Products for strength and muscle recovery

What are products for recovery? It's food, which brings back vivacity and activity of a person - after high loads, illnesses, poisonings or even any stressful situations. Experts believe that to achieve the result it is necessary to combine two factors: products for the restoration of the body plus a full sleep.

The diet, restoring the force after the load, must contain many proteins. It supports muscles and increases the overall energy. The second factor is abundant drinking of mineral water, it serves to restore and maintain water-salt balance.

Restoration of the sick person's strength occurs according to a different scheme. Discomfort from energy losses, due to the fight against the disease, can last a long time. After all, for a complete recovery, you need time, good conditions for rest and proper nutrition with fast-digested products to restore the body. For heavy, fatty, spicy, salty foods, a temporary taboo is imposed.

The approximate menu consists of vegetables, fruits, honey, dried fruits, nuts, citrus, dairy products; drinking - juices, teas, water, decoctions. Read more about products rich in energy:

  1. Mate is the best alternative to coffee.
  2. Honey - creates an energy reserve for a long time.
  3. Seeds of pumpkin - stimulate the formation of proteins, increase endurance.
  4. Walnut is an excellent energy source.
  5. Banana - contains both fast and slow carbohydrates; Instantly satisfies hunger and stores energy on "sweat".
  6. Egg - rich in leucine, necessary for energy production.
  7. Apple - supplies quercetin, the stimulating ability of muscle cells to release energy.
  1. Bean - a source of vegetable proteins and many other useful substances.
  2. Oatmeal - the popularity of breakfast is due to the presence of thiamine, which increases stamina and the ability to withstand daily loads.
  3. Yogurt - boosts immune forces, prevents intestinal disorders.

Specialists emphasize that to accelerate rehabilitation after a disease, the psychological focus of a person is important, his desire to quickly recover, restore physical and mental strength.

Products for quick recovery

In the process of recovering from the disease after a meal, food plays a major role. With the help of products for the recovery of the body, it is necessary to compensate for the loss of calories, protein, vitamins and other components consumed to fight the disease. And with them will restore strength and energy.

In the diet menu is very handy such dishes:

  • boiled fish, meat;
  • fresh, stewed, pickled (especially cabbage) vegetables;
  • semolina porridge, oatmeal with dried fruits;
  • cheeses;
  • tea, cocoa, fruit and berry drinks.

In addition to nutrition, the patient is important to drink more, sleep and breathe. And not only with pure air, but with rich pleasant smells, essential oils: lavender, mint, pine needles, lemon balm, orange peel, ground coffee. It is proved that all these fragrances, as they were called in the old days, contribute miraculously to recovery.

At the same time for this period it is necessary to exclude from the menu lactic acid drinks, cottage cheese and sour cream, marinades, salty, heavy food, chocolate, nuts.

Energy supplementation is also necessary for healthy people, for example, after performing intensive work - physical, intellectual, or sports activities. To do this, use products for rapid recovery of the body, for example, such:

  • bananas;
  • honey;
  • boiled rice;
  • dishes from potatoes;
  • coffee.

They contain so-called "fast" carbohydrates. Light snacks increase the level of glucose (fruits, seeds, yogurt, vegetable salad), and potatoes and bananas maintain this level for a long time.

Products for rapid muscle recovery

Products for rapid muscle recovery are mainly used by athletes, after intensive training. During the ligaments, the joints and muscles undergo overloads, with abundant sweat the body loses a large number of useful substances. Therefore, the products for the recovery of the body must contain carbohydrates, protein, fats, liquid, fiber, trace elements. Food should be fresh, quality, delicious.

To make up for losses, it is important to eat at a certain time; the best option for a snack, according to experts, is the first hour after classes. The carbohydrate-protein ratio depends on the intensity of the exercises; as a rule, it ranges from 2: 1 to 4: 1.

Grocery list:

  1. Water - salted, honey, with the addition of orange juice.
  2. Whole-wheat bread, pasta, porridge (rice, oatmeal).
  3. Salmon fish.
  1. Chicken eggs, fillets.
  2. Beans.
  3. Yoghurts.
  4. Peanut butter.
  5. Broccoli, carrots, greens.
  6. Dried and fresh fruit.
  7. Chocolate.

Perfectly cope with the task of satisfying hunger and quickly restoring muscle strength, a sandwich made from the above products, for example, salmon, chicken fillet or egg, lettuce leaf. Yoghurt or oatmeal with fruit is also a suitable option.

Products for muscle recovery after exercise

During intensive ligamentous activities, joints and muscles are subject to heavy loads, and then many trace elements are excreted from the body. To restore the full functioning of the muscles need protein, and the body as a whole - the replacement of losses, including energy.

One way to relieve fatigue and resume active status is a proper diet, made up of products for muscle recovery after training. The athlete needs a variety of products to restore the body: carbohydrates - "fuel", proteins - "building materials", useful fats, liquid. It is important the ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as diet, depending on the intensity and other characteristics of training.

  • Carbohydrate foods: whole wheat bread and pasta, oatmeal and porridge from unclean rice, berries, (dry) fruit, natural chocolate.
  • Fat-containing: salmon, salmon, tuna, trout, peanut butter.
  • Protein: chicken fillets, legumes, nuts, yoghurts, eggs.

Combine these products in various ways: bread sandwiches with fish or meat complemented with leafy vegetables, pour oatmeal unsweetened yogurt, add dried fruits, nuts, chocolate.

For fast recovery after classes, the following products are recommended:

  • green fruit and vegetable smoothies;
  • protein cocktails;
  • coconut milk;
  • fruits of avocado;
  • Nuts or seeds;
  • bananas;
  • oatmeal.

For a full recovery in the period between training, except for nutrition, the muscles need to provide peace and relaxation.

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