Creams for relieving fatigue, heaviness and pain in the legs

Legs hurt and swell in many people. If we are not talking about some diseases or disorders in the body, then pharmacy or cosmetic creams from foot fatigue are quite capable of solving the problem. They are warming and cooling. Both types reduce the negative symptoms and discomfort in the legs.

Indications of the creams from foot fatigue

Fatigue and accompanying unpleasant feelings in the lower extremities provokes lactic acid, which accumulates in the muscle fibers as a result of their active activity. The situation is exacerbated if the fibers and microvessels are damaged during loads. In such cases, there are indications for the use of creams from fatigue of the feet.

Creams for leg fatigue are recommended for people who:

  • are engaged in "standing" work;
  • make long pedestrian crossings;
  • transfer gravity;
  • wear uncomfortable, low-quality, high-heeled shoes;
  • are subject to sprains and other injuries;
  • they carry a child;
  • suffer from varicose veins, flat feet, neuralgic disorders of the lower extremities.

Cosmetic products are different in formulation and consistency (ointments are much fatter), but they work in a similar way: they increase blood circulation in blood vessels and relax the spasms.

The heating preparations contain extracts of hot pepper, mustard, bee or snake venom, methyl salicylate - as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Stimulate a rush of blood, warm, prevent inflammation. They are successfully used to prevent sports injuries. For the treatment of such drugs are not used immediately, and after some time after the injury.

Cooling external preparations contain oils of eucalyptus, mint, camphor, alcohol, analgesics, anticoagulants, plant extracts, etc. They are useful in the first hours after injury or a feeling of fatigue. Cause a pleasant chill, but in fact do not reduce the local temperature. They remove inflammatory and edematic phenomena, stimulate local blood circulation and nutrition, relax tired muscles.

In the absence of problems with ligaments, vessels, joints, doctors are not recommended to use medical cosmetics. But if the usual creams still do not help, then you need to look for the cause of pain and discomfort in order to remove it qualitatively.

Release form

Names of creams from foot fatigue:

  • "Chestnut and propolis" from Green Mom;
  • With Indian chestnut and sesame oil SOS from Willows Roshe;
  • Virta with menthol;
  • From fatigue 5 days;
  • Clean line "Plantain";
  • Clean line "Removing fatigue";
  • Bielita Foot Care for fatigue relief;
  • PhytoBioTechnology "Leech and Sophora";
  • Cliven gel;
  • Warming and relaxing from Veda Vedica;
  • "Menthol" from Dushka;
  • "Mint granite" from Dushka;
  • "Mentholovy Sanday" from Dushka;
  • "Sweet basil" from Sranrom;
  • "Bee venom and chondroitin" from "Home Doctor";
  • Troxevasin ointment-gel from early varicose veins.

Pharmacy means for leg fatigue: Capsicum, apizartron, viprosal B, Nikofleks, efamon, finalgon, bangin, Sophia with leech extract, heparin ointment.

Foot cream for varicose veins and fatigue

A proven drug for varicose in the early stages is troxevasin. This inexpensive, but effective ointment-gel is sold in pharmacies, is also used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is distinguished by a fresh smell, instantly absorbed.

  • The company Fito BioTechnology actively used medical leeches. In particular, their ability to release hirudin and hyaluronidase, which increase blood fluidity, normalizes the circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body.

The cream for legs from varicose veins and fatigue is called "Leech Extract" and uses just these properties. Useful for varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, swelling. "Leech Extract" activates metabolism, prevents the formation of vascular pattern, eliminates pain and discomfort in the legs, caused by physical overload.

Balsam "Sabelnik" - an economical version of this brand. Effectively resists varicose changes, relieves fatigue and swelling, relieves pain and stagnant phenomena in the lower limbs. The effect of the cream on leg fatigue is based on the properties of the saber and other medicinal plants (lemon balm, wormwood, Kalanchoe, horse chestnut).

Balm "Rastirka for legs" was developed by the Ukrainian manufacturer "Home Doctor" as an additional drug for varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. Contains extracts of leech, horse chestnut, menthol, essential oil of lemon, vitamin PP. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, thrombolytic, venotonic agent. "Rastirka" instantly removes uncomfortable sensations, and with constant use of the drug pain, puffiness disappears, veins are hiding.

Cream for tiredness and pain in the legs

The warming and relaxing cream from Veda Vedica (India) consists exclusively of natural ingredients. Contains rosemary, sesame, castor, coconut, almond oil, vitamin E. It is a full-fledged cream for fatigue and pain in the legs: rheumatic, articular, muscular, from bruises. Quickly warms frozen feet, relaxes muscles, thanks to which it is used for grinding before a massage.

"Bee venom and chondroitin" is the name of balm for apimassage. This is a special way of massage, combining several procedures with the use of various bee products. Cream-balm with bee venom has a general healing effect on the joints: reduces inflammation, pain, restores mobility.

The efficacy of apimassage is enhanced by delivering biologically active components directly to problem areas. This provides a persistent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Chondroitin acts as a lubricant for joints, participates in the creation of cartilaginous tissues. As a result, the production of articular lubrication is normalized, the cartilage regeneration is activated. Regular use is recommended for 1 to 4 weeks.

Such qualities make this product, created by the specialists of the Ukrainian brand "Home Doctor", one of the most popular budget creams for leg fatigue.

Cream for fatigue and heaviness in the legs

Inexpensive cream for fatigue and heaviness in the legs - Foot Care produced in Belarus. It helps to restore the skin, regain strength and ease of gait, eliminates odor, gives a comfortable coolness for half an hour. The cream for tired legs of this brand contains: tea tree oil - with bactericidal properties, eucalyptus - as a healing agent, mint oil - for cooling.

Bielita offers another means for the feet: a cooling balm for the "burning" feet - for people with this problem, and also for hot summer. Vegetative components relieve fatigue, tone, soothe, refresh, soften, dry the skin. It is an ideal tool for daily foot care in the summer.

The cream from foot fatigue "Mint granite" Dushka is produced in Ukraine. Designed for care, relaxation, elimination of discomfort in tired legs. Has cooling effect, restores water balance, softens and deodorizes. Essentially, these are two in one: a jelly with a moisturizing effect and a cream of air consistency, which creates optimal opportunities for caring for tired legs. Using a cream for the night, you need to wear natural socks.

Similar goals are set by Mentholovy Sanday of the same brand. In addition, the cream refreshes, softens the coarsened epidermis, makes the skin of the foot tender and silky. The result is achieved due to the content of natural oils, moisturizers, vitamin E, essential oils. It is applied not only to the feet, but also to the lower leg.

Foot Cream for Fatigue and Edema

If the legs swell due to the disease, then it is necessary to eliminate the cause, that is, to treat the pathology. But edemas in some cases are formed in healthy people: with physical exertion, long transitions, and also during pregnancy. This problem can be solved independently, with the help of cosmetics.

  • The task of creams for legs from fatigue and edema is to activate the outflow of blood from the lower limbs and relieve tension. The therapeutic and preventive balm from the Ukrainian company BioFitoTechnology contains curative stretching of medical leeches widely used in cosmetology and pharmacy.

Eliminates varicose veins, spasms, redness, edema and other types of foot discomfort. Calms, tones up, restores the skin, thickens the walls of the vessels, improves the appearance of the feet. The cream is used once, if edema occurs rarely and only due to severe fatigue of the feet, and daily - with frequent swelling.

On the unique ability of leeches - to influence the fluidity of the blood - the formula of another cream from the fatigue of the feet of this trademark, called "Leech Extract", is based. It is suitable not only for tired legs, but also for people with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, swelling of the extremities.

Girudo-Ven gel from Dr. Biokon (Ukraine) also contains an extract of a medical leech. It was created to activate blood circulation, eliminate edema, fatigue. After the application of the drug, soreness, malaise, swelling disappear, the legs become rested and light. With the therapeutic purpose, the gel is applied up to four times a day, on the lower leg and lower third of the thigh. It must be used before going to bed, as the activity of the ingredients is activated during the night.

Good feet creams for fatigue and swelling are "Mom Comfort". "Sophia", as well as ointments "Heparinovaya" and "Lyoton". They need to be vigorously rubbed into the feet, since such movements, combined with the active ingredients of the creams, better relax, provide lymphatic drainage and at times increase the effectiveness of the massage.

Cream gel from tired legs

The Ukrainian company "Alliance of Beauty" has found an innovative solution to the chronic problem of fatigue of the legs of women who feel themselves to be real women only on their heels. Cooling cream gel from foot fatigue experts Pharma Bio Laboratory and called: "High heel." Figuratively speaking, this is an ambulance to relieve fatigue and relaxation after a long stay in shoes with heels.

The cream is recognized as universal, in its recipe - only natural substances: decoctions and essential oils.

  • Leaf of plantain with bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • String nettles and willows - for cooling and fatigue relief.
  • The leaves of poplar black, ivy and thyme with wound healing effect.
  • Melissa, mint, lavender - for cooling and aromatization, enhancing the effect of the drug.

Gel-cream from foot fatigue has a thick texture, absorbed easily and without traces. The feet instantly recover, the pain decreases, and the skin becomes smooth.

Apply it in a special way: at first evenly, massage movements, distributing in painful areas, then leave a thicker layer until completely absorbed.

Cream for leg fatigue with cooling effect

In creams from fatigue of feet with cooling effect, as a rule, menthol is contained. Cooling relieves pain in tired joints, restoring ease and comfort to the legs. One of these creams is Virta with natural extracts of plants, which relieves stress after a hard day or active training.

The cream from foot fatigue with the cooling effect "Chestnut and Propolis" produced by Green Mom has a stronger effect, which lasts for a long time. The feeling of cooling is even stronger if you first make a cool bath for your feet. "Chestnut and Propolis" is also used for bruises - to reduce pain and prevent swelling.

Cooling and soothing cream from tired feet and feet of the Polish brand Miraculum is an innovative remedy with a complex of active substances that give quick calm and relaxation. Instantly absorbed and gently cools the skin. The gel strengthens the blood vessels, so it is useful for varicose veins and for the expansion of capillaries.

  • Relieves fatigue, regardless of its cause: uncomfortable shoes, long walks or physical overload. Moisturizes and smoothes the skin, prevents dryness and cracks.

Quickly and effectively removes fatigue so-called ice gel produced by Akileine Monaco. The remedy is classified as medical, professional. He is able to remove even the most severe fatigue after sports or other physical activities.

The cream covers the legs with life-giving coolness and toning freshness, soaking every cell of the skin. The action is confirmed by the "goose bumps" on the body, and the overall effect resembles bathing in spring water, invigorating and relieving tension. Such procedures are recommended to be performed once or twice a day.


Pharmacodynamics creams from fatigue of the feet reduces to a decrease or complete cessation of discomfort phenomena: fatigue, heaviness, inflammation, swelling, pain, blood clotting (in the presence of varicose veins). Ointments and creams of this group improve blood circulation, tissue metabolism.


The pharmacokinetics of creams from fatigue of the legs are not described in detail. It is known that a few active substances enter the bloodstream, which does not have a systemic effect. They are excreted mainly through the kidneys.

Use of the creams from foot fatigue during pregnancy

Leg swelling in pregnant women is considered, in principle, a normal phenomenon, causing only discomfort. You can talk about danger only when puffiness spreads to the arms, the lower body or the whole body. This situation requires diagnosis and qualified therapy.

When choosing a cream for tired legs for pregnant women, the main criterion is safety for the woman and her fetus. A few practical tips, perhaps, will help pregnant women to cope with this task.

  • Acquire the product with a maximum of natural and non-synthetic ingredients.
  • Best of all - a special line for future mothers.
  • Proven and high-quality brand.
  • In specialized stores or pharmacies.
  • On the advice of a doctor or other specialist.

Let us dwell on the following creams.

Safe cream from foot fatigue for pregnant women consider SOS from Yves Rocher. Contains natural ingredients - Indian chestnut, sesame bio-oil, which activate local blood circulation. The cream from the weariness of the feet of this brand cools, eliminates fatigue, moisturizes, softens, nourishes the skin of the feet.

The cream of foot fatigue "Menthol" Ukrainian made Dushka contains natural ingredients to relieve fatigue, prevent dryness and cracks in the heels, which is very important in pregnancy. The cream is applied on dry feet before absorption, the remnants are rubbed with light movements. After massaging the feet and lower legs, the expectant mother will quickly feel relaxed and relieved, and with the constant application of the "Menthol" cream, it will significantly improve the skin condition.

Other creams recommended for expectant mothers are Mama Care, Mama Comfort, Sanosan, Guam DUO.

Bearing a child is often accompanied by fatigue, pain, swelling of the legs, especially in the second half of the term. The reason for this is fetal growth, weight gain, increased stress on the mother's legs, increasing pressure on the pelvis, which hampers blood flow. The use of creams from fatigue of legs during pregnancy helps to eliminate this annoying discomfort.

Cosmetic exuberance can be divided into several groups: creams from foot fatigue, from varicose veins, from edema, universal. The division is conditional, since these symptoms usually "do not go" alone. Effective cream for leg fatigue for pregnant women should be present plant extracts, in particular, horse chestnut and hazel, oil (jojoba, shek, olive, almond), menthol, vitamins and minerals. And also other safe ingredients that have a positive effect on the lower limbs of a woman.

  • Mama Care balm is used for rapid removal of fatigue and swelling, prevention of varicose veins. Thanks to additional ingredients, the skin on the soles acquires softness and smoothness.
  • Balm Mama Comfort strengthens veins, capillaries, restores blood circulation, removes swelling and pain, cools the skin.
  • The cooling cream-gel Sanosan reduces puffiness and fatigue, cools, promotes the respiration of skin cells.
  • Guam DUO gel is recommended for everyday use. Cools, removes pain and irritation, excess fluid. To enhance the effect, the cream is applied by massaging, from the bottom up.
  • Toning "9 months" eliminates stagnation and swelling, preventing varicose veins. Enriches with useful substances, moisturizes and soothes the skin, cools and restores its tone.


The main contraindication to the use of the cream from leg fatigue is hypersensitivity to individual ingredients.

Side effects of the creams from foot fatigue

Side effects of creams from leg fatigue are manifested in the form of a typical allergic reaction. Cases of erythema and bronchospasm after application of separate anti-edema drugs are described.

When applying burning creams to large areas of the skin, there is a lot of burning and pain.

Dosing and administration

Creams for leg fatigue are used only externally. Apply with clean hands to clean dry feet, as a rule, by massaging movements. However, there are special features of the application.

  • "Bee venom and chondroitin" should be rubbed to full absorption, then wrap your feet with a woolen shawl, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
  • Cooling preparations should be applied in a thin layer, without rubbing; they themselves quickly absorbed.
  • When applying oily creams at night, it is recommended to wear socks.

Warming preparations are not recommended for use in large areas of the skin, especially without a doctor's recommendation. It is important to make a preliminary test on a site with a delicate skin. Burning and redness is an acknowledgment of effectiveness, but the appearance of a rash or swelling means that the skin of such a leg fatigue cream is not suitable.

Schemes and methods of using therapeutic creams or ointments should be recommended by a doctor. In any case, you need to follow the instructions, because some means, for example, are placed under the bandage, while others can not be warmed in any way.

Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and open injuries.


There are no reports of cases of overdosage of creams from fatigue of the legs. The risk exists only when using medicinal products having in the formula burning or biologically active components.

Interactions with other drugs

It is not recommended to combine therapeutic creams from leg fatigue with similar products of other brands. Interactions with other drugs have not been studied and, in most cases, are not dangerous.

Storage conditions

Conditions for storing creams from leg fatigue differ. In addition to standard requirements - a clean dry place with room temperature, funds with a natural composition require special conditions after opening the package. So, "Mentholovy Sanday" and similar preparations are stored in a darkened cool place, each time tightly closing the jar.

Any cosmetics, especially containing burning or cooling substances, should be carefully hidden from children and pets.

Shelf life

The shelf life of creams from leg fatigue is different and depends mainly on the composition. Standard terms - from 1 to 2 years from the date of manufacture. On the packages of the cream "Mentholovy Sanday" and other products Dushka indicated the expiration date after the opening of the jar: only 3 months.


More often than not, experience in social networks is divided into pregnant women, whose legs are especially capricious. Women who do not trust cosmetic products use alternative methods instead of creams from foot fatigue, for example, herbal or contrasting baths, a warm shower.

In positive responses about creams from fatigue of feet there are following names: "Sophia with leeches", L`Occitane, "Antistaks", "Mom Comfort", "Venolgon 911", "Thrombocide", "Horsepower", "9 months".

Rating of creams from foot fatigue

Creams from leg fatigue solve several issues: eliminate excess fluid and a feeling of heaviness, stimulate blood and lymph circulation, relieve pain and discomfort.

In addition, the drugs have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, healing, deodorizing, baktirecidic, cooling, softening, nutritional properties.

One of the ratings of creams from fatigue of the legs arranges them in such a sequence:

  • Green Mama;
  • Youngfaces;
  • Lavande Essentielle from Willows Roshe;
  • "Juniper" from "Pharmacy Agafia";
  • "Mint watermelon" from Oriflame.

Top 3 anti-varicose drugs - VarikoBooster, Varikosette, Lyoton 1000.

Creams from tired legs can significantly alleviate the unpleasant condition when the legs become heavy, "buzz", swell and hurt. The choice of cosmetics is quite large. If the cream does not help, perhaps the problem lies in some violations of the body, which you should talk with your doctor.

It is important to know!

Anyone at least sometimes, but feels weak in the legs. The reasons causing such weakness, can be set. Read more..

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