Vitamins for men: what every man needs to know?

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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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Is there a difference between the norms of vitamins for women and men? How often should you drink vitamins for men and which ones? This is our information.

Almost all the vitamins that exist, are needed by the male body, as well as trace elements. It should be noted that the dose and frequency of administration play an important role, for example, men require much less iron than women who lose it monthly during the monthly cycle, exceeding the norm level can be dangerous. A trace element such as boron, by contrast, is extremely useful, as it reduces the risk of prostate cancer by almost 65%. In addition, due to boron, you can improve memory and concentration. Zinc helps to regulate the work of the prostate gland, therefore, the best vitamins for men, reviews of which can always be found on the forums, necessarily contain this useful trace element. There is also a list of basic essential vitamins, without which the male body cannot be resistant to various infections and diseases in principle.

Good vitamins for men are all B vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, as well as lipoic acid or vitamin N, biotin or vitamin H.

Vitamins for men of group B

In this group of vitamins - salvation for men. B vitamins control the process of assimilation of protein foods and its distribution throughout all body systems.

Most of the B vitamins in food containing proteins are meat, fish, buckwheat, potatoes, beans, nuts and mushrooms.

Vitamin B6 is found in abundance in vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, as well as in berries - strawberries and cherries. All these sources of vitamins are good when they are not processed. When heat treated, they inevitably lose their beneficial properties.

Remember: when cooking from vegetables takes more than a quarter of useful substances. Therefore, do not pour out the broth, drink it or boil the soup in it.

Vitamins B12 and B2 are found in meat, liver, so vegetarians need to think seriously about what substances they lack in the body when they refuse meat products. If the principles of vegetarian men food choices are still strong, you need to consult a doctor in order to find an adequate substitute for food vitamins with tablets in tablet form.

Overdose of B vitamins for men

It is important not to exceed the intake of vitamins of group B, because it can provoke negative health effects. For example, with higher doses of vitamin B2, you can lose or significantly impair vision, as well as disrupt the kidneys.

An overdose of vitamin B6 can lead to allergies and skin rashes. And vitamin B12, if it exceeds the norm, can provoke a blockage of blood vessels, cause heart failure, even pulmonary edema. Its excess in the body can also contribute to the development of an allergic reaction, rashes on the skin in the form of manifestations of urticaria. That is why the best vitamins for men contain a strictly defined rate of thiamine, pyridoxine, biotin, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin and other B vitamins, and their combination is verified in the utmost accuracy.

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Vitamin A for men. What vitamins are better for men?

This is a very important vitamin for the body of men. If it is not enough, then the man, as well as women, may develop the so-called “night blindness”. These vitamins for men increase and strengthen the activity of the immune system, respectively, protect the body from infections and colds. Men should pay close attention to this substance, because if you ask a urologist or a sex therapist what kind of good vitamins for men in the sense of improving potency, they will answer you - fat-soluble vitamins E and A. These vitamins are involved in the construction of tissues, cells and activate the production of purely masculine a hormone called testosterone. Vitamin A also counteracts the development of cancerous tumors.

Where to get vitamin A?

It is enough in fish, liver, milk, sour cream, tomatoes, apricots and melon. Especially a lot of vitamin A in carrots. A very small amount of carrots, up to 150 grams, is already 4 times more vitamin A than recommended for men, given the daily rate. This suggests that vitamin A, like any other vitamin, requires a strict dosage, exceeding the norm of vitamin A can provoke a deterioration in liver function (the vitamin accumulates in it). Vitamin A is fat soluble, so raw carrots will not add to the body a useful substance, but a worn carrot, seasoned with fat sour cream or vegetable oil is a storehouse of vitamins that are easily absorbed by the male body.

Good vitamins for men, it is also those that include ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C for men

This is a powerful and necessary supplement to maintain the vitality and energy of men. A man’s daily life is subject to stress, so resisting them needs to be fully prepared, and vitamin C helps to intensify resources, especially if you take into account the eternal male craving for smoking and occasional alcohol consumption. In addition, the statistics states that a certain dose of vitamin C is able to normalize high blood pressure. This is especially true for men whose age has exceeded forty years, when the body becomes more vulnerable, not only because of stress, but also for understandable physiological, age-related reasons.

Unfortunately, the facts show that cardiovascular diseases occupy one of the first places for the causes of death in men. With the help of regular intake of vitamin C, it is possible to prevent or at least mitigate the course of cardiovascular ailments. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, that is, those substances that provoke heart disease, respiratory system and violate vascular conductivity. Besides. Vitamin C is able to slow down the aging of the body, prevent atherosclerosis, reduce cholesterol and neutralize the harm from the effects of nicotine (smoking).

Vitamin C is an excellent protection against stress, it helps to heal wounds and various tissue damage faster. If the question arises, “which vitamins are best taken by men,” of course, this is the vitamin complex that contains the right amount of vitamin C.

Where can I get vitamin C?

There is a lot of it in vegetables, more precisely, in pepper, green onions, kiwi, cabbage, in all citrus fruits, black currants, sea buckthorn. A feature of vitamin C is that it is able to quickly deteriorate in air or during heat treatment. That is why nutritionists recommend vegetables and fruits - sources of vitamins, do not boil, and bake, or even use raw.

An overdose of vitamin C is unacceptable because it can provoke an allergic reaction - a rash, difficulty breathing. Especially dangerous is an overdose of synthesized vitamin C, that is, a pharmacy drug.

Any best complex of vitamins for men is unthinkable without tocopherol - vitamin E, biotin and lipoic acid. A year ago, a ranking of the most effective vitamin complexes containing many active ingredients, including vitamins B, vitamins C, E, A, N and H, was made. Multivitamin preparations such as Optimen Optimum Nutrition or Animal Pak 44 Universal Nutrition became vitamin bestsellers among men involved in active sports, and VITASTACK AllMax Nutrition contains almost one hundred unique ingredients, divided into nine special capsules that you need to drink in a certain sequence. For example, a tocopherol for a man requires at least 10 IU per day, but this vitamin must be administered in combination with vitamin A, and after that, since it is better absorbed and enhances the overall antioxidant effect. Here is a more detailed description of vitamin E.

Vitamin E for men

This is a substance that helps men to be more energetic, to fight against aging, in addition, vitamin E (tocopherol) reduces cholesterol, protects blood vessels from brittleness, strengthens their walls, activates blood flow, increases the protective properties of the immune system. Vitamin E is considered a vitamin of fertility, that is, contributes to a better quality of the sex glands, if vitamin E is not enough, the male body produces less sex hormones.

Where does vitamin E come from?

Vitamin E is present in sufficient doses in all types of vegetable oil, except refined. It can be oil of any Shrovetide plant - corn, sunflower, olives. Vitamin E is also abundant in cereal nuts.

An overdose of tocopherol is as dangerous as an overabundance of any other vitamin. An excessive dose of vitamin E can provoke hypertension, diarrhea, allergies. In order not to risk, taking vitamin E is better to coordinate with your doctor or take the best vitamins for men, reviews of which inspire confidence.

Vitamin N for men

Very often, men are impaired liver function due to excessive consumption of tasty, but very harmful products, such as beer, chips, a large amount of fried meat. Vitamin N can help the liver recover. It contributes to the normalization of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as combating intoxication and even alcohol poisoning. Thanks to vitamin N, the thyroid gland more actively produces the necessary hormones, and lipoic acid significantly improves eyesight, restores hearing, protects the male body from the effects of radioactive substances and X-rays.

Vitamins for men

Where to get vitamin N?

Lipoic acid is found in excess in milk, dairy products, grains, green salads - in spinach, as well as unpolished rice, cabbage of all kinds, in the heart, liver, mushrooms and brewer's yeast.

Men, like women, also strive to look young, so the best vitamins for men are those substances that maximally preserve not only the internal reserves of the body, but also appearance. One of these vitamins is biotin.

Vitamin H for men

Biotin must be in the diet of every man, if only because he is struggling with such a common problem as baldness. Also, vitamin H helps to strengthen the nails, hair, improves the appearance of the skin, due to the fact that it works in conjunction with sulfur, which controls the condition of hair, skin and nails.

Thanks to vitamin H, a man doesn’t recover as well in terms of weight gain, especially in the abdomen. This vitamin controls fat and carbohydrate metabolism (carbohydrates give energy to the male body), and also normalizes the general metabolism.

Where to get vitamin H?

Vitamin H is abundant in lamb, beef, soy, yeast, and mushrooms. A lot of biotin in vegetables, cabbage, sea buckthorn, as well as in dairy products and milk.

The same vitamins

Doctors say that the vitamins for men and women are the same. The thing is only in proportions and dosage. Men need more vitamins than the fair sex for a quite understandable reason - the physiological one. Since there are more muscles in the male body, accordingly, more calories are burned. This is especially true for those men who lead an active physical life, move a lot. If men do not replenish their resources with nutrients: vitamins, proteins, minerals, they will have a sluggish, undeveloped muscle corset.

The very nature of the distinction between the male and female body, however, despite the fact that men are considered representatives of the strong half of humanity, statistics say that the male body is more vulnerable and less adapted to constant changes in the world than the seemingly weak woman. It is no secret that the modern world is far from perfect - environmental problems, poor nutrition, chronic stress, an endless stream of information, all of these factors negatively affect men's health. A man by nature strives for specifics and poorly adapts to rapid changes. Since “men do not cry” - the boys absorb this traditional dogma from childhood, all experiences of men prefer to save and hide within themselves. The list of psychosomatic, especially male diseases is so long that it deserves a separate discussion. But the tendency to an increase in urogenital diseases that has emerged over the past few decades cannot but be disturbing. It is believed that the urinogenital male system is the first to take a hit from chronic stress, fatigue and poor lifestyle choices. Chronic prostatitis is noticeably “younger”, and cardiovascular diseases are also increasingly common in young men. Strokes and heart attacks are no longer diseases of the elderly, and the nervous system suffers. It would seem that there is no way out, but medical practice shows that regular observance of simple nutritional rules, constant planned replenishment of lost forces with the help of vitamin complexes can gradually normalize and strengthen men's health.

The best complex of vitamins for men

Of course, the best complex of vitamins for men is a complete rest and a positive atmosphere at work and in family life. Anyway, more real and mundane components are also required, such as: 

  • Protein food, which helps strengthen the immune system, in addition, proteins are directly involved in the functioning of the male reproductive system (spermatogenesis). 
  • Carbohydrates that fill the male body with energy and are involved in biochemical processes. 
  • Fats that are also needed for a normal biochemical process in the body. 
  • Mineral components that are involved in enzymatic functions and accelerate biochemical processes. 
  • Vitamins that are known to be constantly consumed, so they need to be taken regularly.

What are the best vitamins for men?

In the men's diet must necessarily be all the necessary vitamins for men, and in the norms are not reduced and not too high. Therefore, a medical consultation should be desirable, if not mandatory, if a man seeks to strengthen or restore his health. In addition, there are already selected in an ideal combination of vitamin complexes, it is perhaps the best choice for those who do not want to visit the doctor for such a seemingly insignificant reason. Pharmaceutical preparations are the best vitamins for men, reviews of them are almost 100% positive. Among the most popular are the following: 

  1. The alphabet, which exists in several variants, but for men there is a special one, called the Alphabet for Men. This complex includes all the necessary vitamins for man, mineral, in addition - carotenoids, carnitine, taurine and Siberian ginseng extract. The drug is divided into tablets of three different colors that need to be taken consistently, since it is in this mode that the vitamins for men are better absorbed. 
  2. It is also effective Duovit for men, which contains the necessary, carefully verified daily rate of vitamins and trace elements. 
  3. Vitiron Suscaps, which consists of 11 vitamins, 10 minerals and other trace elements, including methionine, molybdenum, manganese and zinc. Vitamins are made in a special form - tinted soluble capsules in the form of an oily liquid - suspension. It is in this form that the vitamins have absolute bioavailability and are completely absorbed in the body of a man. 
  4. Orange Triad Controlled Labs is a complex that contains all the essential vitamins for men, as well as minerals and nutrients that can support not only the immune system, but also digestion and joints. The drug is suitable for those involved in sports. 
  5. Oligovit, a preparation containing vitamin A, vitamins D, E, vitamins of group B, as well as nicotinamide, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium and other useful and necessary components in one dragee. The complex is able to provide the daily need for vitamins by taking one or two pills.

The best vitamins for men are, of course, vigorous physical activity, adherence to a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and strong nerves. If, for some reason, health is shaken, to help. Proven vitamin complexes will come.

What are good vitamins for men? Those advised by the attending physician, or pharmaceutical preparations, that is, the best vitamins for men, reviews of which are only positive, both from consumers and from physicians.


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