (viroleks, iododezoxiuridin, oxoline, florental, helepin, interferon, vitamins A, B , C, E; corticosteroids in microdozes).

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