Diet for gouty arthritis

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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Diet for gouty arthritis is necessary, since this disease develops due to the violation of nitrogen metabolism in the body, in particular, the exchange of purine nucleotides, and the excess content of the product of this metabolism - uric acid. It is urate crystals that are not excreted by the kidneys of uric acid settle in the tissues of the joints and cause pain.

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Treatment of gouty arthritis with diet

Treatment of gouty arthritis diet is aimed at correcting nitrogen metabolism, more specifically to reduce the intake of food from the compounds of nitrogen - animal and vegetable proteins. The use of protein products increases the content of endogenous purine nucleotides. Purine nucleotides (necessary for the production of nucleic acids and protein synthesis by the body cells) are transformed into free purine bases by enzymatic hydrolytic deamination, the subsequent oxidation of which is completed by the final product in the form of uric acid.

Uric acid, formed as a result of the breakdown of endogenous purine substances is needed by the body, since it serves as an antioxidant and helps protect our blood vessels from cholesterol deposits.

In addition, protein foods contribute to increased formation in the intestine of hydrogen nitride - ammonia, which is a product of the vital activity of intestinal bacteria, decomposing not completely digested proteins. But ammonia is not needed and even harmful to the body, and our liver is involved in its transformation into urea.

With an excess of nitrogen compounds in food products, as well as a decrease in the activity of purine metabolism enzymes (phosphorylferase, guanilinate kinase, xanthine oxidase and almost three dozen enzymes), uric acid salts crystallize particularly actively, affecting cartilage and joints: gouty arthritis develops. It should be borne in mind that the process of formation of crystals of uric acid accelerates the shift of the acid-base balance of the organism to the acidic side.

For people with this pathology, diet No. 6 according to Pevzner, which is prescribed for gout and uraturia, is a kidney stone disease with urate stones. The diet for gouty arthritis refers to alkalizing curative nutrition with the restriction of purine-containing foods and simple carbohydrates.

Menu diet for gouty arthritis

The diet menu for gouty arthritis can only be exemplary, and the main principle of choice of dishes, as well as diet recipes for gouty arthritis used in cooking, must take into account the composition of foods that are not recommended for this disease.

For breakfast can be syrniki, scrambled eggs, porridge or toast with low-fat cheese. The best snack (second breakfast) is fruit or fat-free yogurt.

For a full dinner on the first you can prepare a variety of soups, purees, vegetable soups with cereals, beetroot, lean borsch. Daily use of vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, will help not only with joint problems, but also greatly facilitate the work of the intestine.

Diet for gouty arthritis is a healthy diet that will benefit not only your joints, but the whole body.

What you can not eat with gouty arthritis?

Dietitians compiled an impressive list of products that should be avoided in every possible way in the presence of gouty arthritis. This list includes: red meat (especially veal and game); all meat by-products; fats of animal origin; beans (beans, ripe peas, lentils); mushrooms, asparagus, sorrel, Brussels and cauliflower cabbage, spinach.

What else can not eat with gouty arthritis? You can not eat meat broths and sauces, bacon and lard, fat marine and river fish, canned fish (especially herring, sardines, tuna and sprats in oil), seafood and crustaceans, yeast bread and buns. Absolutely contraindicated alcohol, including beer, as well as non-alcoholic sweet drinks.

As for poultry, especially chicken, which is considered a dietary product. If 100 grams of chicken contain 125 mg of purine bases, then in the same amount of turkeys - twice less. However, in the process of cooking any meat, almost half of the purines are in the broth.

To "purine" also include cauliflower. But if 45 mg of uric acid is formed when digesting 100 g of cauliflower, the same amount of recommended buckwheat is 145 mg. Studies conducted by American nutritionists have shown that vegetables with high purine content do not increase the risk of exacerbation of gouty arthritis. Therefore, simply recommend limiting in your diet vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, peas, beans, cauliflower, as well as mushrooms. The organic acids contained in them help to move the acid-alkaline balance of the organism to the alkaline side.

What can you eat with gouty arthritis?

The best variant of a diet at a gouty arthritis - the vegetarian food. These are various fresh vegetables, fruits and berries; whole-grain cereals; low-fat dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt); chicken eggs (in limited quantities), pasta, potatoes, nuts, vegetable oil.

In general, you can eat anything with gouty arthritis that does not contain a lot of nitrogenous compounds. And if a person can not eat meat and fish - they need to be cooked, while it is not recommended to eat this food more than three times a week at a maximum daily amount of 150-170 g.

Sufficient fluid intake - one and a half to two liters a day (if the heart and kidneys are normal) is one of the most important conditions for treating gouty arthritis with a diet.

To alkalize the blood, it is necessary to use potatoes cooked in the skin; fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, watermelons and melons, citrus and various leafy greens; onions and garlic, dishes from courgettes, eggplant and pumpkin; natural fruit juices and green tea.

A condition closely related to a high level of uric acid is known as a metabolic syndrome, and includes insulin resistance, general obesity, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Therefore, the diet for gouty arthritis should be low-fat and energy-balanced (within 2300-2500 kcal), only then its compliance will help to gradually reduce body weight. That's why even from the dietitians allowed sweets to be abandoned, replacing them with fruits and berries.

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