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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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From childhood we were told: eat soup, otherwise you will earn gastritis. This myth has long been debunked, but now many are concerned about another question: what if there is already a disease? Is it allowed to eat soups during gastritis, will they help to recover faster? And which first dishes are more beneficial for the stomach?

What soups can be eaten during gastritis?

Speaking of soup, they always mean a liquid dish, in which about half of the composition is water, or broth. Previously, this dish was called chowder, yushkoy. It is believed that it fell into our country, thanks to Peter I: he “delivered” him from France, along with other recipes of French cuisine.

The benefits of soups with gastritis has long been known. Even a few centuries ago, our ancestors started cooking broth at the first signs of illness in the family: it helped to recover faster, gave strength and energy to fight the disease.

However, according to the latest data, soups for gastritis are not shown any and not always. For example, at low acidity, the use of first courses prepared on a gentle basis is welcome. But with an excessive production of acid, the soup can cause an increase in acid formation, therefore, they are prepared using a smaller amount of liquid, in water or vegetable broth, leading to a mucous or rubbed consistency.

Light dietary soups during gastritis

Diseases of the digestive system require simplicity and perfect compatibility of products in the diet. A light soup is the best way to satisfy hunger, without loading the stomach and not interfering with its work.

Most housewives cook different first courses almost daily: at the same time, the lightest options - without the “zazharki”, strong rich broths - are offered to the family more often after plentiful feasts, holidays, and also in summertime when you simply do not want to overload the body with food. It is about these soups and is when it comes to gastritis.

What is the ease of the dish? Not only in its preparation, although in this too. The main difference is the use of the most simple and useful ingredients: vegetables, herbs, cereals. You do not need to “weight” the product with a large amount of fat, meat, cream, do not add pepper and other spicy seasonings, etc. For most soups, even broth is not required, as vegetables and cereals will give the dish plenty of taste and aroma. Such food a sick stomach will only be "grateful."


Grated soups for gastritis

Pureed soup is a predominantly dietary version of the dish, which is especially recommended by doctors during the treatment of gastritis or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The gentle texture is enjoyed by almost everyone and always - both children and adults. It is customary to divide pureed soups into several categories - in particular, cream soup, slimy soup and cream soup are the most famous.

To prepare such a first dish, you can use a variety of products allowed by the doctor. Pureed version can be cooked in water or broth, with the addition of vegetables, cereals, meat or fish fillets.

So, the most common soups in this category are:

  • multi-vegetable;
  • pumpkin, squash;
  • cabbage;
  • rice
  • fish;
  • chicken, etc.

A huge variety of recipes allows each patient to choose the best option for themselves.


It is recommended to start eating gastritis soup no earlier than on the third day after the exacerbation of the disease. Up to this point, it is better to give the stomach a rest, consuming only drinks — warm water, warm, non-sweet and weak tea, rosehip infusion. It is recommended to drink about 1.5 liters of such drinks per day.

If everything is good, and the stomach is a little rested, then from the third day in the diet include first courses, pureed and viscous consistency. It is best to start with rice or oatmeal soups, with the addition of a drop of butter. All soup ingredients are rubbed through a sieve, or grind with a blender.

Soups are recommended by experts in the quality of dietary and baby food. They are of particular use not only in acute or chronic gastritis, but also in gastroduodenitis, ulcerative erosive lesions, in impaired motility of the digestive tract, in hepatitis and cholecystitis, in gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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Soups for gastritis with high acidity

With increased acidity, soups are used with extreme caution. The first step is to refuse rich broths. Dietary dish is prepared without digestion of bones or meat pieces with fatty inclusions. In addition, you can not put any spices in the pan.

All patients nutritionists make the following recommendations:

  • all the ingredients of the first dish should be minced as much as possible;
  • after cooking the soup, it is best to use a blender;
  • vegetables must be boiled until fully cooked;
  • to create additional thickness, it is allowed to add a little unroasted flour or whipped protein to the soup;
  • mushrooms and mushroom broths are prohibited;
  • It is good if such ingredients as pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli or cauliflower, rice, and oatmeal are present in the dish.

All soups that are prepared for a patient with gastritis should be minimally fat and warm (not hot and not cold, about 45-50 ° C).

It is better not to add soups from legumes (peas) with high acidity to the diet - it is allowed only at the stage of remission of the disease.

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Soups for erosive gastritis

Erosive gastritis is a rather complicated and dangerous disease in which small erosions or defects of the mucous tissue form on the walls of the stomach. To alleviate the condition of the patient and prevent complications from developing, you need to follow a diet that not only can protect the damaged tissue, but also provides conditions for its healing.

It is during erosive gastritis enveloping properties of mucous soups are particularly relevant. Rice grits worked well: they should be well boiled soft, you can add milk, grated apple or pumpkin.

No less useful is oatmeal, which has a similar effect.

All cereals and vegetables in soups prepared for the patient with the erosive form of the disease should be well boiled. You can use semolina or oatmeal, rice or buckwheat, thin vermicelli, as well as carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, cauliflower, etc. Such products create the most favorable conditions for the restoration of the mucous membrane, so they should be the basis of the diet.

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What are the real benefits of soups during gastritis?

  • Strengthen the body as a whole, enrich with vitamins that are contained in vegetables and greens.
  • Enough nutritious, despite its low calorie content.
  • Quickly improve the well-being of patients, raise the overall tone, are easily digested.
  • They give strength to a weakened body, do not burden the digestive system, are well perceived by the body.
  • Relieves depression and depression, depending on the ingredients - refreshes or warms, improves metabolism, normalizes digestion.
  • Improves mood, thanks to a balanced taste, pleasant aroma and undeniable usefulness.


What can and what can not?

Food prepared for gastritis should not be too hot or cold. The optimum flow temperature is about 45-50 ° C. Dietary first course should not contain:

  • fat, large amounts of fat;
  • mushrooms, bones, fatty fish, hard cuts of meat;
  • fermented and pickled ingredients (for example, sauerkraut or cucumber);
  • refractory fats (margarine, spread, lard, etc.);
  • undercooked vegetables, corn, radish, beans;
  • onions and garlic;
  • processed cheeses, cream, sour cream;
  • bran;
  • vinegar, ginger, hot spices;
  • concentrates, chemical flavoring and flavoring additives.

In gastritis, it is forbidden to eat oxalic borsch, cabbage and cabbage soup, pickle, mushroom soup and kharcho, tomato soup and okroshka, as well as soups based on smoked meat and fried foods.


Any pathology of the digestive tract must be treated, first of all, with a diet. When gastritis soups - the best option for food, if they do not contain strong broth, fried foods, hot spices and smoked meats. Gentle and fractional food will allow for the shortest time to restore the stomach. However, drug treatment should also not be forgotten.

All meals should be divided into several approaches, so as not to burden the diseased organ of digestion. There is no reason to be upset: such changes in nutrition will not haunt you all your life. Gastritis perfectly treatable. But some of the hazards still have to forget, for example:

  • about fast food, convenience foods;
  • about products, fried "crispy";
  • about "synthetic" products - chips, snacks, sweet soda, etc.

If you follow a well-designed diet, then gastritis soups will help the stomach to quickly restore its function, and the healing process will be faster. You can easily make sure that the patient reviews about such a diet are only positive.

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