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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

In medicine, all professions are important and indispensable. For every disease there is a doctor who puts the necessary diagnoses and methods of his treatment. In this article we will talk about a cardiorevmatologist, a professional who knows everything about the most important organ of the human body, called the heart.

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Who is a cardiorevmatologist?

In more detail, the cardiorevmatologist is a doctor who deals exclusively with the disease of the heart. His competence includes many duties. Conduct a diagnosis, prescribe treatment and monitor the prevention of cardiovascular diseases of rheumatic origin. As they say, put all the dots over the "and" and find out what is rheumatic disease, which is investigated along and across by the cardiovascular physician.

Usually this disease begins in childhood, which leads to the defeat of the heart, joints and nervous system, but manifests itself much later. You can rid your body of rheumatic inflammation of the joints. It is, thank God, not always, heals quickly, without any consequences. The same happens with the defeat of the nervous system. Without a trace and without any difficulties. Whether the heart. His disease leads to sad consequences. Heart disease and early disability develops. Streptococcal infections, such as angina, scarlet fever, to which children are most susceptible, are the main harbingers of rheumatic fever. Fortunately, not always after this disease continues to develop. Usually it affects people who are most often predisposed to this disease. Heredity plays an equally important role, which is transmitted by parents or close relatives. The immune system can protect a person if it is strong and strong.

Surely, you have a question: "Is there a difference between such doctors as a cardiologist and a cardiorevmatologist?" The answer is simple: "Not essential, but there is." The first doctor is a specialist who studies the structure, function, heart and vascular diseases, their development mechanisms, clinical manifestations and diagnostics. The second is focused on heart disease.

When should I go to a cardioreistatologist?

As they say, the earlier, the better. If the first signs are even the most insignificant, you still need to think about them and take them seriously. If a person feels pain in the heart, there is continuous shortness of breath, when performing small physical exertion, he has premature fatigue or palpitations must necessarily come and consult a cardiovascular physician. Even the smallest, but periodic lethargy, irritability, frequent bad mood and bad sleep can also be the first signs of the onset of heart disease.

It is worth discovering some medical concepts. Systemic vasculitis (CB) is a group of diseases characterized by systemic vascular lesions with an inflammatory reaction of the vascular wall. There are two types of these diseases. Primary NE, in which systemic vascular disease is considered an independent disease, and secondary CB, which develop against a background of a disease. In a number of cases, secondary CB can become important in the clinical picture of the disease.

The first signs of heart disease should in no case be ignored. Any violation and the appearance of even small symptoms of heart disease suggests that this is the signal that the heart sends. All this should make it clear to you that the heart and the circulation process are not working in perfect order. You should immediately go to the doctor.

If you already know about the existence of any disease in the body, then know that the danger is following you "on the heels." Whether you want it or not, but you are at risk of a heart attack, you may have chest pain, suddenly your heart stops or heart failure. It is also important to know that any disturbances in the blood supply and metabolism of the myocardium are the main cause of the most common heart diseases.

What tests should I take when I call a cardiorematologist?

Analyzes to hand over is extremely important. They have a lot to do. The total protein, blood serum proteins by the method of electrophoresis, C-reactive protein, anti-streptococcal antibodies, anti-streptogyluronidase, antistreptokinase, antistreptolysin, fibrinogen - these and other tests must be done immediately. Further, without electrolytes, which include potassium, sodium, calcium, chlorine, acid-base analysis, prothrombin index, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, alpha-lipoprotein cholesterol, rheumatoid factor, and aminotransferases of AsT AlT is indispensable. The state of cellular and humoral immunity, Zimnitsky's assay, daily diuresis, prothrombin index, urea, Nichiporenko's test, Kakovskogo-Addis are also extremely valuable tests, without which it will be impossible to establish a diagnosis and start further treatment for the cardiorematologist.

What diagnostic methods does the cardiorheumatologist use?

In general, each cardioreventor has its own treatment methods, but, as a rule, many of them intersect and are dominant in the diagnosis of heart disease.

So, in order to deliver the necessary diagnosis, as a rule, most commonly used methods are used to measure blood pressure in dynamics, venous pressure, blood flow velocity, check the ECG in dynamics, and make phonocardiography. According to the testimony, you can then set the blood culture for sterility, examine for LE-cells, conduct X-ray and angiocardiography, tetropolar rheography, and polycardiography.

What does the cardiorevmatologist do?

From this follows the answer, which makes it clear that the cardiorevmatologist, when signs of rheumatic fever appear, can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right decision. The main condition for a good result from the current unhealthy situation is a timely appeal to the cardiorevmatologist. This is the only way, starting as soon as possible, treatment, you can avoid new exacerbations and stop the heart disease as soon as possible.

The main directions of cardiorevmatology work are as follows.

1 st, 2 nd prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases is the responsibility of this doctor. In addition, the cardiorheumatologist watches the patients after he underwent a heart operation, treats and rehabilitates the patients after the myocardial infarction suffered by him. It monitors the health of those patients who have irregularities in the rhythm and conductivity of the heart.

What diseases does the cardiorevmatologist treat?

Among the diseases that are in the competence of cardiorevmatologists, the following can be attributed: rheumatoid and chronic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis. About systemic diseases of connective tissue, which include reactive arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, rheumatism, he also knows how no other doctor.

About acute rheumatic fever, ostearthrosis, soft tissue diseases of the musculoskeletal system he hears not by hearsay. Unfortunately, his duties include a lot of diseases. This is a dangerous coronary heart disease, and hypertension, heart failure, and rheumatism, and rheumatic heart diseases, and rheumatic and metabolic diseases of the joints. But if the doctor is an excellent specialist in his field, he is capable of using God's help, even the most neglected, at first glance, cases. The main thing is to turn to him and follow all the doctor's recommendations.

Advices of a cardiac physician

Heart disease spares no one and does not regret. For her there is no choice. Whether it's a man or a woman, there is no difference for the disease. Therefore, in order to prevent the disease, prevent it from developing and keep health for your heart for a long time, it is worth listening to simple advice that will prolong the youth and longevity of your heart.

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So, the first thing, stop smoking

If you are a woman and besides, accustomed to smoke a cigarette, two, or even more, then from this "pleasant", but very harmful occupation should be abandoned. Not for a while, but for always. Statistics show that women who smoke women have heart attacks 2-6 times more often than non-smokers. The situation can still lead to disastrous consequences, if you belong to the percentage who also use oral contraceptives in addition to smoking. The risk of a heart attack for this category of women increases by 40 times. If you smoke with your husband, then ask him to give it up for you. This will save and prolong not only your life, but also the life of your loved one.

It is also worth noting that non-smoking women who have husbands who are in the habit of smoking die many times more often from heart disease than women surrounded by no one smokes.

Watch for cholesterol

It is impossible in any case to exceed it. Cholesterol should not be above the allowable rate. Do not assume that he was such as almost one-third of all adult American women whose cholesterol levels are exceeded so much that each of them is at an increased risk of developing heart disease.

"Why is it dangerous?" - you ask. Let's try to prove it. Cholesterol is a substance that forms plaques in the arteries. If his blood level is 240 mg / dl, then the risk of developing heart disease will be increased several times higher than in healthy people. To be more precise, twice as much as the cholesterol level is less than 200. One of the studies makes it possible to understand that atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels after the level of cholesterol in the blood has been lowered may undergo a reverse development.

Get rid of excess weight

People whose weight is 30% or more above the norm have a risk of getting heart disease and a heart attack much higher, even if the remaining risk factors are absent. Another study shows that a 10% weight reduction may result in a 20% reduction in the incidence of coronary heart disease.

Watch your blood pressure

According to American studies, more than half of women over 55 years of age have high blood pressure. Therefore, if you belong to this number, then there is a chance to save the heart, if you watch the weight, get rid of excess and refuse to consume a large amount of salt. Otherwise, you will need a specially prescribed medication to control the pressure. Reduce pressure, will not be prone to heart disease.

Move more

Physical exercises are very valuable and useful. Therefore, hurry to go in for sports, move more! You need to develop your heart, stay more in the air. As much as possible and more often walk, jog, swim and ride a bicycle. All these exercises lead to a lowering of blood pressure. The total cholesterol decreases and "good" cholesterol rises.

Reduce the amount of fat consumed

This is especially true for saturated fats. The researchers proved, and the doctors agreed that the higher the fat content in the diet, the faster will heart disease. To avoid this, eat more and more fruits, vegetables, different cereals. In addition, it is worth reducing the amount of beef, bacon and fried foods.

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Studies show that if a person is deprived of normal human communication, but he risks dying 3 times more often from heart disease than a person who likes to talk.

Choose a professional

It is worth noting that the cardiorevmatologist to the cardiothorematologist is different. The doctor should be, if there is not from God, then at least he who knows the truth in his field and has little experience behind his shoulders. Therefore, before contacting a doctor, try to find a worthy doctor, so that he is a professional in his business, who will help you if even the impossible is necessary!

Well, in the end, it is worth saying, take care of your heart, do not load it and do not worry about anything. Take for the rule, keep the heart in peace and tranquility. Remember, even from the most difficult situation there is always a way out. There is no escape from the coffin alone. But he does not threaten you in the near future, if you follow all these rules, at the time you turn to the cardiorevmatologist and look at the world and people with kind, loving eyes.

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