Six of the best diets for fast growing thin

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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And here's the long-awaited list of six of the best diets for fast weight loss. You can choose your favorite diet, based on your health or mood. Lose weight in pleasure!

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Diet "Jockey"

Duration: 3 days

Result: 3-5 kg

The first day of the diet is quite joyful: you need to eat chicken meat, baked in the oven, but just do not salt anything and always peel the chicken from the chicken. Try to stretch this food for three meals.

On the second day, distribute 300 grams of veal for three portions, pre-bake it.

The third day is the most fun, you do not have to cook absolutely anything, but you'll have to starve the whole day. The positive thing is that on the third day of one of the six best diets you can drink 4-5 servings of black coffee, of course, without sugar. On this you will lose from 3 to 5 kilograms. Fantastic!

Just pay attention to the fact that not all people are used to having so little. This amount of meat can be missed before full saturation. The lost weight can return to you in a short time. And for three days of a diet, you can feel weak and dizzy - but these are trifles on the way to beauty.

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Classics of the genre - coffee with chocolate

Duration: 3 days

The result: a loss of 3-5 kilograms of excess weight

The name of the diet is pretty tempting. Throughout the day, your stomach will rejoice just a few cups of coffee without sugar, it is possible to add milk powder. You can also eat a small tile of bitter chocolate. Do you like bitter chocolate?

The result, as in the previous diet, - you lose 3-5 kilograms of live weight.

Before using this diet, consult a doctor. If you have unstable blood pressure - give up such a diet, health is the main thing.

Attention! During a diet, headache, insomnia, nausea, general weakness are possible.

Some of the safest diets are those that are on average 9 days.


Rejuvenating - kefir diet

Duration: 9 days

Result: excess 3-6 kilograms (this is a lot!).

This diet will be very useful even to people who do not suffer from excess weight, as yogurt improves the work of the stomach and intestines. As everyone has already realized, the main component of the diet is kefir!

In order not to feel hunger, brighten your diet with boiled rice - this is the schedule for the first three days.

The next three days, eat a juicy boiled chicken, without skin.

And in the remaining three days, the only food for you will be apples. So, after 9 days, the extra 3-6 kilograms go away (this is not enough).

I wish you success!

Buckwheat diet

Duration: 1-2 weeks

The result: at least 3-4 kilograms.

In the evening before going to bed, rinse a glass of buckwheat. After this, you need to fill it with two glasses of water and go to sleep safely. And in the morning we get a wonderful treat, which we stretch for the next week or two.

The question is, how long will you survive. Absolutely nothing to add to such a delicious dish. You can not add oil or salt. Do not eat any bread and nothing at all, except buckwheat.

Encourage yourself at will with green tea, kefir or make a decoction of medicinal herbs. After the first week has passed, you are guaranteed to lose at least 3-4 kilograms.

If you stand for two weeks - the result will lead you to a state of shock. That's the whole secret of the buckwheat diet.


Watermelon diet

Duration: 7 days

Result: 5 kilograms

This diet is optimal for summer. In the summer, you are not so hungry because of the warm weather. Have breakfast with your favorite porridge with a slice of cheese. Do not add anything else, not even salt.

While dining, boil or put out the vegetables, you can add some fatty fish or meat to the vegetables.

Dinner is a ripe watermelon. Stand on the scales. For every 30 kilograms, one ripe watermelon is needed - a good summer variant. In a day you can lose 1 extra kilogram.

Do not recommend to stick to such a diet for more than five days.

In conclusion - a tough diet

Duration: 7 days

Result: say goodbye to the extra 5 kilograms.

If you think that you are able to withstand a rather aggressive way of eating for a while - this is your diet.

For breakfast we confine ourselves to a boiled egg, of course, we do not salt it. If quite a burden - drink an egg with tea without sugar.

Dine boiled meat or fish, make salad from raw vegetables, without flavor additives. In the salad you can add a variety of lemon juice.

Dinner is tea made from herbs. Pretty simple, but effective. For a week, boldly say goodbye to the extra 5 kilograms.

Your attention was presented to the 6 best diets for rapid weight loss. Choose your own.

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