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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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The mole (or nevus) is an accumulation of dendritic pigment cells of the skin of melanocytes, which happens both congenital and acquired. These pigmented formations are found on the skin, in Latin - dermis. And all problems related to the skin, as is known, deals with a special section of medicine - dermatology.

That is, as the doctor by birthmark is called? That's right, this is a dermatologist. But the question arises: how about aesthetic medicine and a whole army of cosmetologists offering to remove moles, which people consider to be bad for their appearance, and sometimes create significant inconveniences ...

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Doctor's advice on birthmarks

Moles are at everyone, and professional advice or councils of the doctor on rodinki will be useful to all.

Dermatologists urge treating moles carefully, especially if you have many, and there are birthmarks in "uncomfortable places": on the hands and palms, in the groin, on the neck, in the axillary region, but the scalp. It is this localization of birthmarks that promotes their traumatization, and traumatizing birthmarks can trigger the process of their malignancy.

Do not forget to periodically check birthmarks and when you find any changes, consult a doctor. If the structure of the skin around the mole has changed, scales or cracks appeared, and the mole itself has increased and become more dense and asymmetric, causes itching or painful sensations - these are alarming factors. And to understand the causes of what is happening can only medical specialists.

And do not try to remove the mole by domestic methods: this is life-threatening. And if you accidentally injure a mole with bleeding, you should use the usual hydrogen peroxide (which should be in every home medicine cabinet) and stop the blood from being wetted with a tampon in it. And not delaying going to a medical institution. A doctor by birthmark - a dermatologist - knows what to do next.

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