Products for the restoration of cartilage, joints and ligaments

When does a person need a special menu, with an emphasis on products for restoring cartilaginous tissue? As a rule, with age-related wear of cartilage, when the joints stop coping with their functions. Undesirable changes, injuries or diseases of the joints occur at a younger age. Is it possible to help the cause with proper nutrition?

Recovery is due to the main cartilage cells - chondrocytes. Experts say that for natural recovery, two conditions are necessary: a sufficient number of chondrocytes and joint mobility, which stimulates the production of synovial fluid-lubricants for cartilage surfaces. Means, the food should provide these conditions.

Among products for the restoration of the body, "building materials" for cartilage - in a separate group. On the first places - dishes with gelatin content:

  1. Chilled, broth, flooded - to support elasticity.
  2. Bulgarian pepper - to activate the vessels that feed the cartilage.
  3. Garlic - to relieve inflammation with phytoncides.
  1. Spinach, parsley - contribute to the renewal of tissues.
  2. Avocado - for the prevention of thinning of the cartilaginous layer.
  3. Goat cheese, home-made cottage cheese - for the supply of calcium.
  4. Cherry - for removing salts.
  5. Jelly desserts, marmalade is the source of collagen.
  6. Nutritional gelatin (as compresses at night).
  7. Supplements.

Products for joint repair

With the help of diet alone it is hardly possible to get rid of arthrosis and other problems with joints. Nevertheless, the food can saturate the body with the necessary substances - with the help of products for the restoration of joints.

To restore joints are necessary: collagen, sulfur, selenium, omega 3 fats.

  1. Protein collagen is the basis of cartilage; contained in a cold, jellied fish, fruit jelly.
  2. Sulfur - in beef and chicken meat, cod, sea bass, ket, eggs, legumes, radish, cabbage, onions, apples, gooseberries, plums.
  3. Selenium - seafood, coconuts, Brazil nuts, milk, garlic, eggs, cod, sea kale.
  1. Polyunsaturated LC - fat marine fish (baked or steamed), flaxseed oil, nuts.
  2. Calcium - fermented milk products, flax seeds.

Products for restoring the body can be applied externally, for example, food gelatin is applied to the joints in the form of compresses. And from non-food products inside use drugs-chondroprotectors.

But among the junk foods - all the same fast food, smoked products, fatty foods and pickles, sour fruits and juices, caviar, mineral water with high sodium concentration, refined lean oil, ice cream, sweets, alcohol.

Products for restoration of ligaments

To ensure that the ligaments are elastic and strong, the body needs a sufficient number of substances such as mucopolysaccharides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, a complex of vitamins, potassium, calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, amino acids, and useful fats.

Undesirable phosphorus, the excess of which leads to osteoporosis. The latter is contained in alcoholic beverages, white bread, sausages, processed cheese curds, baking powder. These products are not suitable for restoring the body.

Products for the restoration of ligaments are quite diverse. From them it is recommended to cook boiled, stewed, baked dishes, jelly and jelly desserts.

  1. Egg yolks.
  2. Beans, soybeans.
  3. Buckwheat and oatmeal.
  4. Bran, black bread.
  5. Dates, dried apricots, prunes.
  1. Fish fresh (marine and freshwater).
  2. Low-fat milk (fresh and sour), cheeses.
  3. Green vegetables.
  4. Agar-agar, gelatin.
  5. Cocoa, chocolate, green tea.

Undeservedly ignored products to restore the body, specifically - ligaments and tendons, are the cartilage and bones of birds and animals, fish heads and tails. From them you can cook a delicious soup or broth. The use of such food is that the cartilaginous and connective tissues are rich in hyaluronic acid, mucopolysaccharides; these substances serve to strengthen and nourish joints, tendons, ligaments.

It is important to know!

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