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Where to make ultrasound of the heart and how this procedure goes, consider the nuances of diagnosing the cardiovascular system. Ultrasound research is rightfully considered one of the most effective methods for studying the correct anatomical structure of the heart. With its help, it is possible to recognize the defects and defects in the structure of the main muscle of the human body.

Echocardiography is the most important technique in the diagnosis of various structural and / or functional changes in the heart. Echocardiography accurately displays the anatomical details, it is possible to measure the structure of the heart, and their movements are clearly traced throughout the heart cycle. Thus, echocardiography makes it possible to obtain additional functional information in comparison with the traditional two-dimensional ultrasound of other organs, evaluating and measuring cardiac contractions during the cardiac cycle. Simultaneously with echocardiography, an electrocardiogram (ECG) is recorded. The technique of echocardiography requires special equipment settings, which include a very high temporal resolution (sometimes at the cost of spatial) and a short-term preservation of the image.

Ultrasound is almost always used to diagnose an ischemic disease with pathologies of the heart muscle of different origin, with a heart attack. The method is used to study the structure and functioning of blood vessels, vessels of the abdominal cavity, brain and kidneys, since they often act as peculiar indicators of heart disorders. Ultrasound is used as a preventive measure, revealing any deviations from the norm.

The procedure of the study is quite simple, the person is lying down, a conductive gel is applied to the body and the organs are examined from different directions with the help of a special device. The whole procedure takes no more than 15-20 minutes. Based on the diagnostic results, the patient is given a prescription with information that is necessary for the treating doctor.

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Where to make ultrasound of the heart?

You can make ultrasound of the heart in medical clinics and specialized cardiology centers. The procedure is carried out by both adults and children. However, special training is not required.

Echocardiography in Kiev:

  • The clinic "Yurinmed" - st. Miropolskaya 15B, tel. (044) 513-32-96.
  • The network of medical clinics "Viva" - ul. Porika 9A, tel. (044) 238-20-20.
  • Medical Center "Insight Medical" - Avenue. Petr Grigorenko, 13B, tel. (044) 592-77-30.
  • Clinic "Hippocrates" - st. I. Lepse, 4, ph. (044) 454-04-54.
  • Institute of Clinical Medicine - st. Vadim Getman, 1, tel. (044) 503-66-30.
  • Medical center "Olgerd" - boulevard of Academician Vernadsky, 36, tel. (044) 422 95 05.


  • Medical laboratory "Gemotest" - st. 3rd Filevskaya, 8, building 2, tel. (495) 532-13-13.
  • The clinic "Euromed" - st. Krasina 14, tel. (495) 236-79-65.
  • Medical center "Atlas" - Kutuzovsky prospect, 34.
  • Multiprofile medical center "Delta Clinic" - Syromyatnichesky lane, 11, tel. (495) 125-45-91.
  • SM-Clinic - st. Clara Zetkin, 33/28, tel. (499) 649-46-61.

Diagnosis of the cardiovascular system in St. Petersburg:

  • "Proficlinic" (3D and 4D visualization of the heart) - Engels Avenue, 50, tel. (812) 553-23-97.
  • Medical Center "Grange" - st. Marata, 25A, tel. (812) 363-00-63.
  • Medical Center "On Doctors" - st. Kollontai, 41, tel. (812) 410-00-03.
  • Medical Center MSCH number 157 - st. Varshavskaya, 100, tel. (812) 415-37-00.
  • Medi Clinic - Komendantsky Avenue, 17, tel. (812) 777-00-00.
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