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Cleansing the liver at home

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Last reviewed: 24.06.2018

Cleansing the liver at home, despite the popularity of such methods and their convenience, has its own negative nuances. It is necessary to remember about possible exacerbations, risk of formation of acute conditions requiring urgent medical help, in short, before you conduct home procedures, you should think over your actions in detail, assess your health and weigh all the pros and cons.

In addition, all the doctors reasonably insist on a preliminary examination of the abdominal organs, this directly relates to such a method as cleansing the liver at home.

Among the most affordable and relatively harmless ways to clean the liver at home, cleaning with juices and vegetables is leading. 


Purification of the liver by alternative means

In fact, the cleansing of the liver by alternative means is all methods that are carried out outside the walls of a medical institution, that is, at home. Whichever methods you choose, it can be safely attributed to the category of so-called "folk", it can be detox apples, herbs, vegetable oil and sour juice, even purification with sorbitol or magnesia is in some sense considered unconventional, since presume the presence of a doctor. Before performing liver cleansing with alternative means, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination, to check the condition of the gallbladder and liver, in order to avoid stricture, blockage of the bile ducts.

As a soft and very effective cleaning, you can advise detoxification with infusion of ginger, which is prepared as follows: 

  • Ingredients - grated fresh ginger root - 3 tablespoons (can be replaced with dry - 2 tablespoons).
  • Grated ginger pour a glass of boiling water and insist no more than 15 minutes.
  • Infusion should be filtered and add a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Ginger infusion reception scheme: 

  • Infusion is drunk 15-20 minutes before breakfast.
  • 1 day - 10 drops.
  • All the next 14 days, you need to add 2 drops to 40 drops in the 15th day.
  • Starting from the 16th day, the dosage is successively reduced to the initial 10 drops.
  • After passing the course of cleaning, you need to take a break of at least 2 weeks, then repeat the procedure.

Purification of the liver by alternative means, whether ginger, buckwheat, radish or honey, requires compliance with the diet - preferably with the restriction of protein, milk food. Categorically prohibited alcohol, fried, fatty, spicy dishes.

Detoxication with the help of ginger root is considered one of the most effective, except for the restoration of liver cells, the digestive function improves, the vascular system heals, the work of the heart and brain improves.

Cleansing the liver for Malakhov

Among healers and supporters of a healthy lifestyle, Gennady Malakhov obviously holds the popularity palm, he issues books with recipes and recommendations, acts on television, conducts seminars and lectures. Many doctors are rather skeptical about his advice, believing them to be at best useless, and sometimes dangerous. However, the opinion of official medicine does not diminish interest in the recommendations of the healer, many of his methods are really effective, and help restore health.

Purification of the liver according to Malakhov suggests a preliminary examination of the body, it is necessary to make ultrasound of the liver, gall bladder and check the state of the gastrointestinal tract in order to avoid complications in the form of blockage of the bile ducts, exacerbation of pancreatitis, mechanical jaundice.

Option I

  • The author advises to conduct detoxification strictly 12-13 days before the full moon, so adherents of Malakhov's techniques should be stocked with the lunar calendar.
  • On the day of cleaning, the liver should be warmed for 7-9 hours with a warm warmer.
  • In the evening 2 hours before bedtime, you need to drink 150-200 milliliters of vegetable oil, pre-heated, washing it with lemon juice (50-75 ml).
  • After the oil and lemon juice have been drunk for an hour, one has to do breathing exercises: get out of bed, pinch the nose on the left side and start taking deep breaths (from the diaphragm). The author advises putting a bit of ground black pepper on the tip of the tongue to stimulate blood flow.
  • Breathe the right nostrils need at least 15 minutes, with interruptions to rest (10-15 minutes). Recreation involves a horizontal position, and on the liver area you need to put a magnet. Such actions should last 1.5-2 hours, after which you can go to bed.
  • According to Malakhov, deep breathing, black pepper, a magnet accelerate the removal of toxins from the body, if done correctly, then cleaning will begin in the middle of the night.
  • In the morning you can drink apple, beet or carrot juice, during the day to eat dietary dishes.

Such a cleansing of the liver by Malakhov is quite laborious, since besides the many ingredients and attributes (magnet) for cleaning, it is unlikely that a person will fall asleep, but the enterprising author of the technique suggests another method.

Option II, combining fasting, physical activity and visiting the bath

  • Every day, during the month you need to run for 30-40 minutes at any convenient time of day.
  • Every day you need to drink 2 cups of juice to choose from (you can alternate) - apple, carrot, beet, cucumber.
  • Weekly you need to visit the sauna, steam for an hour, ending with the heating with cold water, shower.
  • In addition, Malakhov offers a more active scheme: the first day of juice and running, the second day - a bath and 2 glasses of juice after it, then everything alternates.

Once again, we draw attention to the fact that such methods are intended for relatively healthy people, all those who have chronic diseases of the digestive tract, the biliary system, should take advantage of more sparing and safe ways.

Purification of the liver according to Moritz

With the healer Malakhov, the foreign naturopath Andreas Moritz competes in the sense of popularity, which offers a more sparing, quick and simple way of detoxification. A whole book is devoted to the technique, which describes all the negative consequences of slagging the body, and also outlines the plan of action to neutralize it.

Purification of the liver by Moritz lasts about a week and includes three stages: 

  1. Preparation. For six days it is necessary to drink a liter of apple juice, in small sips, best through a straw (tube). From the menu, all dairy, fried, spicy dishes, foods containing preservatives, dyes are excluded. Food should consist of foods rich in fiber, especially effective prunes, which helps to relax the intestines. The food should be warm, freshly prepared. In addition, the entire period oragnis is cleaned with enemas. It is advisable not to use medicines and even vitamins. 
  2. The purification starts on the sixth day, during which a strict diet is shown - oatmeal on water, boiled vegetables (no more than 300 g), baked apple. After 13-14 hours, you must stop eating, but increase the amount of fluid used in the form of purified water. At 6 pm, a solution of magnesia (4 tablespoons per 3 cups of warm water) is prepared. One quarter of the liquid should be drunk immediately, after 2 hours, drink the next portion and make an enema. Then at 21.30-21.45 it is necessary to take a mixture of half a glass of purified vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) and 150-160 ml of lemon or grapefruit juice. The mixture is better standing and at once, in small sips. After that, lie on your right side, pull your knees to your stomach and try to fall asleep. 
  3. Excretion of slag should occur in the morning. At 6.00-630 you need to drink another quarter of the solution of magnesia, and after two hours the last portion. After another two hours, it is necessary to fix the result with a glass of apple juice, always freshly squeezed.

Purification of the liver according to Moritz can be done every six months, of course, if there are no contraindications to this. Despite the fact that this method is considered to be relatively safe, in order to avoid possible exacerbations of chronic diseases, it is necessary first to examine the condition of the gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract.

Cleansing the liver according to Semenova

The methods of Nadezhda Alekseevna Semenova, unlike her colleagues in naturopaths, cause greater confidence in doctors, apparently because of the author's many regalia. Semenova is a candidate of biological sciences, a recognized and respected specialist in the field of natural sciences (she is an active member of the Russian Academy). Cleansing the liver according to Semenova suggests a fairly long preparation of the body for the procedure, in addition, the author insists on a preliminary examination, which is already an indicator of a serious and responsible approach.

Before detoxification of the liver and gallbladder, it is necessary to clean the intestine, this is done within a month, in a week, that is, twice.

Actually purification of the liver involves the presence of apples, lemon juice (200 ml) and olive oil (200 ml). The procedure is better spent on weekends, for example, from Friday to Sunday (3 days), during these days the food should be fractional and vegetarian. 

  1. In the morning on the first day you need to do a cleansing enema (simple warm water). All day long only freshly squeezed apple juice is used in unlimited quantities.
  2. The second and third day are similar to the first, that is, in the morning - an enema and apple juice.
  3. On the third day, at 19.00, you need to warm up the liver - lie down with a warmer on your right side. Every 15 minutes you should drink a lemon mixture - lemon juice (3 tablespoons) and olive oil (3 tablespoons). All this time, while the healing mixture is being drunk, the warmer should be warm, it can be left for the night, until it cools down completely.
  4. After lemon juice and vegetable oil is drunk, you need to lie for 1.5-2 hours, then you can fall asleep (21.30-22.00).

As a rule, the excretion of stones begins in the early morning in 3-4 hours, if the morning ejection does not occur, you need to help the bowel enema. Breakfast should be easy, within a week after detoxification diet food is shown, best of all - vegetarian. The next purification of the liver according to Semenova can be carried out in 2-4 weeks, depending on the intensity of the release of slags. Then, for the purpose of prevention, this procedure should be repeated annually.

Liver cleansing by the lunar calendar

How to choose the most favorable period for detoxification of the body, including the liver?

Many authors who offer health-improving techniques recommend detoxification procedures according to biorhythms and lunar days.

Cleansing the liver according to the lunar calendar is the choice of the most favorable period during which the body is naturally tuned to remove toxins, toxins, therefore, cleaning will be effective.

Depending on personal preferences and belief systems, healers are advised to plan for cleansing at different times. To say which recommendation is correct and which is not, it is not possible, obviously, one should listen to one's own intuition.

The traditional season of detoxification is autumn, although many people effectively clean the liver in winter, spring in the summer. Arguments in favor of autumn are as follows: the body was saturated with vitamins, the immune system was strengthened and able to cope with possible complications that may occur during purification.

Malakhov is convinced that the liver and bile ducts are ready for the detox before the full moon, between the 10th and 14th days of the lunar calendar

His colleague, NA Semenova timed the purge to the periods of fasting according to the Orthodox calendar.

In addition, detoxification according to the convictions of professional astrologers should correspond to the position of the moon in certain signs of the zodiac. Clearing of the gall bladder, liver ducts is supposed during the period when the Moon is in Cancer or Capricorn, the intestine is useful to cleanse during the period of the Moon in the sign of Pisces.

Cleansing the liver according to the lunar calendar is more likely a rule for those who are fond of astrology and believe in the interaction of planets on the state of the body, those who adhere to more pragmatic views, carry out detoxification at any time convenient for them.

Cleansing the liver with herbs

Phytotherapy is deservedly popular, indeed, the treatment of plants, cleansing the liver with herbs is considered an effective and safe method. However, not everyone knows that herbal preparations, herbal decoctions - this is the same drug that can cause complications and provoke an aggravation of the underlying disease. Indeed, cleansing the liver with herbs works much softer than cleaning with vegetable oil, nevertheless before the procedure it is worth to assess the condition of the bile ducts with the help of ultrasound and a doctor's consultation. Strictly speaking, phytotherapy cleans the blood, that is, carrying out detoxification of the liver contributes to the purification of the blood flow, hence, to the improvement of the whole organism.

The most effective, actively acting on the bile duct and liver, herbs: 

  • Helichrysum arenarium - cumin sandy, immortelle, cassava.
  • Taráxacum is a dandelion.
  • Artemísia - wormwood.
  • Mentha piperita is peppermint.
  • Oleum Rosae pinque - dogrose.
  • Chelidónium - celandine.
  • Urtica - nettle.
  • Plantago major - plantain.
  • Achillea millefolium is a yarrow.
  • Stigmata Maydis - corn stigmas.
  • Cichorium - chicory.

Cleansing the liver with herbs pursues one goal - to expand the bile ducts, activate the secretion of bile and stones. These plants are used both separately and as part of complex phytosols, which are best purchased in the pharmacy already ready.

Purification of the liver of thistle

Silybum marianum, milk thistle or milk thistle is one of the basic plants that is used to make hepatoprotectors. Milk thistle helps protect hepatocytes, restore them, can help even with liver cirrhosis, relieves inflammation in hepatitis. Silymarin, which is the main active ingredient of the plant, does not have side effects on internal organs and the entire body as a whole, so treatment of milk thistle has virtually no contraindications.

Purification of the liver with thistle: 

  • Take the seeds of milk thistle, grind them in a coffee grinder (you can use the grass). A teaspoon of dry milk thistle is poured into a glass of boiling water, it is insisted no more than 15 minutes, it is filtered. You can take this tea on an empty stomach every day for three months. You can also drink a decoction three times a day for half an hour before eating half a glass for a month.
  • 2 tablespoons of dry herb thistle is poured into two glasses of boiling water, add a tea boat of dry mint and insist 40 minutes. The agent is drunk on a tablespoon during the day every half hour (or an hour). The course lasts 2-3 days, it is advisable to carry out such purification of the liver of a thistle on weekends.

In addition, milk thistle is sold in the pharmacy in the form of capsules, which are also effective as a detoxifier for the liver. You can take a drug for up to three weeks.

Decoction of the liver with oats decoction

Broth of oats is able to purify the body of toxins, normalize the work of the liver and kidneys, strengthen blood vessels.

Decontamination of the liver with oats decoction: 

  • Whole oats - 1 glass, rinse, add 2 tablespoons of sporrows or cowberry leaves, a tablespoon of birch buds. The mixture is poured into 3 liters of boiling water, insist for 24 hours. A day later in another bowl brewed a dogrose - a glass of fruits boiled in 1, 5 glasses of water 10 minutes, insist 45-60 minutes. In the broth of the dogrose infuse the infusion of oats and herbs, previously strained. Everything is poured over glass jars and stored in the cold. Drink oatmeal should be before meals for 30 minutes in a warm form of 50 ml, and then increasing the daily dosage to 150 ml (the third day). The course lasts no more than 10 days, after a two-week break it can be repeated 3 more times. Such cleansing for preventive purposes is useful to apply every six months against the background of a vegetarian diet. 
  • Half a cup of unpeeled whole oats is poured with 2 liters of cold water and left for an hour. Then bring to a boil and keep on a slow fire for about an hour and a half. The resulting product must be filtered and taken in a pre-heated form of 100 grams before each meal. The broth should be stored in the cold, but each time a little warm up. It is convenient to prepare in advance, in the evening, in small portions, so that the remedy is as fresh as possible. Such cleansing of the liver with a decoction of oats can last up to six months, since it acts very slowly, sparing, but without any possible complications.


Collection for liver cleansing

Collection for liver cleansing can be prepared at home, if there is an opportunity to purchase, or to procure environmentally friendly raw materials, but it is easier and safer to buy a ready-made composition in a pharmacy. If all the necessary herbs are available, the collection is prepared in several ways: 


  • Grass of bearberry.
  • Corn silk.
  • Spores.
  • St. John's Wort.


  • Take each herb in a tablespoon, mix, pour 2 liters of boiling water and leave to simmer for 10 minutes. Then tightly wrap the container and insist for no more than 30 minutes.

Receiving decoction: 

  • The course is a month.
  • Half the glass in warm form for half an hour before breakfast the first two weeks.
  • One glass before breakfast (for 30 minutes) for two consecutive weeks.
  • After the course - a break 2 weeks, during which a daily drink a decoction of oats (2 tablespoons of oats boil for 15 minutes in a half liters of boiling water and eat instead of tea).
  • After a break, you need to repeat the monthly course of taking a decoction of the phytosbora.

Collection for the purification of the liver, composition: 

  • Corn silk.
  • The immortelle is sandy.
  • Rosehip (fruits).
  • Raisins.
  • Lemon juice.


Herbs - half the tablespoon, rose hips - a tablespoon, raisins - 100grammes, lemon juice - a tablespoon. All is filled with boiling water (1, 5 liters), boiled for no more than 5 minutes, insists 30-40 minutes. Infusion should be filtered and add lemon juice. Infusion is best done on the eve of cleansing, in the evening, stored in the refrigerator.


  • On the day of cleaning on an empty stomach one and a half cups of broth are drunk in a warm form.
  • An hour later, a laxative is taken, or an enema is made.
  • Then you need to lie down with a hot water bottle on your right side, cover yourself with a blanket.
  • Half an hour later, the removal of toxins should begin, if after an hour this does not happen, we must again make an enema.
  • It is better to starve the whole day, drinking is allowed - still mineral water, water with honey, apple juice, green sweetened tea.
  • After cleansing during the week, you must adhere to a sparing diet.
  • The course should be repeated no earlier than one and a half to two months.

Cleansing the liver with mineral water

Cleaning of the bile ducts and liver with mineral water is essentially a classic tjubazh, which, under the condition of the absence of stones of large dimensions, even doctors recommend conducting at home.

Liver cleansing with mineral water, action plan: 

  • Preliminary preparation. For a week, at least three days, you need to follow the rules of dietary nutrition, there is only boiled, lean food, better plant. It is good to drink freshly squeezed juices daily, a lot of warm liquid. 
  • In the morning on the day of tjubazh you need to drink a glass of mineral water (Borjomi, Essentuki) without gas. In mineral water, to activate the excretion of slag, you can dissolve a tablespoon of sorbitol. Sorbitol is replaced by a strong decoction of cholagogue grass, for example, immortelle (2 tablespoons for 300 ml of boiling water, 15 minutes insist). After half an hour you should drink a glass of mineral water again and lie down for 2 hours with a warmer on your right side. It is recommended to continue the reception of water until evening, so that the volume of drunk was not less than 2 liters. 
  • At 20.00, you should drink vegetable oil, at least 2 tablespoons. The oil must be heated. If the oil causes nausea and vomiting, it can be replaced with magnesia, sorbitol - dilute 2 tablespoons in a glass of warm boiled water. Both oil and sorbitol are drunk in small sips with interruptions in 10-15 minutes.
  • After a while, the relaxation of the chair should begin, the aching pains in the right hypochondrium speak of much slagging and insufficient preliminary cleaning of the intestine. This problem can be solved with the help of an additional enema. During the whole cleaning you need to warm up the liver. 
  • In the morning the next day, you need to drink a glass of apple juice and eat whole day, boiled vegetables, salad, oatmeal. 
  • Purification of the liver with mineral water can be repeated after 2 days and continue the procedure 3 more times. 

With a preventive purpose, tjubazh is conducted quarterly, of course, after a consultation with the doctor. Excessive zeal in this matter is inappropriate, if the bile ducts are free of stones, cleaning will not only do no good, but can also do much harm.

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