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Dead Sea Products

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Last reviewed: 17.06.2018

The products of the Dead Sea include Dead Sea salt and mud, as well as a very large and diverse range of cosmetics that are manufactured on the basis of these natural ingredients.

For example, the Israeli company Dead Sea Works (part of Israel Chemicals Ltd) extracts from the Dead Sea not only raw materials for the cosmetic industry and bath salts, but also industrial potassium and magnesium salts for the production of anti-icing, food emulsifiers and other chemical products from Dead seas.


Application of Dead Sea products

The mentioned chloride and sulfate potassium salts of the Dead Sea are obtained by evaporation of water. And this process is possible only with the evaporation of the Dead Sea water, since it has an extremely high concentration of salts (about 340 g per liter). This is 15-18% more than the content of salts in the water of the Great Salt Lake in Utah (USA), which is called the "American Dead Sea". And the level of potassium compounds in a kilogram of salt of the Dead Sea is 118.5 g.

Potassium salts are an excellent fertilizer, as well as raw materials for the production of caustic potassium, potassium nitrate, bertholets salt, dichromate and potassium permanganate, etc. All these chemicals are needed for the production of soap and detergents, glass, paints, etc.

However, the most widely known application of the Dead Sea products is associated with cosmetology and medicine. Useful properties that the Dead Sea minerals possess help not only to improve the skin and improve the appearance, but also to treat a number of diseases.


The use of Dead Sea products

The use of the Dead Sea products lies in its mineral composition. Baths with the addition of Dead Sea salt have a positive effect on the human body, stimulating blood circulation, activating interstitial metabolism, normalizing the functioning of the autonomic nervous and neuroendocrine systems.

After procedures with salt and mud of the Dead Sea, which contain ions of many necessary trace elements, the acid-alkaline ratio (Ph level) of internal fluids comes back to normal, which positively affects the condition in chronic inflammatory diseases and metabolic pathologies.

Due to the effect on the cells of the receptors of ions of trace elements, therapeutic muds reduce the intensity of pain in the joints and muscles. Thanks to chloride magnesium and potassium, the condition of the heart muscle and the walls of the vessels improves, blood pressure stabilizes, fatigue disappears, resistance to infectious diseases increases.

The impact of cosmetic products of the Dead Sea - micro and macro elements of salt and dirt - clears the skin of slags, keratinized cells (due to selenium sulphide), helps moisturize and nourish the epidermis, increases elasticity, relieves swelling and inflammation (due to potassium and magnesium salts), helps regeneration of damaged cells (under the action of calcium salts, sodium and zinc halides).

In addition, in the composition of cosmetics for different skin types (in particular, in facial creams), in order to increase the effectiveness, additional ingredients are introduced: essential oils, honey, propolis, extracts of medicinal plants and algae. Vitamins in Dead Sea products - A, B, C, D, E - are also included in the formulations of many moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating creams and face masks.

Indications and contraindications for the use of Dead Sea products

Indications for the use of the Dead Sea products include almost all the pathologies of the joints; chronic radiculitis, neuralgia and myositis; dermatological diseases (psoriasis, vitiligo, seborrhea, eczema, dermatosis and neurodermatitis, acne); diseases of the female and male sexual sphere.

Positive effects of procedures with Dead Sea salt (containing sodium, magnesium and calcium bromides) are noted in chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, autonomic and neurotic disorders.

The use of Dead Sea cosmetic products is useful in excessively dry or oily skin, in case of loss of its elasticity, blockage of pores by sebum, in the presence of inflammation, flaking, rashes, pigmentation spots and premature wrinkles.

As noted by physiotherapists, contraindications to the use of the Dead Sea products relate to exacerbations of the majority of chronic inflammatory diseases; infectious and venereal diseases; any malignant tumors, cysts, benign neoplasia of muscle and connective tissues (myomas and fibers).

Also, it is not recommended to carry out water and mud therapy for bleeding, angina pectoris, instability of the heart rhythm, myocardial hypertrophy, stratification and aortic aneurysm. Such procedures can not be carried out for people with mental disabilities and pregnant women. Of course, this does not apply to the use of such products of the Dead Sea as cosmetic products (soaps, shampoos, shower gels, creams, masks, etc.).

Where do the products of the Dead Sea come from?

Despite the fact that the Dead Sea is in the territory of Israel and Jordan, the places where the Dead Sea produce are produced, these two countries are not limited.

In Israel, cosmetics with minerals from the Dead Sea are produced by more than 60 companies, exporting it around the world (only in the US - by $ 40 million per year).

Specifically for Dead Sea products in 2009, the Israel Manufacturers Association has developed a quality label (Products Quality Label). Thus, Israeli companies tried to protect conscientious producers of natural products from the Dead Sea from falsifiers. Producers of natural products of the Dead Sea, including all types of spa products, must prove that in the mud mask, scrub, soap or cream there is actually salt, water or sulfide peloids of the Dead Sea, and not table salt or "mud from a nearby swamp "...

Dead Sea Cosmetics is produced by the Israeli companies Health & Beauty, Dead Sea Minerals, Hlavin, Care & Beauty, Dead Sea Premier, Ahava, SPA Pharma, Mineralium Dead Sea, Seacret, Sea of SPA, etc.

Various cosmetic products with minerals and Dead Sea mud are produced by more than two dozen companies in Jordan, including: Al Mawared Natural Beauty Products Corp. (trade mark RIVAGE Line), Jordan Co. For Dead Sea products (cosmetics La Cure), Ashtar Derma, Universial Labs LTD (trade name C Products), Aqauatherapy Dead Sea products, ZOAR, Dead Sea FORTUNE, Dead Sea Gift Enterprise (BLOOM Dead Sea Life cosmetics and BLOOM Royal Touch) and other

They produce Dead Sea products in Kuwait, Singapore, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan (ADAMA Cosmetics Co. Ltd.) and USA (Natural Dead Sea Cosmetics Inc., Ohio). And the famous French cosmetic company L'Oreal organized in Israel a subsidiary company L'Oreal Israel and has its own production of cosmetic products (skin cleansers, face care and SPA products) under the brand Natural Sea Beauty.

Dead Sea Products Dr. Nona

Dead Sea products Dr. Nona International Ltd is bath salts, mud masks, face and body creams, hair care products, and supplements.

On the basis of macro- and microelements of Dead Sea salt, essential oils and halophilic (saline) microorganisms of Archeobacteria class (arhebacteria) living in conditions of high salt content, the so-called Bioorganic Mineral Complex (BOMC) of the Dead Sea was developed here.

With Dead Sea salt and essential oils everything is clear, but microorganisms living in such extreme conditions, interested scientists in the 20s of the last century, and in the 90s this interest grew due to the rapid development of biotechnology.

Physiology and biochemistry of halophilic bacteria are unique, and these unicellular microorganisms occupy a special place. Inside their cells accumulate salts in the form of potassium ions, as well as carotenoid (red-orange) pigments. Photosynthesis in them is anoxic, pigment-dependent bacteriorhodopsin (like the pigment of the human eye, rhodopsin); and in the synthesis of ATP the release of free energy takes place without redox carriers of electric charges in the cell, and a high concentration of anions is provided in the cytoplasm.

The addition of halophilic arhebacteria (in various forms) to cosmetic products significantly increases the antioxidant properties of the Dead Sea products Dr. Nona. And essential oils contribute to the penetration of beneficial compounds into skin cells.

On the basis of BOMC, a moisturizing agent is manufactured. Dynamik Hydrating Cream Dr. Nona, regenerative body lotion Solaris, face cream Solaris (with vitamin A), etc.

Dead Sea Reviews

Reviews of the products of the Dead Sea are different. One good helps to care for the skin cosmetics Health & Beauty, others praise face creams, produced by the company Dead Sea Premier.

Many reviews relate to the effectiveness of mud masks, which very well purify the oily skin and skin prone to acne eruptions. In any case, in this variety of products of the Dead Sea, you can choose a tool that will ideally suit you.

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