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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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I want to lose weight by 20 kg - this is a serious application for changing not only the appearance, but also to replace many of the internal processes that take place in the body. If the weight exceeds the norm by as much as twenty kilograms, the cardiovascular system, and the digestive and endocrine system, also suffer. When the weight comes to normal, all these systems will have to work on a long-forgotten, unusual for them mode. Paradoxically, this is really a fact - putting the weight parameter into order is also a kind of stress for the whole organism. That is why getting rid of so many kilograms should be as correct, gradual and cautious as possible.

From a medical point of view, 20 kilograms should be divided into 2 or 3, so the optimal time period is obtained, during which excess deposits will leave without harming the whole organism. The result - to lose weight by 20 kg without harm to your health can be for 10 months. Any other fast-acting methods can give a short-term result and a relapse, a food stall. According to the calculations of recognized nutritionists, the reduction in the daily calorie intake should not exceed 75. If a person consumes 3000 calories for the current period, then all subsequent days he should reduce portions by 30-50 calories. For an organism such a regime is gentle, adaptive and will not cause negative reactions.

Products that help you lose weight by 20 kg

The first stage in developing a program to neutralize excess kilograms is to learn the most useful products that should be included in your diet. This list will help to vary the long-term menu, diversify it and supplement with useful vitamins and microelements.


The myth that eggs contain fats, cholesterol in large quantities has long been dispelled. Of course, if you eat chicken eggs a dozen a day, you can not only fill the body with fats, but just ruin the liver. Two or three eggs a week - this is the permissible minimum, which does not hurt, but will only strengthen the strength due to the content of high-quality protein and vitamins. In addition, the egg has a few calories (up to 90 in a large one), and it gives a feeling of saturation almost instantaneously.

Exotic Fruit - avocado

There is plenty of fat in it, but they are all light, harmless. One medium-sized fruit contains up to 30 grams of fat and about 750 calories. High caloric intake should not frighten those who have developed a strong desire "I want to lose weight by 20 kg." It is not necessary to eat fruits every day, but as a component of dietary salads, avocados are simply indispensable. It perfectly quenches the hunger at the expense of monounsaturated fats, besides it contains a whole storehouse of microelements to increase the elasticity of the skin, improve the structure of the hair and nails. This is a famous duet - vitamins A and E, as well as potassium and folic acid, which strengthens the nervous system. If you add a unique property of the avocado - to normalize the hormonal balance, then there will be no additional arguments in its favor. There is a mono-diet, when within three days you can eat vegetable, curd and fish salads with avocado (no more than 300 grams per day). This menu allows you to reset about two kilograms.

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If the animal was grown in natural conditions, then its meat contains a huge amount of useful, light protein, polyunsaturated low-fat acids (Omega-3 acids) and amino acids. Reasonable use of boiled veal meat (not more than 400 g per week) is able to meet the body's need for animal protein, give it energy.


Despite the fact that there are a lot of oils and fats in nuts, they are all extremely useful. Nuts quickly dull the feeling of hunger, energize and saturate the body with useful amino acids. Dietary are all nuts in the "living" natural form, that is, not fried. If there are contraindications to the use of nuts in a single form, you can add them to salads and dietary dishes.

Sea fish, seafood

In addition to the famous "fashion" polyunsaturated omega-acids, marine life contains calcium, iodine, which activates all endocrine functions, phosphorus and zinc. A diet containing sea fish cooked on steamed or grilled not only helps to fight excess weight, but also tidies the skin tone.

All citrus fruits, especially grapefruit

It is known that these fruits contain vitamin C, but in addition in citrus in different proportions (depending on the type of fruit) also contains naringin, a component that helps neutralize cholesterol and fats. Low caloric content, a complex of microelements and minerals allows you to use these fruits with almost no restrictions.

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Whole-grain porridge

In the first place is millet, which not only neutralizes fats, but actively removes them from the body. In addition, the pyshenka is able to conduct an effective detox - neutralize side effects from drug therapy, remove toxins. Saturating the body with magnesium, potassium, having a low calorie content, millet is considered to be the leader among dietary products. In second place is buckwheat, which is considered one of the cleanest in the ecological sense. In addition, that buckwheat activates the level of hemoglobin in the blood, it is well absorbed, quenches the hunger, saturates the body with vitamins of group B. One day of buckwheat diet can eliminate up to one kilogram of excess weight.

How to lose weight by 20 kg: recommendations

Lose weight by 20 kg is quite feasible if you adhere to such recommendations: 

Lose weight gradually, it is better to slowly lose excess kilos than hasty stress fat burning. For the body is a shock weight loss more than five kilograms per week. If you remove 20 kilograms per month, of course, the indicators of the floor scales will please, but the state of health and the folds of the skin, which did not have time to adapt to the new figure, will obviously upset you. The norm is weight loss is not more than 5 kilograms per month, therefore, a week should lose no more than 1-1.25 kilograms. 

Drink water to activate metabolic processes. Active metabolism is one that provides blood pressure, which should have a difference of 40 mm Hg between the lower border (systolic indices) and the upper border (diastolic indices). Absolutely not fundamentally and do not need to press "like an astronaut" - 120/80. Even if your pressure is 110/50 or 199/60 - this is normal. It is important to control the forty-millimeter difference. For example, a pressure of 100/70 is an indicator of a decrease in the activity of metabolic processes. On the digestion of proteinaceous meat foods, the body is forced to expend efforts and additional water resources (per gram of protein product about 40 grams of water), while full people do not have these resources. Therefore, for "lazy" metabolism, it is much more comfortable to meet with carbohydrate, fatty and sweet food, because it does not require additional costs and water. Therefore, in order to implement the plan "I want to lose weight by 20 kg", it is necessary to regularly measure blood pressure and raise blood pressure, activate metabolism with the usual, preferably purified water. Green tea, unsweetened compotes and juices are also suitable for the regulation of metabolic processes. Coffee and strong tea are unacceptable drinks, because after a short burst of energy, a real "drought" - dehydration - begins in the body. 

To eat protein foods, without which you can not get rid of the fat layer just impossible. The protein is able to activate the metabolism by 40-45%, and while it stimulates metabolic processes, in parallel burns and fats. 

Make a plan for intelligent motor activity. It is not necessary to engage in power exercises until exhaustion, but a walk-morning or evening-should become a daily ritual. 

Study your parameters comprehensively and determine the rate of energy expenditure. This will help this table:

How many years 18-35 35-45 45-55 55-65 65-80
women 1480 kk 1435 kk 1390 kk 1360 kk 1330 kk
men 1650 kk 1590 kk 1540 kk 1500 kk 1450 kk

These norms are not dogma, but the boundaries of the used kilocalories should be respected.

It is necessary to learn the calorie of the main products and make a varied menu. Even if you over dinner exceeded the preset rate, it is easy to compensate for the evening refusal of an extra piece of food, or replace it with a low-calorie dish. So you intercept the reins of government from food that hitherto controlled you without any restrictions.

I want to lose weight by 20 kg - a desire worthy, but requiring patience, will power and some share of imagination. After all, it is necessary not so much to struggle with hunger, how much to fantasize on a theme "what to prepare" within the limits of the above-named products and restrictions of a daily norm of calories.

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